Brunette from Wall Street what to wear winter to early spring work outfits

11 Transitional Work Outfits to Shop Now and Wear Forever

Winter to Spring Work Outfits for Every Working Girl

Early spring work outfits because transitional work outfits can be a bit tricky; ask anyone. Especially when transitioning from the kitchen table to your corner office. Luckily, we have made that transition smoothly a while ago. But now we need to transition from winter to spring. You feel excited to finally start wearing the new season’s office clothes and office shoes, but at the same time, you know you will feel cold before the lunch break if you don’t layer up. So what to wear for work in-between seasons, then? What to wear for work in early spring when it’s still cold in the mornings? Scroll down to find fashionable transitional office outfits now! Ps. You can shop all these transitional office looks while reading too. I will tell you how – now scroll down.

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Want to update your work outfit for spring 2024 without taking off your coat? I knew you might. And I’m going to show you how you can do just that. Here are the most fashionable transitional work outfits that will help you transition into the new season without jeopardizing style to feel warm. Or the other way around.

All you need is a thin wool coat – well two coats, actually. That is if you want to copy all my transitional work outfits. And these fashionable mid-seasonal capsule clothes and shoes.

Yes, we are ditching off the winter office boots for these office heels and the prettiest flats. Aren’t they gorgeous? Don’t say – better scroll down to see how to style them in-between seasons.


So here they are, the most fashionable transitional work outfits you can wear now. And later, as a matter of fact. It’s just the coat you will need to take off to wear all these work outfits to the office later in spring.

Ps. I made sure to add transitional office outfits for all of you. From Wall Street broker, CEO, and fashion editor to a teacher in high school. There is a transitional work outfit for all of you.

And what is more, you can shop these transitional office outfits while reading too. Simply click inside the pink brackets or items in galleries under the collages, and you will be linked to the store where I found the item.

I know, you have plenty of time to browse through the stores while waiting for spring 2024, but still, shopping like this is quick, fun, safe, easy, and more affordable.


First, 3 chic transitional work outfits for fashion editors and content creators. Capturing the next season’s runway hits, while tapping the mob wife aesthetic,+ with fresh cuts like the high waist pants (high waist pants are back in fashion for 2024) and office siren with knee skirt, these are fabulous early spring office outfits that can be styled with ease for cold mornings.


As a fashion-savvy woman working in the industry, you know the importance of staying on-trend while still being work-appropriate. This outfit is giving – it is the perfect solution for your mid-seasonal wardrobe, effortlessly transitioning from winter to spring.

Whether you’re attending a meeting or working on a project, this outfit will help you make a statement and showcase your personal style. It strikes the perfect balance between practicality and fashion-forwardness, making it an excellent choice for the woman who wants to stay on top of the latest trends while still dressing appropriately for the workplace.

You already know the mob wife aesthetic is trending for SS24, but this is how to wear leopard print to work paired with the next season’s runway hit – the pointy ballet flats with a V strap/chain that are the trendiest AW24/25 shoes and the high wiasted pants that took over AW24/25 runways across all the cities from Copenhagen to Paris.

The navy blue high waist pants I’m wearing in the video below are from Sandro Paris – similar to those in the product gallery only with no buttons. I did, however, link a similar pair with no buttons in the collage, so check those as well.

Btw the V strap ballet flats are the Prada it shoes for AW24/25. But mine are actually from Aquazzura – purchased a few seasons ago. I bought them when shopping for comfortable ballet flats.


blazer with a defined waist provides a sophisticated touch, elevating the entire outfit with its trendy yet professional aesthetic. The wrap coat adds a cozy and comfortable feel, while the knee length skirt brings a modern and edgy vibe and will transition into fall winter 2024/25 as a key piece.

On the other side, the leopard print kitten heel slingbacks are the cherry on top, adding a sleek and stylish finish that will make you feel like a runway model.

But the real showstopper is the Row India Medium leather tote bag, making a bold statement with its elegant design and luxurious feel. It’s the perfect complement to this outfit, providing both style and function for your busy workday.

This outfit is both practical and fashionable, perfect for a day at the office. You’ll feel confident and stylish, ready to take on anything that comes your way. It’s the perfect balance between trendsetting and professional, making it an excellent choice for the fashion-forward woman who wants to make a statement.

Too soon to ditch the boots and step into slingbacks? Pov, it’s going to rain. Worry not, this work outfit will strike the right chord styled with grey socks. It’s a trend you simply must try.


Picture yourself walking into your work space in an outfit that makes you feel like you just stepped off the runway. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this stunning fit – a powder blue sweater paired with shorts and black tights with light blue slingbacks, a woven headband and a bucket bag.

It’s a casual business fit for creatives and fashion editors who can wear whatever they want.

More fashionable than ever, shorts are taking the streets and offices by storm as the key SS24 trend. My shorts are Sandro Paris (TikTok made me by them – pov I would buy them anyway, but they looked so good on that girlie) size FR34, which is the smallest Sandro size. Obv, they ran too big for me, so I had them taken in. But they are true to size, so take your normal size.

While the powder blue top (btw, I’m wearing my Sézane powder blue cardigan sweater as a sweater this time – you can wear it in two ways) and matching blue slingbacks add a pop of color, the blue and black color palette provides a touch of sophistication. On the other hand, the woven grey headband adds a preppy pattern and a touch of uniqueness to the outfit.

fashionable bucket bag is the perfect complement, adding a functional yet stylish element to the ensemble.

Not only is this outfit practical and comfortable for a day at the office, but it also draws inspiration from the latest runway trends. It is giving Gucci.

But it is the mix of textures and patterns, along with the unique choice of footwear, that will make you stand out and feel confident in your personal style.

This outfit is the perfect mid-seasonal outfit, transitioning smoothly from winter to spring without missing a beat. Whether you’re meeting with clients, working on a project, or going to a business brunch, this outfit is sure to make you feel confident and stylish all day long.


As you press forward with your work plan and tasks, nothing beats the sensation of appearing intelligent and competent enough to make a difference in the world. To help set the tone for your endeavors, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for chic and professional early spring business attire.

The following versatile outfits are perfect for transitioning into spring if you work in a more formal work environment.


Ladies, get ready to take your office fashion to the next level! With the Max Mara double breasted coat on a black straight-leg pantsuit and bold pumps outfit, you’re guaranteed to make heads turn at the office.

As a fashion-savvy professional with a keen interest in art and celebrities, you know that staying on top of trends is essential. That’s why this outfit is the perfect choice for your office. It’s trendy, stylish, and inspired by the latest runway looks.

The mid-seasonal transitional period from winter to spring can be tricky to dress for, but this outfit has you covered. The Max Mara double breasted coat adds a touch of sophistication and warmth, while the black straight-leg pantsuit creates a sartorial and professional look.

And let’s not forget about the Apricot Crush cheeks and pumps, which add a pop of color and a trendy edge to the fit. Btw Apricot Crush is the colour of the year 2024.

But why stop there? This outfit isn’t just practical and comfortable, it’s exciting and empowering too! You’ll feel confident and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. I always feel this way. This outfit gives me the power to take charge and make a bold statement among professionals.


Attention all fashion-forward women! While black pantsuit reigns supreme for SS24, the grey pantsuit is the biggest AW24/25 runway hit.

This outfit is not only fashionable and trendy, but it’s also a fashion trend that’s expected to carry on into SS25. Pov, by adding this outfit to your wardrobe, you’re not only showcasing your impeccable fashion taste, but also shopping smart, staying ahead of the curve, and lowering the price per wear of this outfit.

I mean, just calculate how many times you will wear the grey blazer and grey pants from now till the end of spring 2024. I bought mine at Sandro Paris, but it is sold out already, so get this one from Anine Bing instead.

Similar to mine, that grey blazer boasts a modest yet modern design, with a single-breasted cut that is just perfect for a young professional.

The Iris & Ink pants have a comfortable wide-leg cut that flatters all body types and provides both style and comfort. But you might prefer the pants that match that Anine Bing blazer I have mentioned earlier. But hurry up, there is only one pair left.

And let’s not forget about the pumps, the pop of color that’s sure to turn heads and make a statement.

This outfit is perfect for any office setting, providing a level of sophistication and elegance that’s hard to match. It’s also incredibly versatile, making it a great choice for transitional seasons like winter to spring. The wool material of the blazer and pants will keep you warm on chilly mornings, while the vibrant lavender pumps add a touch of excitement and energy that’s perfect for the upcoming spring season.


If you know, you know! However, if you don’t, I can assist you with effortless late winter office attire.

On hectic days when you have to jump out of bed and go, the least of your worries should be what to wear to go through the day effortlessly.

Get ready to elevate your early spring work wardrobe with our fantastic collection of capsule outfits that are so easy to copy and wear on a daily!

You’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve got you covered, so you can focus on looking and feeling confident at the office without ever worrying about going out of style.


Picture this: you’re walking into the office, feeling confident and stylish in a chic outfit that gives a timeless and sophisticated feel, featuring a cable knit sweater and grey puddle pants with high heels.

Pov, the star of this outfit is the cream-colored turtleneck sweater, which features a classic cable knit design that adds texture and interest to the look. This timeless piece is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, and its neutral color makes it easy to pair with other pieces in your wardrobe.

To add a touch of elegance to the outfit, you might want to put on a headband that perfectly complements the color scheme of the outfit, while also being a trendy and fashionable accessory that is sure to turn heads.

And finally, to complete the look, step into a pair of pretty pumps.


And my favourite early spring work outfit – the pink ruffled blouse and dark denim jeans with Gucci heeled loafers and my favourite coat.

This chic outfit is the epitome of transitional fashion, perfect for those mid-seasonal months where the weather can be so unpredictable. It effortlessly blends winter and spring, making it an ideal choice for the office.

The pink ruffled blouse adds a touch of playful femininity to the outfit, while the A.P.C. Paris dark denim jeans bring an element of effortless cool. Btw A.P.C. Paris is presenting them on a male model, but I assure you they are the same jeans. They are unisex. 

The Max Mara double breasted coat provides a luxurious layer of warmth, elevating the entire look to the next level. And let’s not forget those Gucci heeled loafers – the ultimate in sophisticated style.


On a daily basis, we often opt for denim and knits, but what sets them apart and makes them suitable for work are the carefully considered details.

To elevate their basic nature, experiment with different proportions such as pairing oversized coats with dark denim jeans, incorporating oversized silk shirts, or opting for turtlenecks and ballet flats.

With a little bit of creativity, you’ll be able to create exciting and unique outfits that are perfect for any workday.


Visualize this: You’re stepping into your office, strutting your stuff in a sleek and sophisticated outfit that’s perfect for the transitional period from winter to spring. The centerpiece of your outfit is a stunning Pinko pink blazer that’s sure to turn heads.

The hourglass blazer is tailored to perfection, with clean lines and a flattering silhouette that exudes confidence and professionalism. It’s the perfect mid-seasonal piece that will keep you warm in the chilly office while still feeling fresh and vibrant.

Underneath your blazer, you’re wearing a Max Mara black virgin wool turtleneck top that’s soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable. The high neckline adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your overall look, while the black color makes it easy to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe.

For your bottom half, you’ve opted for black wool pants that are both chic and comfortable. They fit like a dream and move with you as you go about your day, so you never feel restricted or uncomfortable.

And to tie the whole outfit together, you’ve added a black headband that keeps your hair out of your face and adds a touch of personality to your look.

But the pièce de résistance of your outfit is your footwear: Aquazzura ballet flats that are both trendy and fashionable. They’re the perfect shoe for the office, with a comfortable and practical design that still manages to look runway-worthy.


As we transition from winter to spring, it can be tricky to find the right balance between warmth and style, but this outfit has got you covered.

An oversized short pink coat adds a pop of color to your wardrobe while keeping you cozy, and the white oversized silk shirt oozes sophistication and elegance paired with some dark denim.

The A.P.C. Paris dark denim skinny jeans with a wider hem (also know as cigarette jeans) are the perfect choice for a powerful woman on-the-go. They’re comfortable and versatile, making them the ideal item for a busy workday. And with a stylish headband and chic Aquazzura ballet flats, you’ll feel confident and unstoppable as you conquer the day.

Complete the outfit with a stylish headband that matches your coat or the shirt for a touch of glamour, and slip into these comfortable and chic Aquazzura ballet flats. They’re perfect for any busy workday, and you’ll feel confident and stylish as you navigate through your daily tasks.


Finally, on popular demand, two cute casual work outfits for everyone who can dress casually for work. And yes, I made a special teacher affordable outfit for teachers who want to wear something cute to work and don’t break the bank just to impress gen Z and gen Alpha.

But first, my favourite casual work outfit with blue jeans that is just perfect for everyone who works from anywhere they want.


Step into your workplace with an air of sophistication in a beautifully crafted outfit that transitions perfectly from winter to spring. The confident stride you take in this casual work outfit will leave everyone in awe.

black silk blouse is a great way to add some femininity to your workwear, while the A.P.C. Paris dark blue cigarette jeans give the outfit a classic and timeless feel. These jeans are perfect for the office or remote work, and their dark blue color is universally flattering.

This outfit is perfect for any woman who wants to stay stylish while still being comfortable and practical. The black silk blouse is a classic piece that will never go out of style, providing a timeless look that can be worn year after year.

Silk will keep you warm during the transitional months between winter and spring, while the extra details add an extra touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Paired with the A.P.C. Paris dark blue cigarette jeans, you’ll have a versatile and effortless look that’s perfect for the office or remote work.

These jeans are the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated, providing a polished and put-together look that’s comfortable and practical.

But what really sets this outfit apart are the sneakers. The French girlies favourite sneakers – they will add a touch of excitement to your workwear.

Don’t add Gazzele if you are a school teacher. Pov, you must also make sure you are not trying too much (read skip the Gazelles and opt for chic New Balance or Veja instead – you can’t go wrong if you dress like a cut Parisian). Additionally, they never go out of style, so you can rest assured that this outfit will remain chic for years to come.


The easiest way to dress affordable for work, is to put on a nice dress with long sleeves. But if you want to impress gen Z, a cute dress might not be the best fit. Go for a sleek knit dress instead.

Also, save money on accessories and get a French haircut instead. Bangs make such a difference – you can wear them in a myriad of ways. But you will want to wear them with the middle part. No cap. Trust me, little gen z will say you have rizz.

This outfit is not only practical but also fashionable, thanks to its trendy and runway-inspired design. The dress features a sleek and minimalist design, making it a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Its beige color gives it a fresh and youthful look, perfect for the Gen Z fashion trend.

Paired with pointy flats, this outfit creates a sophisticated silhouette that is perfect for the workplace. Pointy flats are universally flattering and and shown in this outfit generator pair well with any thing from your capsule wardrobe, making them an essential addition to any closet.


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the end of winter work outfit ideas I have just given you and deliberating which outfit to wear for work tomorrow, I made a comprehensive list of delectable options. Go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure.

What to wear to work in early spring 2024?

In early spring, the weather can be quite unpredictable, with cool mornings and warm afternoons. Even if it’s sunny outside, the mornings and evenings can still be quite chilly. Bring a virgin wool coat to wear over your outfit. Make sure you layer your clothes. This will allow you to adjust your outfit throughout the day as the temperature changes. You can start with a lightweight turtleneck sweater or a blazer over a silk blouse or cotton shirt and add or remove layers as needed. POv It is smart to wear something warm but work-appropriate that makes you look competent and professional. Check the early spring work outfits presented in this article to see the best work outfits for the end of winter 2024.

What is mid seasonal fashion for work 2024?

Sartorial suitsknee length pencil skirts, puddle pants – especially grey puddle pants, turtlenecks and 80s style midi dresses are the key winter fashion trends to wear for work between winter and spring. Check early spring fashion work outfits presented in this article to see how to wear the biggest fashion trends for work without looking like a fool as you transition from winter to spring.

What are the best late winter work outfits 2024?

No matter where you work or what you do, there’s a late winter work outfit in this article that will work for you! Rest assured that you can’t go wrong with any of the stylish and practical options presented here. So why not try out a new end of winter work outfit and rock your workplace with confidence while transitioning from winter to spring in style?

What are the best early spring work outfits 2024?

The appropriateness of the best work outfits may vary depending on your workplace or occupation. Nevertheless, all of the winter work outfits presented in this article are considered suitable options.

What to wear for a job interview in early spring 2024?

The best interview outfit for early spring will depend on the position you’re applying for. Luckily, you can explore a variety of job interview outfits that are perfect for early spring by checking out the latest job interview style recommendations for 2024. Be confident and stylish at your next job interview with a polished early spring outfit that suits your personal style and the job requirements.

What is the best first day of work outfit early spring?

For your first day of work in early spring, you’ll want to find a fashionable, warm, and work-appropriate outfit that showcases your competence and professionalism. To get some inspiration and ideas, be sure to check out the early spring work outfit suggestions in this article. With the perfect outfit, you’ll be ready to make a great first impression and tackle your new role with confidence.

What is the best early spring work outfit for a junior lawyer?

All of the winter business attire options showcased in this article are suitable for a junior lawyer.

What is the best early spring school outfit for a teacher?

The best fall work outfit for teachers in primary school is a long sleeve floral dress. But browse through the casual winter work outfit ideas in this article to find the best early spring teacher outfit for you.

What is the best early spring school outfit for a high school teacher in a private school?

Are you looking to impress your high school students with your impeccable fashion sense? Then, a fashionable spring outfit is a must-have! By dressing stylishly, you can earn the respect and admiration of your students and become the most popular teacher in the school. For some inspiration, be sure to check out the trendiest early spring outfits showcased in this article. With the perfect ensemble, you’ll be ready to reign the classroom in style. Pov at the same time you don’t want to try too hard. If you can’t slay the latest fashion trends, go for a cut Parisian look. No cap, you will gain your respect in Straight-Fit Crewneck Jumperblack straight jeans and New Balance 480 sneakers.

How to dress for work in early spring if you work in finance?

Your level and corporate dress code will play a role in determining what is appropriate for you to wear to work in early spring. However, you can never go wrong with the formal business early spring outfits showcased in this article.

How to dress for work if you have to wear a uniform at work early spring 2024?

If you’re required to wear a uniform to work, but still want to make a stylish impression, there’s a solution! Consider wearing one of the fashionable early spring work outfits showcased in this article on your commute to work. You only have a minute or two to make an impression, but a well-chosen outfit can leave a lasting impact. So, let them stare and talk! With the perfect ensemble, you can feel confident and stylish before you change into your uniform for work.

What can you wear to work in early spring?

All of the outfit ideas presented in this article are great options to consider!

Can I wear a sweater to work in early spring?

Yes, you can wear a sweater for work in early winter. But make sure it’s lightweight and to dress the sweater up to make it look more professional.

What shoes to wear to work in early spring?

Pumps, ballet flats or boots, if you feel cold.

Can I wear jeans for work in early spring?

If a business formal dress code isn’t required, dark denim jeans paired with a blazer and pumps can be an appropriate and stylish work outfit option.

What is business formal for early spring?

A black pantsuit, grey pantsuit, double breasted blazer, long sleeve midi dressessilk blouses, tailored pants, pencil skirts, midi pleated skirts, and pumps.

Is tweed skirtsuit business formal for early spring?

Not the cute short tweed skirtsuit you have in mind. Rather than opting for a fancy short tweed skirt suit, consider styling your tweed jacket with a midi skirt or pants for a more versatile and practical outfit option.

What is business casual for early spring?

Knitwear, knee high boots, ballet flats, leather pants, pink blazers,  cardigan sweaterscable knit sweaters, and dark denim jeans.

What is casual for work in early spring?

Chunky knitwear, blue jeans, and sneakers.

What to wear to an early spring work event?

The appropriate outfit for an early spring work event will depend on the type of occasion. For formal events such as a work dinner or opening, a business formal outfit is appropriate. However, for more casual events like an early spring work party or business brunch, a business casual outfit would be more suitable.

How to dress for business brunch in early spring 2024?

Smart and fashionable. Check winter to spring brunch outfits to see the best business brunch outfits for early spring 2024.

What to wear to a work dinner in early spring?

Some of the trendiest options for formal dinner outfits in early spring include a silk blouse paired with black trousers, a little black dress with long sleeves, or a ruffled blouse paired with leather pants. These stylish and sophisticated ensembles are sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

What to wear for a business party in early spring?

For a classic and polished look, you can never go wrong with a little black dress paired with a blazer, or a black pantsuit with stunning pumps. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more festive for an office party in March, be sure to check out some of the spring party outfit ideas. There are plenty of fun and stylish options to choose from that are perfect for celebrating with your colleagues!

How to dress for outdoor early spring work?

It depends on what you do and how cold it is. Layer on with a fashionable winter jacket if it’s cold, or transition into spring 2024 with a padded oversized bomber jacket.


So these were some of the transitional work outfits you can wear for work while waiting for spring. Remember, you can wear all these transitional office outfits later in spring too. All you need to do is to take off the coat. However, I’m pretty sure you will forget about this transitional work attire as soon as you see the most fashionable spring work outfits and warm-season transitional work outfits. By the way, when do you take off the coat? I ditch wool coat for a classic trench coat when it’s around 16°C or more.