Brunette from Wall Street what to wear spring breakfast outfits for spring

The Best Spring Breakfast Outfits for Hotel & Home

Spring breakfast outfits here – for all who crave sunshine, delicious food, and a chance to embrace a new season’s style! With sunshine streaming in and croissants calling your name, it’s the perfect time to embrace a new season’s style – starting with your breakfast outfit. But breakfast comes with a dress code. It’s like a croissant with a filling. Under the soft layers of flaky pastry, you will find either jam (it’s giving a breakfast at the restaurant/cafeteria/hotel), chocolate (for business breakfast), or … nothing – perfect for a leisurely morning meal in your own garden, channelling the old-money aesthetic. Feeling hungry? Scroll down, pick your spring breakfast outfit and head out.

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Whether you are obsessed with the old money aesthetic or are an old money looking for some new spring breakfast outfits that hit different, have a business breakfast to dress for, or (oh, you will drag me down the rabbit hole for this one) you are looking for a chic breakfast outfit to wear to the restaurant/cafeteria now that you are not afraid of all those “are you really eating this?” looks every time you eat outside. Glowing up! Ozi works? Apparently, it does, or you wouldn’t be looking for cute spring breakfast outfits right now.

Or is it because you are staying at the hotel and struggling with the breakfast dress code? Or do you feel pyjamas just don’t look cute with a healthy breakfast outside the bed? By the way, you can’t wear pyjamas to a hotel/restaurant/cafeteria breakfast. Again, there is a breakfast dress code. Ps. You can find a breakfast dress code guide on Brunette from Wall Street Substack (paid subscription only – so subscribe/upgrade to paid). It’s a must-read before you leave for the summer holidays.

But it’s still spring, so let me present you with four of my favourite spring breakfast outfits.


Btw, I normally eat at 9 am – starting my day with fruit, green smoothie, bread (in all shapes and compliments), and boiled egg – preferably served in the garden. I just don’t get the breakfast in bed. Do you get out the bed, brush your teeth and then go back to bed to eat your breakfast? Sounds so complicated. I want things to be easy and straightforward – hence all the links and hyperlinked collages for you to shop my looks with merely two to three clicks.

To shop for my spring breakfast outfits simply click the piece (either a top, pants, shorts, jeans, shoes or hair accessory) you need to recreate my spring breakfast outfit and a link will take you to the store where I bought that item for myself also. Pov, I normally point you to the exact store where I bought that item. Unless it’s sold out in that online store or if I find all the items that make the outfit in one store. I am doing my best to help you lower the shipping costs and carbon footprint.

But you know that already. Now, let us finally look at what to wear to breakfast in spring if you are not having your breakfast in the bed.


Breakfast in the garden calls for an upgrade from casual leisure to blue jeans, at the very least.


Imagine sunshine streaming through the canopy of leaves overhead, dappling the grass with warmth. A gentle breeze carries the sweet scent of blooming flowers from the nearby rosebush, and the vibrant colors mirror in your eyes. You take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the crisp morning air.

A rooster crows in the distance, a sound that somehow feels both rustic and comforting. A butterfly flits past, its wings a kaleidoscope of color in the sunbeams.

And there is a pastel bouquet of tulips and wildflowers bursts with color on your little garden table, right next to your plate.

You reach for the plate, the sweet scent of the omelette tickling your nose. Not so light and fluffy as normally, but delicious no cap. You take a bite, and the creamy texture melts on your tongue.

Looking down, you admire your outfit – a perfect balance of comfort and style for a leisurely garden breakfast. The soft merino wool of your COS merino wool turtleneck top feels itchy against your skin (pov someone used the wrong settings when washing it the other day – if you wash it as you are supposed to – it’s not itchy at all), but you like it anyway. The Sézane brut sexy jeans, in chic shade of blue, offer the perfect amount of give for a relaxed feel. And Veja sneakers add a touch of modern chic.

But it’s the headband that makes this outfit fit for a slightly more elevated than casual leisure breakfast dress code.


Or channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a classic spring breakfast attire perfect for a refined breakfast at home. A striped button down with blue jeans is the chic old money spring outfit you can easily copy being an old money or just a girlie lured in the aesthetic. For a touch of modern flair, consider golden ballet flats.


If you’re staying at a luxurious hotel or finally feeling confident enough to dine out and need an outfit for breakfast, opt for cute hotel breakfast attire.


Imagine everyone staring at you, but once, for a change, you know they are staring at you because of your impeccable outfit. Surely, someone might watch the way you eat, too. Pov, only a few know how to eat a doughnut properly – I do. Watch and learn in the video below.

Now think about your breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Sunlight streaming through the window, shining over the room and highlighting your Sézane cardigan sweater – worn as a sweater (you are on your holidays after all and you need to rewear the clothes you brought in your small suitcase – pov you actually brought four suitcases filled with clothes, but you want to take guess work out of dressing). It’s icey blue hue perfectly complements the blooming cherry blossoms visible just outside the window.

You push a stray strand of hair back behind your ear, revealing a grey headband that adds a touch of whimsy to your outfit. Beneath it, your eyes sparkle with mischief and a hint of delight. You lift your cup of steaming tea, inhaling the fragrant aroma before taking a sip.

Instead of the usual breakfast fare, you opted for a decadent indulgence – a sugar-powdered doughnut. You take a small bite, savoring the sweet, doughy goodness that melts in your mouth.

Across from you, the morning paper lays open, but the words blur slightly as your gaze drifts down to your outfit. Your Sandro Paris tailored shorts are giving paired with Sézane Babies shoes. Or maybe, you opted for the bolder choice – a pair of Valentino combat boots. I was actually wearing those as it was raining outside.


To be entirely honest with you, putting together a spring business breakfast outfit for you without having more details was challenging. But I guess you are working in a corporate world, and your standard dress code is business formal. Therefore we are going only one level down the dress code for business breakfast.

Point of view, they are taking you out of the boardroom for breakfast to make things slightly more relaxed. Emphasis on slightly, of course.

Therefore, combining the business smart/chic and standard breakfast dress code that calls for flats instead of heels this is the outfit I want to show you. Ps. Make sure you upgrade your subscription for your copy of breakfast dress code guide.


Confidence will stride alongside you when wearing this spring business breakfast outfit as you enter the bustling room. The morning light will catch the intricate details of your new silk blouse, and its soft sheen will whisper elegance. Think “ornate finish” around your neck, adding a touch of femininity to your power attire.

The tailored fit of your trousers accentuating your figure, will ensure a polished and refined silhouette while allowing your new silk blouse to shine, creating a look that’s both powerful and sophisticated.

For comfort that doesn’t compromise on style, step into pointy flats. I’m wearing Malone Souliers flat mules that are so easy to walk in and so comfortable. Besides, their sleek design complements the clean lines of this business breakfast outfit, ensuring a cohesive and well-rounded aesthetic.

You can finish the look with a structured handbag in a complementary hue that will rest beside you, housing your essentials for the meeting/panel as you eat that flaky chocolate croissant.

SHOES: Malone Souliers Maureen mules – I bought mine a while ago and they are from the special edition (hence the love slogans and special embroidery) – anyway, these understated black and gold are the ones you should have in your classy capsule wardrobe.


Struggling to decide? Our handy FAQ section tackles common questions and offers valuable tips to help you find the perfect spring breakfast outfit.

Plus, don’t miss out on the treasure trove of outfit breakdowns in the exclusive Brunette from Wall Street Substack breakfast dress code guide (subscription required). Let’s get you ready to shine at your next spring breakfast in style!

What should I wear to a spring breakfast at a restaurant/hotel?

This depends on the restaurant’s dress code, but generally, a step-up from casual is ideal. Think flowy dresses, skirts paired with blouses, or tailored pants with a statement top. Flats or kitten heels are perfect for comfort and style.

What should I wear for a spring breakfast date?

Opt for a flirty and feminine look that flatters your figure. Think midi skirts with delicate tops, cute sundresses, or high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in blouse and pointy flats.

What’s appropriate for a casual spring breakfast at home?

Embrace cosy chic with striped button down and blue jeans, flowy floral pieces, a denim jacket, or slim-fit stretchy pants paired with a pastel-coloured blouse. Comfort is key, but you can still look stylish!

Can I wear heels to a spring breakfast?

Heels are generally not expected for breakfast. Opt for flats, pointed-toe flats, or kitten heels for a more elevated look.

What are some good color palettes for spring breakfast outfits?

Embrace the season with pastel colors like lavender, baby blue, mint green, and soft pink. You can also go for bolder options like floral prints or bright colors to make a statement.

What should I wear to a spring business breakfast?

Project professionalism and confidence with a tailored pantsuit in a light spring hue or a crisp pencil skirt paired with a silk blouse and a blazer. Or as suggested in this article, go for a silk blouse and wide leg pants with pointy flats. Opt for classic cuts and polished accessories.

What’s a good outfit for a Mother’s Day spring breakfast?

Look effortlessly chic with a floral maxi dress and a denim jacket, or opt for a tailored pantsuit or a skirt and blouse combination in a soft pastel hue.

Additional Tips:

Accessorize! A statement necklace, a colorful scarf, or a pair of stylish sunglasses can elevate your outfit.

Consider the weather. If there’s a chance of rain, bring a light jacket or cardigan.

Most importantly, feel confident and comfortable in what you wear!

Don’t forget: Check out the “Breakfast Dress Code Guide” on Brunette from Wall Street Substack (subscription required) for even more in-depth outfit breakdowns tailored to specific occasions, body types, and budgets!


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