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2 Boujee Spring Winery Outfits for Spring Wine Tasting Tour

Spring winery outfits and spring vineyard outfits you will want to wear on your next wine tour. Pov, spring is here, and with it comes the perfect weather for winery tours! Finding the ideal outfit can be exciting, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to see two of my recent inspiring spring winery outfits that are both stylish and comfortable. Ps. Wine tasting is not the same as wine drinking. We only take one sip (at least I do) and not an entire glass. The goal is to taste the aroma, not drink alcohol.

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As the days lengthen and nature bursts into vibrant life, spring awakens the allure of winery tours. With the promise of sunshine, fresh air, and delicious wines, I know you are already booking a visit to at least two wineries for the weekend.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to a renowned vineyard or a spontaneous visit to a local winery, putting together the best spring winery outfit is key. Pov, wineries do have a dress code – sometimes unwritten but you will never escape the looks if you show up to a winery underdressed. It’s not just about striking a balance between feeling confident and comfortable as you explore the picturesque landscapes and indulge in delectable vintages.

Btw, I recently published a winery dress code on Brunette from Wall Street substack. Go and get it if you are visiting more than two wineries and you need more than just two spring winery outfits.

As said, I put together two spring winery outfits for you – I’m showing you two spring wine cellar outfits I recently wore to our family’s wine cellar (btw I am doing a wine tasting tour to other wineries in June). Scroll down to discover spring winery outfit inspiration that will have you turning heads amidst the blooming vines!


To help you complete your perfect spring winery outfit, we’ve curated shoppable collages for each look! Simply click on any item you love to be taken directly to the retailer’s website. Building your perfect spring winery outfit has never been easier.

Don’t forget the essentials! While tasting wines, staying hydrated is crucial. This is when your Stanley Cup comes as a part of your spring wine tasting outfit. IMAO, Stanley Cups are ridiculous, but you most likely got one for Christmas and another one for Valentine’s Day – so now you have two that will go well with the two spring wine tasting outfits below. Ps. You will find Stanley Classic Insulated Canteen in the product galleries – they look more practical for a wine tour.


As you type in your upcoming wine tasting tour, ensure a tweed jacket and riding boots are on your checklist. A bright tweed jacket paired with sturdy riding boots is the quintessential fit for spring attire for the vineyard.

Pov, mornings in the vineyard are still very cold. Not to mention the chill in the wine cellar.

Spring winery tours offer stunning scenery and delightful wines, but the weather can be surprisingly deceptive! Vineyards, especially in the mornings, can be quite cold, and cellars tend to stay cool year-round.

Embrace practicality and let a tweed jacket and riding boots be the cornerstone of your spring vineyard wardrobe.

Whether strolling through rows of vines or savoring the nuances of each vintage in the cellar, your riding boots will carry you through, and your tweed jacket will envelop you in warmth as you explore the cellar.


Imagine this: the morning air is crisp, carrying the sweet scent of blooming grapevines as you step out onto the winery grounds. Sunlight dances through the newly formed leaves, dappling your path in a mosaic of light and shadow. You take a deep breath, filling your lungs with the fresh spring air.

You are wearing a cropped butter yellow tweed jacket, just as I suggested. The butter yellow tweed jacket adds a touch of “old money aesthetic” – internet old money, of course, while its warm hue mirrors the golden sunshine filtering through the leaves. Beneath it, a crisp white ruffle blouse peeks out, adding a touch of boho charm with the ruffles hint at a playful side against the black leggings.

Pov, not IRL leggings, but black slim-fit pants as comfortable as leggings but appropriate for any dress code (btw you can wear these pants for work, too).

Finish the look with black riding boots. The polished leather adds a touch of sophistication, while the sturdy soles provide the perfect grip for exploring the vineyard paths. Not that you will be strolling through the vineyard, anyway. Knowing you, you will follow that guy (or girlie – let’s be inclusive) straight to the wine cellar. Pov, if he has a rizz and looks, let him lead the way. Also, at this time of the year, no vineyard owner will let you gaze through the vines. Vineyard owners are cautious about visitors wandering through the vines due to the heightened risk of contamination.

Anyway, back to the plot. Stepping inside, the temperature drops a few degrees, but your tweed jacket keeps you comfortably warm. The air hums with the symphony of bubbling vats and the rhythmic clinking of glasses. You follow your guide, learning about the intricacies of wine production, all the while feeling perfectly put-together in your stylish yet practical spring winery outfit.

A heavy oak door swings shut behind you, muffling the sounds of the outside world. The air here is noticeably cooler, carrying a heady aroma of fermenting grapes and damp earth.

Dim light from strategically placed sconces illuminates the space, revealing a labyrinth of towering, stainless steel tanks. Their reflective surfaces catch the light, creating an almost futuristic feel on the rustic surroundings.

Finally, you get to the wine tasting part. You get a glass and take it outside.


There is a certain joy that only a dress can spark. For a wine tasting in Napa or France, put on Sunday dress and ballet flats.


Visualise a beautiful spring day at the winery; the sun is shining, and the air is filled with the sweet scent of blooming vines. You’re sitting on a stone fence, overlooking the lush vineyard. The crystal wine glass in your hand feels pleasantly cool, as you swirl the red within. The liquid ruby catches the sunlight, your new long-sleeved floral dress (mine is Rotate Birgerchristensen – I bought it a while ago, hence I had to link a different dress in the collage and product gallery below) drapes beautifully on your form. The delicate blooms swirl in a springtime dance across the fabric.

On your feet, Aquazzura’s pointy ballet flats add a touch of sophistication and comfort (pov as comfortable as ballet flats can be but comfortable enough to justify the price). Their sleek design and subtle charm complement the dress effortlessly, allowing you to move with grace as you go back in for a refill while waiting for the concert to begin.

Btw spring winery visits often involve specific events like winery concerts or luncheons. This fancy spring winery outfit is a perfect choice for both occasions.


If the multitude of spring winery outfits has you in a whirl, pov they are just these for now, but still. If you’re pondering over which spring winery outfit idea to choose, I made a comprehensive list of delectable options for the winery in spring. Go through the FAQ – it will help, for sure. Also, go to Brunette from Wall Street substack and get your vineyard dress code guide. It includes the dress code guide for the grape harvest.

What to wear to wine tasting tour in spring?

A bright tweed jacket, a ruffled blouse and riding boots paired with black leggings or a long sleeve floral dress with flats are the best spring vineyard outfits. Pair with a headband or a wide brim hat for extra. And don’t forget a water bottle.

What are the best spring winery outfits 2024?

Comfortable and fashionable spring wine tasting outfits that make you look old money and chic. See the spring winery outfits presented in this article.

What to wear for a wine tasting tour in France in spring?

A denim jacket with a short boho dress, or a short denim dress and brown boots with be the perfect outfit for a small family winery (if you know the owners don’t care about what you wear), while a tweed jacket with a short dress or black slim fit pants and black riding boots will be your best choice for a wine tasting tour in famous French wineries.

Can you wear jeans for wine tasting in spring?

You can wear jeans to wine tasting tour in the USA if there is no official dress code, but you might prefer to wear black skinny pants for wine tasting tours in Europe.

What to wear for wine tasting tour in Europe in spring?

It depends on the wine region, but you can’t go wrong with riding boots and leggings paired with a fitting ruffled blouse and a tweed jacket or a Sunday dress and pointy flats.

How to dress up for a vineyard in spring?

Put on a tweed jacket and black leather riding boots.

What to wear to a vineyard in spring?

Something comfortable and practical. Check the best spring vineyard outfits.

What to wear for spring wine tour in Texas?

A ruffled blouse with boho skirt and cowboy booties. Or a Sunday dress and pointy flats.

What to wear for spring winery wedding?

One of the fashionable vineyard wedding guest outfits for spring.

What is winery appropriate attire in spring?

A ruffled blouse with slim-fit black pants (comfortable as leggings, but tailored) with riding boots and a tweed jacket, a long sleeve dress with ballet flats.

Can you wear jeans to a winery in spring?

You can wear jeans to a winery in the USA if there is no official dress code, but you might prefer to wear black skinny pants to a winery in Europe.

What shoes are comfortable for a spring winery visit?

Riding boots, and ballet flats.

Can you wear sneakers for a spring winery visit?

Preferably not, but if there is no dress code, sneakers could be acceptable. They are not appropriate, but can be acceptable when paired with something more refined.

How to layer for a winery with cool evenings in spring?

Start with a comfortable, breathable base layer like a cotton blouse. This will keep you cool during the warmer parts of the day. Add a tweed jacket that can be easily taken off when it’s warm and put back on when it cools down. Don’t forget accessories like a lightweight scarf or a silk scarf. They can add a pop of color to your outfit and serve as an extra layer of warmth. Also, comfortable warm shoes are a must, especially if the winery has a lot of standing or walking involved. Consider stylish flats or low-heeled riding boots.

What are the best fabrics to wear to a winery in spring?

Tweed, and cotton. Cotton is a great choice for spring as it’s lightweight and breathable. It can help keep you cool during the day and provide comfort while you’re moving around. On the other hand, tweed’s thermal properties are comparable to wool, making it an excellent choice for cold weather. Unlike fleece, which is lightweight but less insulating and too casual for a wine cellar, tweed provides better temperature regulation.

What are some comfortable shoes to wear to a vineyard in spring?

Flat boots.

What to wear to vineyard when it’s cold in spring?

Spring doesn’t always arrive on schedule, and sometimes early vineyard visits can still have a wintery chill. But, you can still create chic and comfortable outfits that bridge the seasons! Start with a merino wool base layer like a brushed shirt. Layer on with a tweed jacket and a quilted Barbour jacket for extra warmth. Consider a midi skirt or flowy dress in a floral print or pastel color for a touch of spring. Opt for closed-toe shoes like booties or ankle boots for cooler mornings. A scarf or wrap adds warmth and versatility. A wide-brimmed hat protects you from the sun and adds a touch of elegance.

What are some accessories to wear with a spring vineyard outfit?

A scarf, a hat, a headband or a barrette.


Knowing how charming a vineyard can be in spring, I know you will extend your wine tasting tour for a day or more. I suggest you seize your chance and go out for a picnic in the vineyard as well. Worry not, I have you covered with spring picnic outfits for the vineyard as well.