Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing the list of best online shops and French brick and mortar stores

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Since the sale season is almost over and we are already writing down our shopping list for autumn, I decided to make this Tuesday shopping tips all about my favourite stores. Yes, I’m sharing the entire list of my favourite brick and mortar and best online shops. Ps. The list isn’t actually long. But it’s legit.


Ask any gal about her favourite store during the sale season, and she will answer you it’s the store that has her latest crush in her size for -70 % off. But what about fashion IT girls and fashion bloggers? The same thing!

The only difference with us, the fashion girls in the know, is that we have to make most of our fashion purchases way before the sales. Meaning, we shop most of the time only in the stores and online shops that give us a lot more than just a good price. Becuase you know, the price tag is not the only thing that matters. Even though it matters the most at the end of the month when we have to repay all the purchases we did with our credit card. By the way, are you a visa or MasterCard type of the girl?

Anyway, visa or MasterCard (ps. I’m both actually), oh I wish I could write it doesn’t matter because it would sound better, but I can’t since it matters. Nevertheless, we are leaving this topic for my next Tuesday shopping tips. As said, we are talking about my favourite stores this time.

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So where I spend all my money then? Since I am living on a budget right now, and have to cover all my expenses (clothes, makeup, little luxuries, and also work-related expenses as blog costs – luckily the momma hotel I’m living in doesn’t charge me the food, or any other costs) with only 2k per month I have to shop wisely.

Therefore I only shop in my favourite stores and strictly follow my 15 golden shopping rules. Ps. I shared them a while ago over here.
Well, I do break almost all of them once in a while when I let myself of the loose and enter into the brick and mortar store. Still, even then I make sure I get most of my shopping spree.

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You might be surprised to see only 3 stores on this list. But the truth is that I prefer shopping online. And actually only shop at brick and mortar stores when I’m in Paris. Or when I need something right now.


Located on 24 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris, France, LE BON MARCHÉ, RIVE GAUCHE is the number 1 of my favourite stores. I already wrote why I love this department store so much when I shared all about how I became a fashion girl in the know over here.

But just to recap, Le Bon Marché is not only a store where you can get all the best French (French fashion, French cuisine, French literature, French beauty and makeup and everything else), but a store with great shopping service (including fashion & styling lessons, special workshops for loyal customers etc.) and excellent loyalty program too. Moreover, you can join their loyalty program even if you don’t have a French bank account.

You can get to Le Bon Marché by metro line 10 or 12. Station Sèvres Babylone.


This is not only the most beautiful Parisian store but a place where you can discover new French designers and find chic clothes that won’t break your bank. Plus, have a walk through the gallery, eat well while shopping, and enjoy the most beautiful view of Paris from the rooftop.
You can find Galleries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann, Paris, France. Line 7 by metro (the pink one) or line 9. I usually take the 7.


Only a few steps away from the Galleries Lafayette, there is another of my favourite brick and mortar stores, the Printemps Haussmann. I love the great shopping assistance in their shoe department. Ps. They sell Laduree macarons here too.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing the list of best online shops and French brick and mortar stores


Finally, the list of the favourite of my favourites online shops. The online stores I love the most and that happens to be named as the best online shops. Surely you know most of them already as I keep sending you on these pages through the links in the widgets and EDITs.

Unlike before, the list of my favourite online shops is random. I love them all in the same way. Well, I do have to blink on one eye when it comes to the customs from Revolve and Shopbop, but they know how to compensate that extra fee and make me happy anyways.

I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.


In short, if you want to dress fashionable and you don’t have time to look for the fashion trends, then shop at net-a-porter. Everything you see there is 100 % in fashion.

Plus receiving your order in those black boxes makes everything even more special. AND THERE IS A SELL GOING ON NET-A-PORTER NOW. THIS!


This online store has 2 things I love the most. First, good prices and second the best loyalty program. You can redeem the points for future purchases (for example earn 200 pints and get 10 EUR off your next purchase), luxury getaways or a lot more.

Also, Luisaviaroma has the special sale once in a while. One happened last Sunday when they took 50 % off the new season. Unfortunately, this sale lasted only 1 hour and you got a notice about this sale through the app. Ps. See, I told you that you should download the apps of your favourite online stores.

Did I mention Luisaviaroma has free shipping and free returns too? Well, now you know! And everything comes wrapped with a dark blue box.

Farfetch sale desktop


Not sure if it is actually true, but to me, Farfetch is the biggest luxury online store. In short, they have it all. Even vintage Chanel and Hermes. Yes, you can find your Chanel boy bag there. But also so many other fashionable pieces. Also, their customer support is very good.


The best price and short delivery time. I love shopping for shoes here. Plus, everything comes in a beautiful white box.


The fashion heaven for fashion IT girls who love summer and everything Cali. This is the first place I go to when looking for some chic dresses.

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#6 24S

The new online store of my favourite Parisian store. Yes, Le Bon Marché is online too. And is even better than the one made of brick and mortar. In fact, with the new way of doing online business, 24S is the best online store at the moment. What you get there is not only the best French design at a good price that comes with an excellent shopping service but French inspiration too. Not to say anything else, go here and check it out for yourself.



If you are looking for unique fashionable pieces, you should go to Moda Operandi first. Plus, this is the online store that lets you be the first to order next season’s top collections straight from the runway. A dream come true, right?

So how it goes? You check the runway collections in full. Yes, even those special runway pieces that never make it into stores. Chose what you like. Pay a 50% deposit. And wait for the designers to make your order. Yes, you read right. The designers will make it just for you. Surely the craftsmanship can take up to a few months to complete. But as they say, it’s well worth the wait. And if you change your mind, you can simply return it.


Best online store for bags and leather accessories. Ps. This is where you can get designer bags and other accessories -20 % all year long. They have these special sale offers on selected items even off the sale season. Plus, the wrapping is so beautiful. Each order comes wrapped in this beautiful box with a little note from the person who put it in. So nice.


Lastly Shopbop. I must admit I only discover this online store recently. During their epic sale in spring. Seriously epic. Still, remember unboxing my Shopbop purchases from my Instastory? Anyway, Shopbop is a great place if you are looking for fashion IT pieces and fun lifestyle pieces. Ps. Check their pool party section.

Moda Operandi on desktop



So this is it. The list of all my favourite stores and the list of my favourite online stores. Ps. Be sure to check all of my shopping tips over here.

By the way, do you prefer shopping online or in the brick and mortar stores? Have you shopped in any of my favourite stores already? How would you rate your shopping experience there?