#5 Chic Winter Picnic Outfits and the Glitter Pumps



I confess I didn’t know a winter picnic was even a thing when I first wrote about how to dress up for the winter picnic last year. But you have been coming to my blog, looking for some winter picnic outfit inspiration ever since. So I guess writing about what to wear for a winter picnic once again is just what you want me to do. Besides the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and a picnic is one of the most romantic low-cost dates one can have.


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If you have seen me falling down on my pink picnic blanket while I was going live on my Instagram, then you must remember I had this winter picnic a while ago. I mean who could forget that. For all of you who missed my epic fall, my heels got stuck with the blanket when I wanted to turn around for the boomerang video, and I fall. Well yes, this can happen if you wear heels for the picnic.

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Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear heels for a winter picnic. Although through to be told, flats might be more appropriate. Especially, because of all of the mud or more likely the snow that might be there at your picnic spot. Nevertheless, if you want your winter picnic to be even more romantic, then put your heels on. This way you will have an excellent excuse for your guy to carry you all the way from the car to the blanket. Anyway, more about what to wear to the picnic in the winter a bit later, first a few fun facts from my first picnic this winter.


As I mentioned, I had this picnic a while ago. Around Christmas to be exact. And as you can see there was no snow back then. Just this strong cold wind that blew me away when I wanted to stand up to show you my outfit. Well, yes I actually fall twice. But this is not the only fun thing that happened to me at this winter picnic.



I fall twice. First when I wanted to stud up, and my heels got stuck with the blanket. And second when I was already standing, and the wind threw me. For real. Luckily there was no snow around. Surely the mud is worse, but luckily I fall back on my double pink blankets. Yes, I had two blankets this time. After my last winter picnic a year before, the one in the snow, I thought having two picnic blankets instead of just one would be even better.


If I learned anything from this shooting is that dusting cookies in the wind is not the best idea. At all. There was sugar everywhere but on the cookies. I guess I should have learned from my last picnic (my birthday party picnic, remember here) that I won’t get up of the picnic blanket with clean hair. I never do actually. A note for the next time: pin up your hair.



Surely it’s quite obvious the cookies were there just to play extra in my picnic video. You all know I don’t eat gluten nor sweets, well except the ice cream, raw cakes, and macarons. Omg, this actually covers most of the desserts. Well, let’s say I don’t eat biscuits, cookies and sugar candies then.



Anyway, about the cookies, you see in the photos. By the way, my sister and I baked them. And yes, those were the Christmas cookies that I managed to hide from the cookie eaters in our family. If I only could hide them from the neighbor’s dog. Jaka, you owe me cookies! Just when we took the last photo and turned off the camera, Boni, the neighbour’s dog came from nowhere and stole all the cookies. You should have seen how cute he was.


And you would if I didn’t run inside to the house with a runny nose. Yes, the wind blew me quite hard, and I caught a cold. Yet I got away from this winter picnic way better than my mother who took the photos and wasn’t wearing any hat or headband like I did. She got a terrible headache. I better write it twice, don’t go to a winter picnic without a fur hat or headband! Especially not in a wind or a snowstorm.






So, what to wear for the winter picnic, windy winter picnic to be exact? In short, something cosy, warm and windproof. Yet elegant, sexy and romantic especially if you are having this winter picnic on the Valentine’s Day. Mentioning the Valentine’s Day, be sure to check all of my date ideas for the most romantic and fashionable Valentine’s Day ever over here.


Back to the winter picnic outfit ideas. Pardon, idea. You can find more winter picnic outfits at the end of this post. We do need to talk about this outfit I was wearing on my windy winter picnic first. Especially those shiny heels that I borrowed from my mother.







Starting with my new faux fur headband. Yes, a headband. Even though autumn 2017 was all about the beret, the winter 2017/18 is favouring faux fur hats and headbands. To match the teddy coats of course. Although I must say, I still think berets matches teddy coat better than a fur hat of fur headband.

Still, I’m wearing faux fur hats (the black and white – I wore it here) and faux fur headband this season. Who would think to see me as a Russian princess, instead of the chic Parisian? What so ever, the weather conditions and health comes first. And a fur hat is a way better option to wear for a winter picnic than a thin beret. Only when not. I’m afraid there would be my hat in Boni’s snout instead of the cookies if I wore a hat to this windy picnic. You know what I mean.

In short, if you are having a winter picnic on a windy winter day, just make sure you put on a headband instead of the hat. I don’t think a wind can blow a headband off your head. Or can it? Have you ever seen a girl chasing her headband around? I know I haven’t. Whatsoever, about this faux fur headband, I’m wearing … It’s from Bart’s, and it’s really cheap. You know, in case a windy headband situation is a thing, and you lose your headband in the wind. You can get it at the Amazon for $34.24 (shop here). I told you it’s a must buy. Surely, if you want something far more luxurious and you don’t care losing it, then go for this one here. Or the one in the widget above.



You already know this coat quite well. It’s my favourite wrap camel coat, and it comes from Escada. I already wrote so much about this coat. And shared 5 ways to wear this coat off-duty (remember how I wore it to the market on Saturday over here). By the way, 5 camel coat on duty looks is coming up next week. Hopefully, before all of these chic camel coats from Escada are sold out. Which might not be a case as this coat is on sale now (you can get it for 247 EUR) and it’s running out of the store faster than you can read. Better check it fast. You can find it over here or in Escada boutiques. Well, in case you come too late, you can still get the camel coat from the widget above. Also on the sale.



As it already feels like spring here (we haven’t had snow this winter yet), I thought wearing a tulle skirt for this winter picnic would be the best idea. Besides, tulle skirts will be so fashionable in spring summer 2018.

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Where were we? Oh, the tulle skirt. Surely, a tulle skirt might look slightly too thin and way too sheer for a winter picnic on a cold day, don’t worry I found a perfect alternative for you. As said, at the bottom of the page together with other 5 winter picnic outfits. Still, this tulle skirt I was wearing (shop similar on the budget here or luxury here) was just perfect for my winter picnic. And yes, in spite of the cold wind. Well, it wasn’t that cold. Just strong. Besides, I was wearing the wrap coat, tights, and socks.



Mentioning the socks, truth to be told I wasn’t wearing the socks merely because of the socks and pumps trend. Yes, this spring we are wearing our pumps and sandals with the socks. But more about this chic fashion trend in my trend report. I was wearing these warm gray wool socks from Ralph Lauren (shop here) because these glittery pumps I’m wearing were too big for me. Guess why? Yes, these glittered pumps aren’t actually mine.



True, you guessed it. I borrowed these glittered shoes from my mother. Don’t worry; I didn’t steal these (once for a change, remember this sweater and this skirt). Well only because she wears size 38, and I wear size 36.

The glittered pumps I’m wearing are from Michael Kors, and you can get them here. Heels too hight? Don’t worry I found this chic Miu Miu slingbacks for you. Oh, I definitely need to get these for myself. These glittered Miu Miu pumps are so beautiful and will be so fashionable in spring. Ups, already revealing too many Spring Summer Fashion Trends. Be sure to check the entire SS 2018 Fashion Report in this post.




Ups, I borrowed this one too. Wait, not going to lie to you. I stole this one. But you already know this. From the previous post. Remember how I wore this cozy white turtleneck pullover with the asymmetric tweed mini skirt and sock boots over here? Yes, that on that winter day when I ate ice cream on the street.

Whatsoever, as said several times before, you can’t get the same sweater in the store anymore. Honestly, I don’t even know when or even less where my mother got this white turtleneck. But you can get a similar one from Burberry here or one from the fashion store (read on the budget) here. Both should be perfect to wear to the winter picnic. Still, you might splurge on the sweater you will wear to the winter picnic as winter picnic can be quite cold. In fact, so cold that you would have to wear one of these winter picnic outfits below.






Finally, the 6 chic, sexy, romantic but most of all cozy winter picnic outfits that will make you feel warm and love. You know, just in case you don’t get these feelings from your date. Or the weather is just too cold for a picnic in the first place.



Shop the items in the EDIT below simply by clicking on the item. Or find it in the widget above and below.





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