Is this The Most Fashionable Item in Animal Print Now?

It Must be since Leopard Print is Only Slowly coming back in Style

Animal print is coming back in style. Slowly, but it’s coming. Hence, if you love animal print and can’t wait to wear it again, you should consider getting this one item that will make look you fashion-forward yet not too much ahead of the style. You know, in case fashion trends suddenly change and animal print doesn’t come back after all. Wonder what that item is? I’m pretty sure you don’t have it yet. Or if you do, you find it hard to style. Yes, there is something in animal print that you should start wearing today even though it might be difficult to style. And no, it’s not the bucket hat. It’s the animal print tights. Or Ganni tiger tights. Ps. Now that you know – scroll down to see how to style animal printed tights for an ordinary day now when the animal print is only coming back in style. Yes, you can wear tiger tights on an ordinary day, too. And look fashionable even when everyone thinks animal print is out of style.

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing camel Burberry trench coat Ganni tiger print socks Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps pink gloves black top handle bag everyday


No, this is not a business formal outfit you could wear for work tomorrow. But it is one of the most fashionable outfits for fall 2020. Despite the fact that animal print is not the most fashionable fall print yet.

I know, you might be slightly confused now. Not to worry! I will explain where’s the catch.

The thing is that printed tights are in fashion for fall winter 2020. No matter the print. Which means wearing animal printed tights is actually OK. And what is more, in style for fall winter 2020.

Now scroll down to save, pin or print the fashion cheat sheet that will show you how to style tiger tights for an ordinary day when the animal print is yet to become stylish.




And here it is, Brunette’s fashion cheat sheet that will help you style your new Ganni tiger tights. Or these leopard print tights. Tiger or leopard, it really doesn’t matter. Both animal prints are brown, orange and beige, and they can be styled in the same way.

By the way, this collage is hyperlinked too. Which means you can shop all the things that I’m wearing simply by clicking on each of them. After you click inside the pink bracket, a link will take you to the store where you can purchase it.




Ps. Be sure to share this look with that friend of yours who loves animal prints. For sure she will love it. Especially if she wears animal prints all the time.



As said, I’m wearing Ganni tiger tights (shop here). But you could also be wearing leopard print tights. Dolce Gabbana makes them (see/shop here) and Ganni too (click here to buy Ganni leopard tights now). But I didn’t know that before.

Whatsoever, I prefer tiger print tights over leopard print tights anyway. Tiger print does look more sophisticated, doesn’t it?

And when you style tiger print tights like this, with a camel trench coat and nude blush plexi pumps, you can even wear them for work. That is if you are a creative professional, of course. Opaque tights are not appropriate for Wall Street or court.


Brunette from Wall Street Burberry trench coat Ganni tiger socks Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps


But still, one would think plexi pumps are not business formal either. Yet I showed you many times before, that this simply isn’t true.

Anyway, back to the Ganni tiger pants and how to style tiger tights or again, how to style leopard print tights. Since you can wear both animal printed tights with plexi pumps.

I believe I found the best shoes to wear with tights in leopard print and tights in tiger print. It’s these blush pink plexi shoes from Gianvito Rossi. But also all the Gianvito Rossi’s plexi shoes that you see in the widget above.

There are quite a lot of shoes that go with tiger and leopard print tights, aren’t they?

Ps. There is one more pair that goes well with leopard print tights. But I’m showing you as a part of clubbing outfit elsewhere.



And now the most essential piece to wear with leopard print tights or tiger print pants if you want to wear this bold animal print tights every day. The camel trench coat!


The Burberry trench coat (buy here) it’s truly a must-have. Especially if you want to wear something fashion-forward that you normally wouldn’t because it’s either too bold, edgy or simply not your style.

This stunning camel trench coat can make anything wearable and fashionable. And this is for sure the best proof. Indeed, I will even make Burberry camel trench coat and tiger tights my staple for fall winter 2020/21 if animal prints come back in style before November.

Brunette from Wall Street Burberry trench coat pink leather gloves outfit details


Last but not least, the bag to wear with tiger tights. Of course, I didn’t match my purse with the shoes, nor the tights, since this is still not fashionable yet. It might be in 2021. But we will see.

We have seen some shoes and bag matching looks on the runways though. But still, it’s too soon to say this trend will come back in style.

A black bag goes the best with the dark hues in tiger and leopard print. I’m wearing a small top handle bag (shop similar here). But you could wear any bag in black from my fall winter 2020/21 capsule wardrobe checklist.

Nevertheless, I did match my shoes with gloves. Well almost, since my gloves come in more vivid pink. By the way, you can shop these gloves over here. These gloves are perfect for now. They are made of a smooth thin Italian leather, plus they are slightly longer. Which makes them even more stylish for the new season.

Ps. In case you don’t know yet, long gloves are the most fashionable accessory for autumn winter 2020/21.



Finally, hair and makeup to wear when wearing Ganni tiger tights or leopard tights. The best advice I can give you is to keep it minimal. Put on some autumnal eyeshadows and raspberry lipstick. Merely to enhance your natural beauty.

Ps. To see the makeup products I used scroll below and browse through the gallery under the collage. By the way, collage is hyperlinked and shoppable too.




Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing beige makeup bangs on long hair Dior raspberry lip balm Dior mascara Giorgio Armani luminous sheer foundation Dior blush Bobbi Brown highlighter bronzer Burberry plum eyeshadows camel Burberry trench coat

As it goes to my hair, I did nothing but brush it and spritz it with this hairspray. Oh, I love my bangs. Since cutting my hair into bangs, I feel I have a good hair day every day. Once I dry it, of course. Ps. Be sure to read more about how to style your bangs next.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing camel Burberry trench coat Ganni animal print tights Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps pink gloves black top handle bag in fall


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By the way, this is not the only way to style animal print tights. No, it’s not. There are more ways to style leopard tights and even more ways to style tiger tights from Ganni, that you saw me wearing today. Don’t worry, I will keep you posted and show you all the ways you can wear tights this fall. But first, shop these Ganni tiger tights, Burberry trench coat and Gianvito Rossi pumps! You will need them all if you want to copy my look. Oh, and don’t forget the gloves. You know, they are stylish now.