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Should You Get Bangs in 2021 to Become a Legit Fashionista?

There is no doubt, 2021 is the year of bangs. Having a fringe of hair cut more or less straight across the forehead into bangs is fashionable right now. In fact, fringe is the most fashionable hairstyle for spring 2021. Everyone cuts their hair into bangs now. Including me! But is cutting your hair into bangs worthy? Is getting a fringe something you need to do to become a legit fashionista or just a waste of hair, as my sister says? I would say both! Here is why.

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Yes, I have been having a fringe for quite some time now. I cut my hair into bangs a few months ago. And I still think I look stunning with my new haircut. In fact, I look chicer than ever before. And every single outfit I have ever worn looks entirely new now that I have the fringe. (Ps. I’m proving you shortly. So follow me on my Instagram to see it first.)

Furthermore, I feel liberated now that I have bangs. Not sure if this feeling comes from the fact that I finally dared to cut my hair into bangs or because how my hair moves in the air when I flip it.

Or perhaps because I awoke that French girl in me. You know the Parisienne who looks chic the moment she gets out of the bed, with her hair on fleek and outfit on point. Giving an impression she was born stylishly fashionable.

Anyway, I think my French grandfather would love my new hairstyle. My mother, who is half French, does. Same does my father. But my sister? Well, she keeps saying cutting my hair into bangs was a mistake.


Yes, you read right. While all of my girlfriends love my bangs and are thrilled to see me having bangs on long hair, my sister won’t stop saying cutting my hair into bangs was just a waste of my hair.

Well, guess what, Darja? You are wrong! At least, most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, bangs are worth it. At least in 2021, when a fringe is back in style. Bangs are just what you need to look fashionable on fleek while wearing sweats.

But I won’t lie to you. Drying long hair with bangs is not easy.

Especially not when you want to do the French blow-dry by yourself. You know, to make your hair look chic and relaxed with soft wavy curls, bangs on loose and volume to envy.

Best fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street holding cup of tea wearing blue trench coat dark blue jeans fringe


Luckily I have excellent hair tools (shop it from the widget below or click inside the pink brackets in the collage) that help me style my bangs like French. Well, at least I believe so.

Anyway, I think I do a pretty good job with drying bangs on my long hair. And yes, my bangs do flip up at the beginning even though I dry them first. But after using all these tools, I manage my fringe to look chic.

Best fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street having cup of tea wearing blue trench coat dark blue jeans fringe


Even so, don’t let my new hairstyle lure you into cutting your hair into bangs the minute you finish reading this post. Consult your hairstylist first. Let him know what you actually want. If you want your face to look wider or slimmer. It’s important he knows what you want to know if he needs to cut side hair as well.

It took me months to finally do it. I was thinking to cut my hair into fringe ever since I found out hairpins and bangs are in style for spring summer 2021. But kept waiting until now.

The reason why I was waiting for so long is actually quite hilarious. No, Tomaž, it wasn’t because I would be afraid or not sure, even though I made you think that. I actually just wanted to hear you pitch bangs. And saying bangs will look beautiful on me.

By the way, Tomaž is my hair stylist who cut my hair into bangs. And I made him listen to my doubts about getting a fringe for at least half of an hour before letting him chop my front hair. Oh, if you could only hear me. I was like: “should I get it”, “no, let us wait until summer”, “but what if I do it now”, “or perhaps not”.

Best street fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street

Although the truth is that I already knew I will get a fringe despite my pros and cons speech. I knew this for sure for quite long.

I tend to be spontaneous, however not when it comes to my hair and the brand.

Anyway, the reason why I waited for so long before cutting my hair is in bobby pins, pearl hairpins, and biotin. I had to stock myself with biotin (Ps. check out what is biotin for).

Also, it took me a while to find those little bobby pins (that don’t damage your hair – shop here) I could use for pinning my bangs to the side when I’m at home.

No, cutting your hair into bangs is not entirely irreversible. Once I push my fringe to the side, out of my eyes, and pin it with these little bobby pins, my hairstyle looks almost the same as before.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bangs. But I’m thrilled to know I can still wear my hair as I used to. Flipped by the side with no sign of fringe. You know what I mean?


So now you know. Worthy or not, I have bangs on my long hair, and I like it. Correction, bangs are worthy in 2021. At least if you want to get a fashionable haircut and look chic on a fleek. Even so, fringe is not the only hair trend for spring 2021. There are more 90s hair trends you can go for. Ps. more about SS21 hair trends is coming up on Brunette from Wall Street shortly. So subscribe for post notification (click on the bell in the top bottom corner). Now tell me, do you like my new hairstyle? Do you think bangs are a good idea?