Brunette from Wall Street formal Thanksgiving dinner party outfit pearl hairpin apples Self-Portrait dress Gianvito Rossi pumps

Formal Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for You and Your Table

Don’t cringe at the title. And don’t panic if you or your Thanksgiving table aren’t dressed for the Thanksgiving dinner party yet. If you haven’t heard the doorbell yet, you still have enough time to read this post, pick your favourite formal Thanksgiving dinner outfit for 2020 Thanksgiving Dinner Party and get dressed with no rush. Ps. In case you can hear the bell already, let someone else open the door and entertain the guests for a bit. You will be quick. All that you need is right here.

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Well, lucky you, if you are actually going to your friend’s house for 2020 Thanksgiving Day. – You have one worry less. But if you are the host, make sure you carefully read all this and check all the pictures in this post. Trust me; these fashion cheat sheets are worthy of a turkey.

Because today I’m not only showing you the best formal Thanksgiving dinner outfits for you. But also sharing some pretty Thanksgiving table decoration that you can put on the table this year. Yes, this time around we are dressing up you and your table. That turkey has to look pretty too, right?

Brunette from Wall Street elegant Thanksgiving dinner party outfit apples Self-Portrait dress Gianvito Rossi pumps Chanel mascara Malone Souliers mules


First, the Thanksgiving table and Thanksgiving decoration. Make sure you take care of the table first. You know, in case the guest arrive early.

This will also give you more time for yourself. If the guests arrive early, just let them in. Trust me, they won’t even notice that you slipped away to get dressed. They will be all busy admiring your beautiful table decoration and that stunning porcelain and crystal glasses.

Yes, the porcelain and crystal!

As you know, I usually don’t write about home decor trends. But I couldn’t resist sharing my love for porcelain and beautiful table decor for 2020 Thanksgiving.


So, here they are – two Thanksgiving decor trends you need to know to set your Thanksgiving table in style for Thanksgiving Day 2020.

By the way, you can shop both Thanksgiving looks – all the decoration, plates, cutlery and everything for your table by clicking on the items. Both pictures are hyperlinked, so once you click on an item, a link will take you to the store where you can buy it. The same goes with the formal Thanksgiving outfits that you will see at the end of this post.





Well, not literally, but earthy colours, amber, gold and copper will make you and your guest feel like you were having Thanksgiving dinner by the campfire. Only more elegant. Amber, gold and copper truly bring elegance to space and Thanksgiving table.







Disco Thanksgiving? Yes, the 80s are a big trend in fashion and in holiday decor this year. This Thanksgiving decor theme is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner with friends. Bring some neon, glitz, glamour and sparkle to your 2020 Thanksgiving table. Abundance is in style!

So, which Thanksgiving theme are you going for? Disco or campfire?

By the way, these two Thanksgiving decor trends are also in fashion for Christmas 2019. But more about Christmas 2019 decor trends in a new blogpost – after Thanksgiving Day. Ps. If you don’t want to miss that post, make sure you subscribe for new post notification (you need to click that little bell in the right bottom corner of your desktop).


Is your table set for the Thanksgiving already? Now let’s pick a Thanksgiving dinner dress for you too.

Here are 5 formal Thanksgiving dinner outfits you can wear for Thanksgiving dinner party. And yes, all of these formal Thanksgiving dinner looks are comfortable too. You will be able to breathe normally after turkey and after a bite of a pie. Wait, not just a bite. A whole pie!


Anyways, here are 5 formal Thanksgiving dinner outfits. 4 with Thanksgiving dinner dress and one with a suit. No, a Thanksgiving dinner dress is not the only option you have for 2020 Thanksgiving dinner party. A suit is as good formal Thanksgiving dinner outfit as is a dress. Scroll down to see by yourself.

But first the little black dress.



This formal Thanksgiving dinner outfit is perfect for any Thanksgiving dinner party. Either one with a campfire theme or other with a disco Thanksgiving theme. Just make sure you don’t forget the feather boa/scarf if you turned your home into a disco for Thanksgiving 2020.




Oh, I love this Self-Portrait dress (buy here). It’s just perfect for any formal events in fall. Especially those that begin with dinner. Wearing this black-tie Thanksgiving dinner dress, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty either. Those flowers on the dress can camouflage any stain of the sauce or wine.





Another dress that is great to wear for a Thanksgiving dinner is this red dress. Or any other red dress, actually. You know, because of the red sauce that can end up in your lap.

But this red dress (buy here) in particularly since it’s on sale now. Plus, you can wear it for work and other social events all year long. I already showed you how – be sure to check this post if you buy this dress.





Last but not least formal Thanksgiving dinner outfit is this beautiful long navy dress. Also from Self-Portrait (shop here). This black-tie Thanksgiving dinner dress is the most fashionable gown you could wear for Thanksgiving day for sure. See the neckline? The heart-shaped neckline is the most fashionable neckline for 2020.





Finally, the last formal Thanksgiving dinner look – the black suit. Ps. For a disco Thanksgiving dinner, you can also wear a suit in more flashy and glittery colours. Check this glitter blazer!

Ps. Don’t forget to put some hair accessories in your hair. And sparkles on your eyes (see the holiday eye makeup trends here).


Brunette from Wall Street formal Thanksgiving dinner party outfit pearl hairpin apples Self-Portrait dress Gianvito Rossi pumps


No, these are not the only Thanksgiving dinner looks on Brunette from Wall Street. There are more. Check these Thanksgiving Dinner party outfits if you are spending 2020 Thanksgiving Day laying on the couch. Furthermore, check this post to find out what you shouldn’t wear for the holidays in 2020. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving Day!