Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing black leggings jumper in camel with slippers

And Here’s Another Way to Style Leggings for Everyday

Leggings and sweater is a staple leggings winter outfit for home. The casual outfit we wear when we want to feel cosy, and warm. Furthermore, when we are busy, or when we simply don’t care about what we wear as long as we are not in pyjamas. Yet, some girls look perfectly put together in leggings and jumper. But how? Well, I know how! And today I will show you how to style leggings and sweater to look chic and put together. And yes, you will be able to wear this chic winter 2021 leggings and jumper outfit outside your home, too. Now scroll down to see how to style leggings and jumper for every day and find out what’s the big secret about this winter home outfit.

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Wondering why some girls look chic in leggings and sweater, and others don’t? How come some girls can wear this casual winter outfit and look perfectly put together, moreover classy, while others can’t? Why not every girl looks chic and stylish in leggings and jumper?

Luckily, I know why!

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing black leggings and jumper in camel alpaca from H&M with slippers at home

There are two reasons why some women look better in leggings and jumper outfit than others. And no, it has nothing to do with their body type.

They, we, simply chose the sweater and the leggings wisely. And then style leggings and jumper with nothing but a simple pair of shoes. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it’s not that easy. As you know, capsule winter outfits are the trickiest. I guess I had a stroke of pretty good luck finding the perfect jumper to wear with leggings to make this loungewear work for me.

Worry not; I will help you find a perfect pair of leggings and jumper for you, too.

As a matter of fact, I will let you copy my winter 2021 leggings and jumper outfit and wear it in the same way as I do – chic and classy.

Here’s what you need to copy my winter 2021 leggings and sweater outfit.


To shop my winter 2021 leggings and sweater outfit, simply click on the products that you see in the collage below. All the products are hyperlinked and connected to the store where I bought them too.

Ps. There are more leggings in the product gallery under the collage, also. The jumper is only one though. But there is a good reason why. Not only this is the same jumper I’m wearing, but this jumper is the best jumper to wear with leggings in winter 2021. Besides, the price and quality of my jumper are exceptional. For less than $60 you can get a sweater made of 40 % alpaca, and 27 % wool. The rest is polyamide – but recycled. You can buy my jumper here – USA, here – UK, or here – EU.


The best thing about this chic and comfortable winter 2021 outfit is that you can wear it from when you wake up. It’s all thanks to the jumper, really.

All in all, the only secret about looking chic and smart in leggings and jumper is to style leggings with a cropped jumper – preferably in camel.

But can this trick work for the street, too? For work even? It’s one thing to wear leggings and a sweater when working from home, and completely another thing to wear leggings and a jumper to the office.

Obviously, it can! All you need is a camel coat and stylish boots. Worry not, I found the boots to wear with black leggings, too. Check how to style leggings with boots next.


Keen to see more leggings outfits for winter 2021? Let me know in the comments below. By the way, don’t forget to save the collage from above to make sure you don’t forget how to style leggings with a jumper to look chic and classy at home. Up next: how to wear leggings as pants.