Style orange dress like this and you can wear it anywhere

Rare are dresses that can be worn in the same way to any occasion and at any time. But this short orange dress is. Yes, you can wear this chic orange dress to the office, party, wedding, date, brunch or at home in the same way. Styled like this! With nothing but chic black flats, a top handle bag ,and a pearl hairpin pinned in the back.

I bet you didn’t expect an orange dress to be so versatile and easy to style. But when you get a shift dress in a simple design, quality material, and good stitches, the colour doesn’t even matter. You can wear it anywhere. As long as you style it with simple yet luxury flats and a soft, ladylike bag.

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Well yes, in the end, it’s all about what you wear your short orange dress with. Shoes and the bag truly matter this time. Even your hair. Wear this dress in any other way, and you will look either too dressy or underdressed.

Anyway, if you style this short orange dress or any other similar shift dress with black luxury slippers and a soft top handle bag in matching colour as your dress, you are good to go anywhere. Work, party, date, brunch, home; wherever you go and whoever you hang with; you won’t look underdressed nor overdressed.

The only problem you might have, that is if you don’t scroll down, is finding the perfect pair of luxury slippers and a bag to wear with your short shift dress.


So where to find that pair of flats and the bag that will make your short orange dress appropriate for any occasion? Click onto the items in the collage or browse through the widget below, and you will find out.

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First things first, the short orange dress. I know, you probably have one already. Nevertheless, my mini orange peachy coral dress is better than yours. Unless you have one of these short orange dresses from the gallery below, of course.

By the way, my mini orange coral dress comes from Juicy Couture. Unfortunately, you can’t shop the same dress anymore, but hey, this Pinko dress looks the same. Also, there is a bunch of chic and easy to style orange dresses in the widget above. So if you haven’t already, make sure you check them all. I know there is an orange dress in your size waiting for you.


Finally, the two things that make this orange dress appropriate anytime and anywhere. Black slippers and a top handle bag.

And no, flat mules don’t necessarily have to be black, they can be dark blue, dark green, dark grey. As long as they are dark and look luxurious, they will be ok. I do, however, advise you to get one of these flats below.

As it goes to the bag, your bag should come with a top handle, and shouldn’t match your shoes. Even better if it’s soft. The soft structure of your bag will tone down the vibrant orange of your dress. While the top handle will make this outfit an excellent choice for work too.

About the bag and shoes matching; if you match your shoes with your bag, you will make this outfit look too dressy, which is not something you should do if you want to wear this short orange dress from office to street. Match your bag with the dress instead.

Ps. There are a few other reasons why you shouldn’t match your purse with the shoes when wearing an orange coral dress, too.


I already briefly mentioned what hairstyle you should have when wearing this mini coral orange dress with black slippers and top handle bag from street to work and back, furthermore to the party. Still mentioning it again since you can’t really see the pearl hair clip I wear in the back.

Anyway, your hair should be somewhat chic yet ladylike. I know, it’s easy for me to say this now when I wear fringe and have a stash of pearl hair accessories. But you can get a pearl hair clip for as little as $5. Or even less.

Check the widget below. I even added some stylish hairbands that would work well with this coral orange dress. But be sure to check more hair accessories that are fashionable this season in the hair accessory trend report.

Lastly, the makeup. I decided to match my makeup with the dress and put some orange shades on my face. Not too much, though. Just to bring some summer colour around my eyes.


While this is the ultimate way to make this short orange dress appropriate for any occasion, you can always down-dress it to make it look more casual. Or put on heels, swap the bag and make it look more dressy. Anyway, be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how to do both. By the way, do you have an orange dress already or did you read this article just to see if an orange dress is worthy of buying?