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From the Best Christmas 2020 Song to the Most Stylish Outfit

We are months away from Christmas 2020 and yet are already thinking about the best 2020 December party theme, the best Christmas gifts, the most delicious Christmas Cookies to bake this year. The Christmas songs we will all be listening when decorating the Christmas tree. Wait! Do you know what were the Christmas trends for 2019 and what are 2020 Christmas trends predictions? How to decorate your Christmas tree in 2020 and what to wear to the Christmas Dinner and holiday office party? No? Don’t worry, I have you covered on this! My Christmas Trend Report and Magical Holiday Guides are here. Scroll down!

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Sure, after reading the Christmas Decor trend report (here) you already know how to decorate your Christmas tree for these holidays. What you might not know yet, is what to put under the Christmas tree and how to throw the best party of the season.

Well, here are all 2020 Christmas trends that you should know. From the most wanted 2020 Christmas gifts to the most popular 2020 Christmas songs, best Christmas party themes, fashionable holiday season makeup and hair looks. Furthermore the most stylish holiday party dress and the most fashionable party shoes.

Plus, Christmas markets around the globe to visit, hot drinks to try, cookies to bake, and things to wish for.

Ps. The 2020 Christmas trend report is hyperlinked. Click inside pink brackets to shop while drinking that hot pink latte.


So, are you ready? Then let’s set up the Christmas tree, light the candles, put on the red lipstick and sparkly dress and make the Holiday season begin. All over again!




Wait, there is more you need to know this Holiday season.





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Too many people on your gift list this year? Don’t worry. I know what to give to each of them. Even to those who are hard to be surprised – see here and those who like funny Christmas gifts.

Click here to see what to give to your mom – that she will actually use. Next, find the best gift for your boss – even the grumpy one. Last but not least, see Christmas gifts for friends who don’t like makeup, and girls who want to travel in 2021.

If you don’t want to spend more than $50 on a gift but want to give a gift that comes from designer brands – check my favourite little luxury gifts for everyone on your list.


Want to see more fashionable outfits for holiday season 2020? Here they are.

As you need to come home for the Christmas first, a few tips on what to wear to the airport to travel like a fashion blogger this year. Check them out over here.

Once home, click here to see what to wear for Christmas carolling or any outdoor party this winter.

Next, see what to wear for Christmas brunch. And here to see what to wear for a formal Christmas dinner party.

Also, find out what to wear for the 2020 Holiday work party.

Last but not least, see what to wear for New Year’s Eve party.

Ps. Also check tips on where to get last-minute party dress on Christmas Eve or a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve.


I bet you were like “WTF is planet makeup” when you went through the 2020 Christmas trend report earlier. Well, in short, it’s just makeup in the colours of planets in our solar system.

Browse through the widget below to see/shop all the makeup products you need for the planet makeup look.



Another fashionable 2020 holiday makeup is lip gloss and liner. And sequins, of course.



Indeed, glitter is back in style! Your festive makeup should sparkle, but only in one area. The key is to target only one area. I will post more about how to do the holiday makeup this December soon.

Meanwhile, prep yourself and get all the makeup you will need for the look I will show you in a few days. Also, be sure to get a new red lipstick for the perfect, magic kiss under the mistletoe.



Brunette from Wall Street 2020 holiday eye makeup trends in fashion


As it goes to the hair, braids are very stylish this Christmas. But not more than pearl and gem hair accessories. Ps. be sure to click here to see all hair accessories that are in style for Christmas 2020.

Brunette from Wall Street autumn winter 2020 hair accessories Dior bell hat Eugenie bow headband


Worried to empty your bank account this Christmas? Don’t worry. It’s sale season. And Boxing Day Sales 2020 are supposed to be better than ever. Check the list of the stores that have the best Boxing Day deals and take a look at the best Boxing Day Buys over here.

Brunette from Wall Street Boxing Day sales end of the year sale Bottega Veneta bag Bottega Veneta pillow pumps Mac lipsticks


Believe it or not, but the most popular party during holiday season 2020 won’t be the galaxy cocktail party at the Rockafeller but the cookie exchange party. Astrology themed cookie exchange party, of course.

Other two trending party themes for holidays 2020 are disco Christmas party theme and a hip-hop Christmas party.


Christmas party without Christmas songs is no party if you ask me. Here are the songs you should add on your Christmas playlist this year. Taylor Swift “Christmas Tree Farm”, Katy Perry “Cozy Little Christmas”, Little Mix “One I’ve Been Missing”, Jonas Brothers, “Like It’s Christmas”. And two more: John Legend feat. Kelly Clarkson “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, Alessia Cara “Make It To Christmas”.

That is it – the list of 2020 best Christmas songs. You can download my 2020 Best Christmas playlist over here. Don’t forget to turn on the repeat button.

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So these are all 2020 Christmas trends you should know. For now. Be sure to sign up for the article-update alert (click the little bell in the right corner of your desktop) to get notified once I update this post. Yes, this Christmas Trend Report will get a few updates with a few more useful tips that will help you live through 2020 holiday season in style and no stress. Thank god it’s not Christmas 2020 yet!