AW 2018/19 Autumn Winter 2018-19 Animal Prints fashion report


The list of all prints and patterns that are in Fashion this season

Animal print, jungle print, stripes, face, logos, plaid, checks, polka dots, florals, tie-dye … We can see so many prints on the street right now. But do you know what prints are in fashion for autumn winter 2018/19? What is the most fashionable print this fall that everyone chic wears now and will be wearing for the next few months? Stripes are long gone. Believe me, the IT print of AW 2018/19 will surprise you.

As promised in my recently published Autumn Winter 2018/19 Colour Report, new week brought new Trend Report. This time the Autumn Winter 2018/19 Print report. It’s time you finally find out all about the mix of prints we are wearing this fall and winter.

And yes, I’m sharing the entire list of all, but seriously all, patterns and prints that are in fashion for fall winter 2018/19. Moreover, I’m also sharing what to buy in specific print. Because you know, not every print looks great on everything. You wouldn’t wear a head on toes, would you? Just kidding. But honestly, the head print is a somewhat tricky print to wear.

So what prints are new for AW 2018/19 then? These … you know what? Just check the list of all prints that are in fashion for autumn winter 2018/19.

Ps. Be sure to save, pin and print all the print cheat sheets. You know, to remind you what prints are in style for fall winter 2018/19.


To recap, prints that are in fashion for autumn/winter 2018/19 are plaid (tartan), polka dot, animal prints (leopard print, snake print, zebra print), mock croc-effect, checks, tie-dye, patchwork, fall florals – florals on dark background, 40s florals, scarf print, logo, art print (headprint) and lastly vertical stripes.


Starting with the vertical stripes. Since this print won’t be in style the entire season. Even so, if you are reading this Print trend report for autumn winter 2018/19 in October, it’s still in fashion. And you can wear it like this with a trench coat.


The most fashionable plaid print comes in red this season. However, tartan in nebulas blue, quetzal green and red pear is trendy too. Ps. If you don’t know what colours I’m talking about be sure to check my AW 2018/19 Colour Report too! Find it here.

What to get in plaid? Anything! But if you can only afford one thing, then let it be a plaid double blazer. Or plaid oversized blazer. You can wear it like this or like that.


You will find out about the difference between the gingham and checks in the following article – Which prints from SS 18 are still in and which are out. All you need to know now, is what to shop in this fall winter 2018/19 print. Find and shop my favourite checked items in the widget below.

By the way, you know you can shop everything from these print reports simply by clicking inside the pink box, right? A link will take you to the store where you can buy the clicked item.



Polka dots are still rather small for fall winter 2018/19. But they will get more significant by the end of the season. Because guess what? This is the print that will be stylish next season too! So make sure you shop it now. Believe me, these are the pieces that will be in style for the next 10 months for sure.


Ps. Stock in black and white polka dots. This print will sell out fast. In fact, all the fashion IT girls have piles of clothes and accessories in this print already. Ever since we saw it on Burberry, Carolina Herrera, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Koché and Rejina Pyo S/S 19 fashion show.





Are you a leopard, snake, cow or a zebra? You will be a bird the next season, but for now, the leopard print is the must-have print for autumn/winter 2018/19. So be sure to check my leopard shopping list over here to find all the most fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories in the leopard print. And of course, few tips on how to wear this edgy print.


To learn more about the snake print go over here.

Before we head on the other fashionable AW 2018/19 print, there are still few things about the animal print you need to know. As said, the most fashionable of them all is the leopard print. But wait! Not the classic brown and beige leopard print. No! The most stylish animal prints actually come in red or any other fashionable colour from the AW 18/19 Colour palette.


Nevertheless, for the new season (spring summer 2019) the animal print is going back to the original colours. So getting a leopard dress in the leopard colours as I did (this one here) or a cow print might still be a better choice. Besides these are classic prints that keep coming back on the runways.



Forget the 60s florals we wore in summer. This fall we are wearing 40s floral print. And yes there is a difference between the 40s and 60s floral print. The difference between 40s floral print and the 60s floral print is in the colours and artistic rendering. While the 60s florals are more subtle (remember the Prairie blouse I wore here?). The 40s florals are more vibrant and not as realistic as the 60s florals.


My favourite floral print. The dark fall florals. Fall floral print is floral print on a dark background. It’s decadent and can be worn from morning till the next morning. Ps. I’m sharing how to wear a chic fark floral shirt dress with fashionable white mock croc cowboy boots over here.


Mentioning the white croc cowboy boots, the mock croc effect is in style for fall winter 2018/19 too. Technically it’s not a print but a pattern. Nevertheless, I’m mentioning here as well as it’s also fashionable this season to be overlooked.

So, get a pair of shoes or a bag in this chic and fashionable fall pattern. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


We wore it in summer already, we are wearing it now, and we will wear it the next season too. Tie-dye is undoubtedly the IT print this season. And yes, this print is announcing that the 70s are coming back for spring summer 2019. But since we are still far from summer 2019, you should get these tie-dyed items from the widget below.


Another print, well more a pattern to be exact, that is in fashion now and will be in fashion the next season too is the patchwork. Personally not my favourite, but I like the way Maison Christian Dior did it for fall/winter 2018/19.


If you are a Zara girl, then you already know how fashionable this print is for AW 2018/19.


Like art print wasn’t edgy enough, this season it’s tough to say what art prints are in style. All but one. Everything is clear when it comes to the head print. Yes, you read it right. The most fashionable art print for fall/winter 2018/19 is head print.


We are ending this Print Trend Report for autumn/winter 2018/19 with the most powerful print of the season. Powerful because of its meaning and legacy obviously. There is no fashion brand which wouldn’t print its logo on the garments this season. From Luis Vuitton to Escada, everyone wants you to wear their name.

So what name are you wearing this season? Can you guess what fashion team am I in?


I briefly mentioned some of the prints that are in style now and will be in style for the next season too. However, listing them again. The prints that are in fashion for AW 18/19 and will still be in fashion for SS 19 are animal prints (especially leopard and cow print), polka dots, tie-dye, art (even the heads but not so much as in AW 18/19) and logos.


Wondering which is the most fashionable print for autumn/winter 2018/19? The winner is quite obvious, don’t you think? It’s the cow print. It’s fashionable now, and it will be fashionable for spring summer 2019. Go here to read more about cowhide print now. Although we must admit, the tie-dye is legit too.


This was the second part of the Autumn Winter 2018/19 fashion report. There are still 4 parts of the fall winter 2018/19 fashion report you need to see before the wrap. The list of all fashion trends for autumn/winter 2018/19. Anyway, while we are working on the Fabric Report, Styling Report and Details Report, you can read Silhouette Report here and the Colour Trend report over here. And get a fashion cheat sheet with all the SS18 prints that are in and out for autumn winter 18/19 over here.

By the way, what print are you wearing this season? What is your favourite Autumn Winter 2018/19 print? And how are you wearing print in AW 2018/19? Are you going for the pattern mix or all over print this fall? Or no print at all?