Having a business meeting and a work party today? Wear this!

Having a busy day ahead? Finishing the work project in the morning, leading an important business meeting in the afternoon, and going to the work party at the office rooftop in the evening? Plus you still don’t know what to wear today? Don’t worry! You got this! You can nail it all today! Starting with your outfit! Yes, I found a perfect summer work outfit for you that you can wear for the meeting and the work party afterwards. It’s a blazer with a dress and shoes that will change their shape for the business party. Sounds amazing, right? That’s because it is. And so are you!

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I know, you probably want to practice your pitch a little bit more while still in your pyjamas or need to make yourself another cup of coffee, so let us head straight to today’s outfit.

As said before, if you have a business meeting and a work party on your agenda today, you should wear this chic work to a party outfit. A black blazer, work dress and slingbacks.

A blazer that you can take off if it gets hot in the boardroom. And chic slingbacks that you can turn into the most stylish party shoes before the work party. Furthermore, a fashionable dress that is work appropriate yet fun and flirty if you are looking for a summer work romance.

But what blazer, what dress, and where the hell you can get a pair of shoes that transform their shape on time for work party? Here is what, how and where.


This collage is hyperlinked so if you don’t have a perfect black blazer, and a stylish work dress yet, you can shop them both with one click. Two actually. You need to click on the dress and the blazer separately.

And yes, the pink Prada bag and the black slingbacks are hyperlinked too. Ps. These slingbacks are those magic, transforming work to party shoes that I mentioned earlier. Yes, they can truly change their shape on time for the party. Showing you how in a bit. But first, shop and save this outfit. Ps. Pinterest button is in the left bottom corner.

If you are already running late and only have a few minutes left to see how to wear the same outfit, minus the blazer, for the after-work party scroll down now. But keep reading if you want to find out more about the blazer, dress and slingbacks. I know, the slingbacks are the most intriguing thing about this summer work to party outfit today.


First, the blazer. You know this blazer well already since it’s my business staple. Yes, even in summer. Although not as much as during the rest of the year. I tend to wear more colourful or white blazers in the summer. However, not for a day like this.

You know, black makes us more fierce, and if you have the slightest doubt in yourself, put on something black. For sure you will feel much more capable and powerful the minute you put it on.

My black office blazer comes from Juicy Couture. Yes, that Juicy Couture. Unfortunately, this blazer is out of stock now. But I found a similar one over here. A bit pricy but totally worthy of a splurge. You will be able to wear it for ages. As you know, I wear mine on and on and with basically everything.


Remember this pink dress? Yes, it’s the same dress I wore for my friend’s wedding. Anyway, you can shop for a similar business party over here.

Ps. If you don’t like the ruffles that much, be all trendy work dresses of summer 2023. And this pink ruffle dress is only one of them.


Finally, the magic transforming slingbacks. This black slingbacks come from Ganni (buy here) and have the ties that you can wear in two different ways. Tied in a bow in the back, like in the first collage; or tied around your ankle like in the second collage. See? I told you, these Ganni slingbacks are the best work to party shoes.

Wear the bow in the back 9-5 and untie it right before the party. Well, you can leave it like this for the work party too. But better tie the ties around the ankles for the party. This way everyone will think you got changed for the party. Yes, you will hear whispers like: “When the hell did she have time to change her outfit?”


You don’t need to change the bag, though. Not if you come to the office with a medium-size bag that has a top handle and a chain strap. Like this Prada bag. My See by Chloe bag doesn’t have it, so I had to swap my bag for another pink bag with a chain shoulder strap.

Ps. You can shop Prada bag here or get this mini-chain shoulder bag and put it into your desk drawer to take it out only for work parties.


And here it is. The same outfit, but updated for the summer office party. Same as before, this fashion cheat sheet is hyperlinked too. Still, apart from the Chanel bag, there is nothing new in this collage.
So, if not already, shop this outfit now.


See, one problem solved. Now get dressed. And remember you got this! You can do it all today. Plus have a great time at the after-work party. Just don’t celebrate too much if you have to go to work tomorrow. By the way, do you like the Ganni slingbacks better with the bow at the back or ties wrapped around the ankles? Up next: trendy summer business outfit ideas.