Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018

THE EDIT – PARIS Spring Summer Fashion Week


You know what they say, the one who waits get’s to see the best. My #PFW Edit you have been waiting since you saw me taking the plane to Paris is finally here. Yes, my round up of my first Spring Summer Fashion Week in Paris is here. All about my favorite shows I have seen, sweet sticks I found at the presentations, dozens of macarons I ate for the first time, Paris in autumn and your favorites, gossips from Costes and Cafe de Flore. Oh and of course fashion, fashion, and trends.

Again, as it happened after my very first fashion week last March and the last Haute Couture Week in June, I’m still not on track with anything after a week. And this time is even worse than it was in June. You know, when I ate so many desserts and drank so many glasses of champagne, and I couldn’t go back on my healthy diet for weeks.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 street style

Ps. in case you missed the Edit about Haute Couture Week from June, be sure to check it later over here to find out how to I get my invitations to the fashion week in the first place.

As said, this time is even worse. And yes, the midnight sorbet at Hotel Costes, morning champagne at Cafe de Flore, Sunday brunch at Cafe de la Paix, and of course ice cream and macarons at Laduree included. But before I tell you all about my sweet and fashion sins and Parisian gossip we need to talk fashion.

Paris Eiffel Tower


Believe it or not, the next, spring summer 2018 fashion trends, seem so vague to me. In short, I wasn’t impressed to see many designers decided to stick to the success of the white mules and stripes. Yes, the stripes are still on and only slightly different. Moreover, apart from the plastics, slim silhouette (yes, it’s finally back here), fringe and feathers, the new slips, puff shoulders and pencil skirts, there were only a few other things that overwhelmed me.

Surely I will write more about that in my future posts HERE as I know you are far more concerned about what to wear now. Ps. in case you missed my autumn winter 17/18 fashion report with all the fashion trends, go and check them out here. After you finish reading this Edit of September 17 Paris Fashion Week of course.


After seeing several fashion shows and visiting a bunch of presentations I realized, there are flashes of spring summer 2018 fashion trends already there on my blog. You know what I mean. The feathers of course. Check here to see how to wear them on the street now.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 street wear


Before I share all the details about the Paris fashion week, I simply must stop at Dior. As you probably already know, Dior is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. And everyone in Paris seems to be celebrating with Dior. As you saw on my Insta stories, I visited two Dior exhibitions on Monday. One at Musée des Arts Décoratifs and the other one at Galeries Lafayette that just ended yesterday. Don’t worry I took many photos at that exhibition and I will share all of them with you in a special blog post. Oh and this Dior balloon. No words needed, you know I love air balloons almost as much as I love Dior.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street on Dior I feel Blue exhibition at les Galeries Lafayette


Finally, all about the Spring Summer 2018 Paris Fashion Week

As said I visited many fashion shows and presentations this fashion week. Far more than during the last two fashion weeks. You know, I’m still a baby blogger and being organized and sticking to the agenda during the fashion week sounds way much easier than it really is. Believe me, getting an invitation to the fashion shows is way much easier than actually going to all of them. Especially if you get sick as I did.

Well yes, if you remember I was supposed to join my friends in Paris on Tuesday, at the beginning of the Paris fashion week, but had to change my flight ticket twice! So instead of Tuesday and Thursday, I flew to Paris on Saturday. I still regret missing all those fashion shows on Thursday when I was fully booked. Also, writing about my regrets, I wish to thank for all the invitations to the shows and parties I couldn’t go.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 street look


As said, I arrived in Paris in the middle of fashion week, right on time for four after parties that day. And yes, obviously I was late for the first two parties as it took me almost one hour to get through the customs (oh please remind next time I go to the fashion week, that flying from nonSchengen airports is not a good idea). Anyway, I was slightly late for the third party too as I had only fifteen minutes to check in the hotel and get dressed. Luckily uber came fast, so I was only fashionable late that night.

Nevertheless, if you checked my Insta Story on Saturday night, you saw those two parties were more than parties. There were small fashion shows at both parties too. At the first cocktail party/show which was going on in some surprisingly not so small Parisian flat on the Rue de Rivoli, we could see work of few different designers from USA, Italy, Seoul, Sweden, and Emirates. I can’t say they really impressed me. But I did like few pieces from two American designers.

The second party I went on Saturday was … Well, actually I don’t know how to describe it. It was impressive for sure. Although it was more about the performance than the clothes, to be honest. And the underground fashion people you would see at Les Olympiades (13th) rather than in Le Marais.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 street style


Like in my previous fashion week EDIT, I decided to feature only two fashion shows and two fashion presentations.

Surely, I had to feature only two fashion shows in my previous EDITs as I only went to see two fashion shows, but this time I simply can’t squeeze all of them in my agenda. You do prefer to read and see what to wear now, right?

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018


MASHAMa’s show was the one I saw first. The collection, presented at Palais de Tokyo, was an ode to the film 2046. There was this cyber cinematic vibe that peeked through the glitch patterns, irregular pleats, and prints, tech textiles, and materials. Although I’m not really a fan of anything too futuristic I was impressed by MASHAMA’s staple tailoring combined with the high tech, outwear garments.


If you have been following for a while now, then you should remember the Moon Young Hee’s fashion show was the very first fashion show I visited as a fashion blogger back in March. Therefore I was delighted to see the newest collection of this South-Korean designer who is known for her clean silhouettes and innovative volumes again. And once again I fell in love with her designs and spotted too many items I would love to wear.


Unfortunately, I can’t show you what I wore to the fashion shows. Simply because there was no one to take photos of me. I didn’t want to bother my French friends, and I was too lazy to take photos by myself. I really wasn’t in a mood to do all the shootings by myself. Remember the struggles I had during Autumn Winter fashion week back in March? In case you forgot how I tried to keep my balance while standing on the slippery cubes at Jardin Royal in my otk boots while holding the umbrella in one hand and remote in other, then you must check that blog post over here.

Besides I could have never walked 18 km in a day with a tripod on my shoulders. No, I didn’t forget to write a comma between the digits. I really did walk 18 kilometers on Sunday, and then 16 kilometers on Monday. After all that macarons I had on my Sunday brunch there was no other thing I could do.


Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 street look

Whatsoever, back to the outfits. As said I can’t show you the legit photos of me in Paris wearing what I wore to the fashion shows. But I did make a Parisian collage (Carmen, sweetie don’t get mad for stealing your idea) with the photos I took while walking around and the same outfits I wore in Ljubljana a week before (all those outfits are coming up on my blog shortly). Oh and I also added all the shoes I wore during the Paris Fashion Week in the widget below. As stated, these shoes are made for walking. Tested! Also, not to forget, you can check what I wore to the airport over here.


Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street on Paris fashion week spring summer 2018


I already mentioned I have been to many fashion presentations. One even in the presidential suite. However, it didn’t impress me so much as the other two I must not forget to mention before we head on to the gossip and macarons. The ESCADA and Giancarlo Petriglia.


Giancarlo Petriglia luxury bags


As you remember, I first learn about Giancarlo Petriglia’s luxurious and glamorous bags in March when I visited his presentation for the first time. You know that playful luxury collection stole my heart the minute I touched the soft leather, saw those two little griffins by the handle and played with the bags. Oh those cute eyes, that blink when you open and close the bag. Not to say anything more, the Spring Summer collection Flow was beautiful. Oh and I met the designer himself.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street on Paris fashion week spring summer 2018

Escada Spring Summer 2018

Lastly, the ESCADA. And no, Slovenian girls, not that Escada you used to know. The Escada I got to know is completely different, modern and in short, so me. There are so many beautiful designs I saw at the presentation I wish I could take back with me the minute I saw them. You can see few of them in the gallery below. Yes, only a few, because there were too many to publish them all in this blog post. Find more here.


Well, I already mentioned what’s coming next.

Finally the gossip, you have been waiting to read the entire post. Ups, sorry I don’t have any really good gossip for you this time. Apart from my dear friend Stella, who I caught for a minute, just to touch her baby bump, at Escada’s presentation and Chriselle eating her salmon and blinis at hotel Costes, I didn’t see anyone familiar. Nor didn’t catch any good gossip. I guess everyone was either sick and tired or drunk and just couldn’t wait to go back to the hotel after all the events. You can add me to the second group. Well in first too, because I really felt sick of all that sugar and champagne.




I probably don’t even need to say what I was doing in between the shows. And no I don’t refer drinking as I only drink during work time since I became a blogger. You know free bubbles and buzz. Surely those three glasses of champagne I had at the brunch on Sunday don’t count. Yes, I went to the grand Sunday brunch at the Cafe de la Paix again. And this time I simply couldn’t move away from the dessert table. I really don’t know what possessed me. In the end, I ended up with 8 macarons in my hand.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street Paris fashion week spring summer 2018 street style

Actually, this was my first time eating the entire macaron. I had a half of macaron with the ice cream at Laduree in the summer, and a little crumble two years ago, but I never actually ate the entire macaroon. Until this brunch. And I loved them. Omg, I still can’t believe what a pleasure I deprived myself of. Although I must say, after trying 6 different macarons at Laduree the following day, I felt disappointed. Yet I can’t say whether I simply got sick of the macarons or the ones from Cafe de la Paix are better. Whatsoever, I’m done with the macarons and sugar. Forever. Why? You will have to check my 5 answers here.


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