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Last Minute 4th of July Outfits

And the Fashion Trend You Didn't See Coming

Forget the bold, kitschy 4th of July outfits you used to get on the street just before the beginning of the celebrations every independence day. This year your last minute 4th of July outfits are going to be not only true to the national colours and patterns but also fashionable and sophisticated. Yes, you read that right. 2018 July the 4th fashion trends say the patriotic style has to be elegant too.

Brunette from Wall Street What to Wear 6 4th of July outfits you will wear all summer long

Still don’t know what to wear this independence day? Don’t worry you came to the right place … as guess what? I found just the outfit you wanted to wear this 4th of July! Well, outfits actually.

Since so many of you asked me what I would wear for 4th of July celebration if I were in New York this week, I decided to make this last minute 4th of July EDIT with 6 different 4th of July outfits you can wear for any 4th of July celebration. Truly for any celebration that will go on this independence day. Either a picnic in the park, street parade, party on the beach, elegant tea party, dinner party or a concert.

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Anyway, before we head on to your 4th of July fashion cheat sheet (you know the EDIT) with 6 the most fashionable independence day outfits, just a little stop at the 2018 July the 4th fashion trends.

So what is in fashion for 2018 independence day? Nothing surprising at the first glance since 2018 fashion trends actually match the 4th of July theme. Ps. In case you missed my 2018 SS Fashion Report be sure to check it here to see all the summer fashion trends. And yes, those photos below are a quick preview. Just to refresh your memory.

Anyway, back to the July the 4th fashion trends. As said, there is nothing surprising about the colours and patterns this year. What is more surprising is the style that is in fashion for this independence day. Forget the silly 4th of July outfits you used to see everywhere. This year is all about sophisticated patriotic style. Yes, your 4th of July style should be sophisticated this year.



Not sure how you could make your national colours, stripes and stars sophisticated? Leave this to me then. Although as said, since stripes have been here for almost 2 years now and we wore stars (the galactic trend, remember?) last season, this shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Besides you just saw me in the red and white outfit recently, over here.

Nevertheless to save your time since this is the last minute already, here is what I would wear if I were in New York this week.

What to Wear 4th of July FOR ANY 2018 CELEBRATION Brunette from Wall Street


Finally, time for the EDIT, your ultimate 4th of July’s fashion cheat sheet and 6 different patriotic outfits that will make you shine more than all the stars on the flag.
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And yes, this EDIT is as usually shoppable too. Which means you can shop everything you see in this EDIT simply by touching/clicking inside the pink frames. Ps. Pink frames framing all the items will pop up once you touch/click on the EDIT.

Or simply look for the items you spotted first in the EDIT in those galleries later in the post. Either way, you are only one click away from your 4th of July outfit.


Oh and be sure to share this EDIT with your friends too. I’m sure they will appreciate if you do. Ps. You can even slip it into the envelope together with the invitation to your independence party.

Also don’t forget to pin, save or print this EDIT to make sure you remember how to wear these outfits again. And no, not for the next year, but next week. As said, all these outfits are in fashion all summer 2018 long.

Brunette from Wall Street How to dress up for 2018 4th of July


What to Wear 6 best patriotic outfits 4th of July #1 Barbeque

Remember my first spring picnic this year? See here if you missed it. I wore that elegant short red dress, a dangling belt, white pumps and blue denim jacket which happen to be a perfect 4th of July picnic outfit. Since you probably won’t need an extra layer, you can swap the blue denim jacket for some blue hair accessory this time. Or even better blue nail polish, making your patriotic nail art sophisticated this year as well. Oh, and you might want to swap pumps for chic white boots.


Chloe white boots, red dress, American flag, striped basket bag, star dangling belt with text overlay What to Wear 6 bes patriotic outfits 4th of July #1 picnic


Only two words striped bikini. I just published my beach to bar guide, showing you how to wear red and white striped one side shoulder bikini top and polka dot bikini bottom for a beach party. Just swap the polka dot bikini for star print or metallic glitter bikini bottom, and you are ready for 4th of July party on the beach.


See more beach to bar outfits over here. There are few stargazed and striped looks over there that I’m sure you will love too.


You probably guessed this one is my favourite as you know how much I love tea parties. Unfortunately, you can’t wear tweed this time. It is summer after all. Besides a nice flounced summer dress looks elegant too. To make this look even more girly, add a star pin in your hair. Ps. Wear stripes on your shoes this time. You know to balance the girly vibe and turn it into a chic 4th of July look. That striped mules are just perfect match to any cocktail A-style dress. Yes, you can wear a blue dress with red shoes. After all, it’s 4th of July!




There is only one dress I wish to wear for any dinner parties this summer. And it happens to have stars too. It’s this Self-portrait dress. Isn’t it just gorgeous? It’s elegant, stargazed and so fashionable.
Don’t worry, if I stole your size, there are few other stargazed dresses in the gallery too. Oh, I almost forgot to add few stripes to this look. Go for striped underwear this time. The dress is sheer so a stripe or two might be seen under. Or simply pin 13 bobby pins in your hair.


White t-shirt, blue midi skirt, american flag, cowboy boots with text overlay What to Wear 6 best patriotic outfits 4th of July #5 street parade


Not the last, the street parade. Leaving the tackiest 4th of July look for the last. So how to look fashionable and sophisticated for the street parade? My advice, wear a white t-shirt and blue midi skirt. Sounds familiar? Perhaps because I wore this look last summer (here). Don’t worry, it’s still in style. Ha, but you know this already you read my Summer Fashion Report, right?


Anyway, to make this sophisticated look fit for the parade, you need to style it with a stargazed or striped bag, white Western boots and red nail polish.

What to Wear 6 best patriotic outfits 4th of July #6 concert


You know what, I changed my mind. This one is my number one. Not only I love concerts, I love rompers too. The playsuits are so chic and so fashionable this summer. Get a red romper and wear it with the blue belt bag. And sleek white blazer when it gets cold. See how to wear the same romper for your summer vacations here.


What to Wear best 4th of July outfits


So this is what I would wear for July the 4th this year. I hope you found your 4th of July outfit here. Remember, this year is all about sophisticated patriotic style. By the way, how are you celebrating this 4th of July?

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