Escada Black and White Checked Blazer

#PFW Finds: ESCADA Spring Summer 2018

Escada Spring Summer 2018 Track Pants

Escada in Paris 2018

Remember I told you I found some beautiful fashion pieces in old Parisian flats during recent Fashion Week? Well, it’s time for me to share my findings with you. Starting with ESCADA Spring Summer 2018 Collection. Yes, ESCADA, that timeless luxury brand known for the silver buttons, beautiful knits and edgy prints, totally overwhelmed me.

Knowing my style, founding out that I fall in love with ESCADA’s Spring Summer 2018 collection probably doesn’t surprise you that much. Especially not, after you see my favourite pieces of this collection.

Escada Black and White Checked Blazer


I love how Escada captured that je m’en fous (remember I told you how much I love this mood in my previous post – 5 things about me over here), nonchalant spirit and brought into it’s simple, chic yet elegant designs. Sounds like something I love to wear, right?

Especially all those clothes in fresh hues. I simply can’t wait to wear those stunning pantsuits. You know what I mean? Remember how I wore the white suit last summer? Well, it seems I will look even chicer in spring summer 2018. I already see myself in that chic, vibrant blue blazer and slim tapered leg pants in a matching colour. And all those track pants from ESCADA Sport. Won’t I look just stunning wearing those track pants from above with a pastel blazer and white pumps or rose gold sandals?

And these sneakers. No worrds needed, right?

Escada Embellished White Leather SneakersEscada Millennium Pink Leather Sneakers


Surely, you guessed my favorites pieces from Escada Spring Summer 2018 Collection are blazers and pants (both the tapered pants and track pants). But I saved the best for the end. The leather dress and well, more blazers and pants. Oh and those amazing bags with adaptable strap.

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Escada Blue Sequin Evening DressEscada Tote BagsEscada Red Evening Gown


Honestly, ESCADA surprised me with its latest collection. Surely, I was always astonished by ESCADA’s details, luxury materials, and craftsmanship. But after seeing this Spring Summer 2018 collection in Paris, I can’t stop checking ESCADA’s online store. I just found some stunning. There are so many chic clothes out there waiting for me. And no, this post was not sponsored. I’m simply amazed seeing ESCADA taking a step further and making its timeless silhouettes fit for young millennials. Young 20-something lady bosses who want to look chic, attractive, and elegant. While expressing their cool, easy going mood all day long. From the office to the street. And club. You know what I mean.

Veronika Lipar

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