the EDIT - Paris Haute Couture July 2017

the EDIT – How I Got My Invitation to the Paris Haute Couture Week

the EDIT - Paris Haute Couture July 2017

Here it is the Exclusive Haute Couture EDIT you have been waiting the entire week. The round up of my first Paris Haute Couture week. All about how it was for me, a baby fashion blogger, to visit the Paris Haute Couture week, shows I saw, gossip from Paris. And the thing that keeps you wondering the most, how I got to one of the most exclusive fashion weeks of the year.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street in Turellies Garden between fashion shows

Honestly, after more than a week, well almost two, since I came back from Paris, I’m still not on track with … with anything sincerely. I still haven’t caught up on my sleep, and blogging as you have already noticed. Also, my detox plan is not in the full motion yet. I guess it will take me longer than I thought to go back to my healthy diet. Not surprising at all, after all that desserts, and champagne cocktails I had in Paris. Oh and the midnight sorbets at the Hotel Costes, Rouge framboise coupes glacées at Café de la Paix, and cheesecake at la Colette. It will take me months to get rid of all that alcohol and sugar.

Anyway, more about my sweet Parisian delights and gossip from Paris, later. Yes, I’m finally sharing you who was that Hollywood star that stopped by our table at Hotel Costes, as I promised in my previous weekly EDIT. Keep reading to find out.
By the way, mentioning the previous EDIT, be sure to check it, to find my favourites from the Anniversary Nordstrom sale.


So, what haute couture is on my blog now? As you know, I saw two haute couture shows, both on the third day of the Paris Haute Couture week. Both haute couture collections were beautiful, exceptional and breath taking. And I honestly can’t decide which one was my favourite. I’m like to blame my horoscope sign for being so indecisive. Yet, the truth is that I like to think of the overall experience. The atmosphere, the music, the room, the audience. At the end of the show, one ugly dress a girl in the first row wore, can spoil your experience. And no, I’m not saying this just like that, it actually happened to me.


Julien Fournié’s show was the one I saw first. First Oracle, as the designer named his autumn winter 2017/18 collection was presented at the de l’Oratoire du Louvre, a historic Protestant church on famous rue Saint-Honoré, across the street from the Louvre. The location seemed perfect for this show as the pompous church’s decor added the right glimpse of baroque to the designs.
Be sure to read all about this show, my favourite designs, and gossip from by the runway, in this blog post over here.


Dany Atrache Haute Couture AW 2017-18-42

The second fashion show I saw, took us on a journey back through the time. The autumn winter 2017/18 haute couture collection of Dany Atrache revealed the unconventional woman, opposing the dictates of fashion, who is free and even libertine. This collection seemed like magic. And the dashing designs made me lost in my emotions that can’t be described by words. Once you see the entire collection you will know what I mean. Find my favourite designs in the blog post about this haute couture show over here.



Unfortunately, I can’t show you what I wore to the fashion shows, as I didn’t ask my photographer to come to Paris with me. After taking those photos in the rain with a little help of the tripod between the shows, I was sure I can do all the photo shootings on my own. Moreover, in the outfits, I was to wear to the fashion show. But believe it or not, it’s way much easier to take the shoots in the rain than when it’s sweltering everywhere you go. Not mentioning, it would be impossible for me to carry the tripod and the camera around the Paris and take the photos by the entrance before the beginning of the fashion shows on my own.


Anyway, I do have some photos of my “between the shows” looks. My favourite look was the red one I’m wearing in the photos here. I told you I will wear red in Paris. I mean what fashionista would I be if I didn’t wear red in Paris.

Yet I didn’t go for the monochrome red outfit as I left my red shoes at home. Besides those rose gold sandals were a better choice for my evening photo shooting. Nevertheless, you can see me wearing this red romper with red shoes in Ljubljana if you check my Instagram profile (be sure to follow me to see my daily looks) and here with a bčazer and plexi pumps.


So you must be wondering what I was doing between the shows. Well, I already gave you a hint. Eating ice cream, drinking champagne, catching up with my old friends (I’m so happy I could go to lunch with my dear friend Stella) and making new friends at the after parties. Ps. If not for the fashion shows you should certainly go to the fashion weeks because of the fashion parties and other events. All you need one invitation. I’m sure you will find a way to get to the other parties after you get to your first one.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street wearing red romper in Paris during Paris Haute Couture Week

I finally went to the Café de Flore, you know the fashionistas hot spot, to the Colette and to the hotel Costes. As it goes to the Café de Flore, the food there truly isn’t tasteful. But still, we don’t go to the Café de Flore to eat but to talk fashion and meet other fashion bloggers and influencers. Same goes for the Collette bar and hotel Costes. Although I must say that sorbet at the hotel Costes was quite refreshing. Mentioning the hotel Costes, I still need to tell you who I saw there. I was grabbing your attention with this for a while, and it’s time I finally tell you who that Holywood star that stopped by our table, to say hello to my friend was. Well, it was Milla Jovovich.

Talking only about the food and drinks, you might think I did nothing else but hang in the restaurants and bars. Not that you are mistaken. I gained that kilogramme for a reason. And I don’t even want to think what would happen if I didn’t go for the shopping cardio, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much luck with my shopping.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street standing by the Eiffel Tower in the red outfit


While shopping the makeup and cosmetics at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche I needed, I somehow ended in the shoe department. And, fall in love. With that ugly Chanel’s. Correcting, not ugly anymore. I fall in love with those black pointed slingbacks. Surely you can imagine, I had my credit card ready before I even asked for my number. Unfortunately, I left the store empty handed as all of Chanel slingbacks in my size (both actually, the 36 and 36.5) were already sold. Moreover to make it even worse, everywhere in Paris. If only the size 37 would fit me. And I already saw myself wearing them on my march through the Paris.

Surely, as always, I did go on a march. Three times as a matter of fact. Although still couldn’t reach the goal of walking 30 km through the Paris in one day. I stopped, in the Aquazzura sandals (yes, those blue with high heels), by 17 km on my third day. Merely because I had a party to go to. But I’m sure I will reach my goal the next time. Well, perhaps not in the heels. I certainly don’t want to ruin my shoes.

Eiffel TowerFashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street in Turellies Garden between fashion shows


Talking about the shoes, I almost forgot to finally tell how I got to the Haute Couture being a baby blogger?

As you all know, this was my first Haute Couture I visited as a fashion blogger. Well, the first Haute Couture ever. As before being a legit fashionista I had no idea how to get to the exclusive fashion shows in Paris. Honestly, I still don’t know how to get to that so called fashion week in Slovenia. But you know what? I don’t care. I found my way to Paris Haute Couture Week. How exactly? By doing my best and getting the invitations. You didn’t think I sneaked in, did you?