Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street applying spf cream on face

The best SPF Face Creams for Sensitive Acne Prone Skin

What SPF for face is the best for acne prone skin and very light skin tone? If who, then it must be me, who knows the right answer. Yes, I know what SPF face cream is the best if you have acne-prone skin and/or very light sensitive skin that should turn red every time sun touches your nose. My skin is as fair and sensitive as porcelain, not to say translucent, yet it never turns red in the sun. I have never got a sunburn on my face. Why? Because I use the best 2 SPF for face under my makeup everyday. Yes, everyday, not just in summer. Scroll down to find out which SPF for face is the best – at least for fair acne prone skin. Ps. These 2 SPF face creams are the best for summer, too.

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Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street applying spf 50 cream on face


I genuinely hope you are not one of those people who use SPF face cream only in summer. Still, I don’t blame you if you are. After all, it’s not that easy to include an SPF sunscreen for face into your daily skincare routine. Most of SPF face sunscreen creams give us that heavy feeling, smell like, well like a sunscreen, and cause acne. Or at least make us think we got that new acne because of the SPF sunscreen that we used on our face.

Well, not the 2 SPF creams for the face I use. The 2 SPF creams for the face I use are easy to include in your daily skincare routine. They are light, you can wear them under the makeup, they don’t cause acne, are great for fair, sensitive skin, and what is more, they are SPF 50.

Furthermore, you can use these 2 SPF for face every day. At least I do. Both of them!

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street applying spf sunscreen on face


So what is the best SPF sunscreen for a face? What are those 2 SPF face creams that I use every day?

It’s these two: 1) Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield and 2) Giorgio Armani Maestro UV Makeup Primer (EU buy hereUS buy here). Surprised? Well, you might be. It’s not that these 2 SPF for the face are like ordinary sunscreen cream. They are much better. These 2 SPF for face not only protect your skin from the sun and pollution but also make your makeup and skin look better.

Ps. As mentioned earlier, I use both SPF for face under makeup. When I don’t wear makeup, I use only Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield, that’s part of my daily skincare and always in my capsule cosmetic bag.

Anyway, here’s more about why these 2 SPF for the face are the best for acne prone sensitive skin.

1 DIOR Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield SPF 50+ pa++++

Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield (buy here) is skin-breathable brightening emulsion with SPF 50+ pa++++ that I use every single day. It’s part of my daily skincare.

This amazing Dior formula, with patented technology, ensures broad-spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays.

What I love the most about this SPF face cream is its ultra-light texture. It feels like any other face cream; it’s not heavy or thick. And what is more, it leaves my skin well hydrated and radiant.

Truth be told, I don’t think my face actually needs all those other creams that I use before I apply Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield. Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield would probably be enough. Still, you know, I was convinced my skin needs 8 different creams every day. Who knows, maybe it does, but this SPF cream truly feels enough when I don’t wear makeup.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street spf sunscreen on hands


I never do my makeup before applying Giorgio Armani Maestro UV makeup primer SPF 50 (buy here).

We all need some primer for long-lasting makeup, so why not use a primer with SPF 50, right?

Giorgio Armani Maestro UV makeup primer SPF 50 is the best primer I have ever tried. It’s light, it actually feels and looks like milk, yet powerful. What is more, this makeup primer hydrates my skin, too.

I told you, it’s not like other SPF primers that make you feel like you were wearing a face mask. Giorgio Armani Maestro UV makeup primer SPF 50 has a skin-breathable texture that becomes one with the skin the moment you put it on.

The transparent anti-UVA/UVB filters penetrate the skin, absorb sun rays and combat pollution.

Two drops of Giorgio Armani Maestro UV makeup primer SPF 50 and my skin is protected, and I’m able to create the best makeup look.


Indeed, these 2 are the best sunscreen for acne prone skin, the best SPF 50 creams for sensitive skin. You can trust me on this. All in all, you have never seen me with a sunburned face. Or did you? You didn’t! Nor you will! I never leave my house without SPF 50 on my face. Ps. Sign up for a new blog post alert (click the little bell in the right bottom corner of your desktop) to find out what else is in my capsule beauty bag.