Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall wearing Max Mara coat, Ganni white cowboy boots, holding umbrella in rain in Stephansplatz in Wein Austria

#5 NEW Ways to Style White Cowboy Boots

Because white boots are still in fashion

I know, we have been wearing white boots for so long now that they feel outdated. Even those chic Ganni white cowboy boots that we bought yesterday. Only that it wasn’t actually yesterday but months ago. And we wore our white booties with everything already. Wait! Everything but this and that. Yes! I have 5 new ways to style white western boots to show you today. Or any other white booties. Because white boots are still in fashion.

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Let me guess, you are holding a pile of fashion cheat sheets in your hands right now. All with the Ganni white western boots. Our favourite white booties, obviously. And thinking you have seen all the ways to style white booties already. Well, guess what? You haven’t. There are 5 more fashion cheat sheets you can pin to your fashion outfit board. Or print and post on your wall.

Because no, we are not over the white booties yet. Believe it or not, there are so many ways to wear the white boots left for us. And all before the frost and slush. Ps. We will still be wearing these chic white cowboy boots then. Well, on the days off-white, when we will get tired of these boots.

Anyway, to get to the chase, otherwise, we might need to talk about those other winter boots first, here are 5 new ways to wear white booties this season.

Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall wearing white turtleneck kable knit sweater, Storets plaid tweed skirt, white Ganni ankle booties, crossing the street in Ljubljana


Ps. Save, pin and print all these fashion cheat sheets below. And better keep them close to your white ankle boots. You know, just to make sure you don’t toss your white booties away the next time you don’t know how to style them.

Another thing, these fashion cheat sheets are shoppable too. See that pink frame around your new crush? Click on it, and a link will take you to the store where you can shop it. Or browse through the widget under the collage and click on it there.




Starting with the turtleneck sweater and mini first. Just in case you don’t feel like wearing layers of clothes today. Ps. There is a similar outfit like this one, only with a yellow skirt, waiting for you over here. I wore my white cowboy boots with a yellow mini skirt and this turtleneck sweater for brunch once, remember?

Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall wearing Max Mara coat, Ganni white cowboy boots, holding umbrella and shopping bags in rain in Stephansplatz in Wein Austria




White booties are perfect shoes to wear with your princess coat. They give just the right punch of edge and fashion factor to this otherwise classic outfit. By the way, this was my on the go tourist outfit in Wein last week. You can check more photos from Weine on my Instagram and see/shop everything I wore in Wien on my page.



Well, this outfit is actually a mix of the first two. But hey, before you say I’m repeating myself, take a closer look! I swapped the sweater for a cardigan and wore it over the blazer. How chic is that? So chic! Answering myself, just to remind you that there is a new sweater in the town and it’s not even a sweater. But a cardigan.


Anyway, since I was forced to do the layering, which you know I hate more than anything, I wore a cardigan over the blazer this time. The key here is simply to match the colour of the cardigan with your boots. White on white! And layering feels much better. Plus, cowboy boots look different.

Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall wearing Harris Wharf London pink oversized coat, Ganni white cowboy boots, carrying pink Manner shopping bag eating Manner wafers on the street in Wein Austria



Another outfit I wore in Wien. Yes, I was walking around the Wien in my white cowboy boots from Ganni (shop here) almost the entire time. And yes, these boots passed the test. Double test in fact. I could walk around the city all day long (walked 10.1 km on Friday and 14.4 km on Saturday), plus drove all the way from home to Wien in these boots. Yes, these white boots are made for driving too. A little more than 4 hours in a row. And not only on the highway but on the slippery winding road too.


Anyway, back to this fashion cheat sheet and this chic outfit. I styled my white ankle boots with IT coat of the season. Don’t worry, more about this chic winter travel look is coming up on Brunette from Wall Street soon. In fact, you can expect a special roundup of all the ways to style this oversized pink coat soon.

Meanwhile, be sure to get this coat for yourself too. You can get it in 7 different colours here. Again, it’s the IT coat of the season. Sharing the spot with teddy coat (this one is my favourite) of course. Nevertheless, this coat is made of 100 % wool, and you can get it for less than $400 so, yes, it’s a must!





Best for the last. The cargo pants and cowboy boots. Ha, I bet you didn’t expect this outfit. But hey, it is so fashionable and unexpected that it turns out to be the chicest way to wear white booties this season. Check this outfit closer over here.

Ps. If you swap cowboy boots with these white booties from Stuart Weitzman (or these chic white ankle boots that are on sale now), it will look even better. Lisa and Jessica, thanks for this inspiration!


So these are my favourite new ways to style white booties. As said, I have been wearing my white cowboy boots for months now. And came up with a pile of style ideas for white boots. Remember the first time I wore my white cowboy boots? It was over here. It was casual and so f* chic I still can’t believe it was me sitting there on that rusty bench. Later on, I styled them with a dress (here) and … you know, I’m letting you explore my outfits on your own. By the way, which one of these 5 ways to wear white ankle boots is your favourite one?