Brunette from Wall Street what to wear to a sauna


What to wear to a sauna? What is an outfit for a sauna? Furthermore, what is the best sauna outfit? Can you go to the sauna naked? Do you have to go to the sauna naked? So many questions, right? But if you are planning for a last-minute spa weekend, you better learn sauna etiquette before you escape from the noise of day-to-day life to work on your wakefulness and finally take time to relax. Scroll down to find out what to wear to the sauna and where to shop for the best sauna outfit.

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Planning for a last-minute spa weekend or just taking a day off to go to the sauna and work on your wakefulness? Either way, we are ready with all the sauna essentials you will need for spa and sauna day.

And no, no swimwear is included in this edit. All in all, you are not allowed to wear swimwear in the sauna.

Can you wear swimwear to a sauna?

No, you can’t wear swimwear in a sauna. Wearing swimwear to a sauna can be harmful to you. But you might need swimwear for the cold bath after the dry sauna – preferably a crochet bikini.

Can you wear underwear to a sauna?

No one wears underwear to a sauna. You enter the sauna naked or wrapped in a towel.

Can you wear clothes in a sauna?

No, you can’t wear clothes in a sauna. But you can wear a towel.

Can you wear a robe in a sauna?

It’s better you don’t wear a robe in a sauna. Nevertheless, you need to put on a terry-cotton bathrobe as you exit the sauna, after you take a shower, and go to the resting area.

Do you have to go to the sauna naked?

No. You don’t have to be naked in the sauna.

Can you go to the sauna naked?

You can. Being nude in a sauna is natural. Nevertheless, you need a large towel to cover your sitting area.

What should a woman wear in a sauna?

towel wrap.

Can you wear shoes to a sauna?

No, you can’t wear shoes to a sauna. But you can wear spa slippers or slides in the resting area.

What shoes to wear to a sauna?

You can walk around the sauna world and the resting areas in spa slippers or fashionable woven slides. But you must enter the sauna barefoot.

What to wear to the sauna?

A sauna outfit. You enter the world of saunas – water circuit in a bathrobe over a towel wrap and spa slippers. You take off the bathrobe and the slippers as you enter the dry sauna. You enter the dry sauna wrapped in a towel.

After the cold shower or a short dip in the cold bath that should follow the dry sauna – the first stage of your sauna experience, slip into the slippers and put your bathrobe back on. Feel the comfort of your bathrobe as you relax in the resting areas.

Dare to bare and enter the hot steam bath naked. Or take the most of your new wrap towel and enter the hot bath wrapped in a towel. A proper sauna towel won’t be soaked at the end of your hot bath. It will be moist but not soaking wet.

What is an outfit for the sauna?

A sauna outfit consists of a towel wrap that you wear in a sauna and a bathrobe and spa slippers that you wear in the resting area. You also need a large towel to cover your sitting/resting areas in dry saunas.

What is the best sauna outfit?

Soft and relaxed, the best go-to-the-sauna pieces come in a warm palette of neutrals. Try out a towel wrap and a matching short cotton-terry bathrobe, perfectly balanced with understated tones of ivory, cream and beige.

Get a sauna towel with buttons and a pocket. The buttons will make sure you don’t have to worry about losing your towel, feel more relaxed, and focus on your mindfulness and wakefulness.

Look for a matching cotton-terry bathrobe with a hood and large pockets. Use pockets to store your sauna bracelet/card and scrunchie when you are in a sauna. Ps. Don’t fill your pockets with a mobile phone and snacks. You are not allowed to bring your mobile phone to the sauna area.


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