This Blog could be named Brunette from Oxford Street, or even better Brunette from Bond Street or Brune de Rive Gauche, as I love shopping in elegant boutiques and gracious living, but if I, by any chance, ever get bored of blogging I will most certainly become a Brunette from Wall Street. Undoubtedly, I will be the chicest trader at the NYSE, but by then my mission is to help you looking powerful, beautiful and fashionable on your daily way from home to work and around.


I started blogging a few months ago, more or less randomly, at the same time that I opened my first online store. The primary goal of my blog was to write about fashion, and most of all about lingerie to support my online store. As my online store grew, my blog had to come second, which made me feel uncomfortable and trapped in work that didn’t allow me to express myself.
Luckily, an opportunity to sell my business came all the sudden from distant lands. Relieved, but somehow heartbroken, I decided to let my first business baby go and sold my online store. After days of doing nothing else but playing golf and hard thinking while trying to get my ball out of the sand, I realised there are only two things I really want now, 1) to get that ball out of the sand and 2) to make something big out of my neglected blog. So, I decided to cut ends, go to the basics I know best and start blogging again.