ZOZOSUIT – The Polka Dot Suit That Will Make Your Online Shopping Easier

If you are afraid of shopping online because you never guess your size. Or if simply hate doing the measurements by yourself since you always end up wrapped in the measuring tape, then you need Zozo suit?


No, Zozo suit is not some new type of the skirtsuit or pantsuit we will wear this season. Even though there are plenty of new types of suits out there, Zozo is not one of them.

Zozosuit is some high tech bodysuit that helps you get your body measurements. Yes! As you read, this polka dot bodysuit, which is covered in 300 stretchable markers that Zozo app reads, can take detailed measurements of your body.

So what this means? In short, no more size and fit struggles when ordering online.

Just put on the suit, grab your phone, open the Zozo app and let the app take 12 photos of you. And capture where each unique dot is located in space.

From there on, the algorithm will process the particular data and triangulate a 3D rendering of your body. As said, based on where each unique white dot was captured in space.


Zozosuit was explicitly made for Zozo, private label brand of Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce marketplace, called Zozotown. You can get Zozosuit for free when you register at Zozo.

Ps. Zozo collection is available in 72 countries around the world.


Again, go here to find more information about Zozo and Zozosuit.

However, even though everyone is talking about Zozosuit, this is not the only type of high tech that makes your online shopping easier. Just open the app store on your phone and search through the shopping category. Also look for a fitting room, Styliff, my body measurements. Believe me; you will never order a wrong size again! By the way, how are you with ordering the right size? Do you often order the wrong size? I must brag I always shop the right size. But it’s easy for me. I just have to take the smallest size. Ps. If you absolutely hate shopping online, then you must read this.

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