Brunette from Wall Street the worst Valentines gifts for new girlfriend

Top 5 worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for a girl you have just met

Worst Valentine’s Day gifts here because Valentine’s Day 2024 is just a few kisses away. And now is the best time to shop for Valentine’s gift – Valentine’s gifts. The winter sales are still on, and the price of chocolates, perfumes and other best Valentine’s gifts haven’t risen yet. But wait, before you get your credit card out to splurge on the girl you have just met, here is something you need to read first. No, not every Valentine’s Day gift is a good gift for a girl you start dating recently.

This post is for you guys. Because I know you will make a huge Valentine’s Day gifting mistake unless you read this article. No, finding a perfect, the best Valentine’s Day gift for someone you have just met isn’t easy. And you can easily buy a bad Valentine’s Day gift. Especially if you are a guy. No offence guys, but it’s true.

But first things first;

Should I get my new girlfriend a Valentine’s gift if we have just started dating?

Yes, you should get your new girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift. Even if you just met her and you don’t even know her that good.
Moreover, you should get a Valentine’s Day gift even to the girl who is technically not your girlfriend yet. And yes, even if she is not that girl, your mother pushed under the mistletoe at the last Christmas party just at the time when you were off to get some punch. But a girl you didn’t find under the mistletoe at the family dinner party.

Should I buy Valentine’s gift for a girl I’m in a situationship?


Why give Valentine’s gift to a girl I have just met or started dating?

So, you met the girl. The most perfect girl in the world, and now she is your girlfriend. Or at least you are hoping she becomes your girlfriend very soon. POV Well, we don’t know exactly how you feel right now, but I do know how she feels. Moreover, I know how she will feel if you don’t give her any Valentine’s day gift. I will hear from her for sure. And even more, if you give her that gift for the Valentine’s Day. Wait, I’m not writing about a ring.

What Valentines’ gifts are not good to give to a girl you have just met?

If only the ring were the only bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl, you have just met. It’s not! There are many other bad Valentine’s gifts for your new girlfriend you were sure they are good. I mean every Valentine’s Day gift guide says so. But you know what? That person who wrote it was wrong. But here’s the list. Read this article to see the list of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts for a girl you have just met.

What are the worst Valentine’s Day gifts 2024 for a new girlfriend?

There are many Valentine’s day gifts that are known as good gifts but they really aren’t. At least not if your relationship is fresh or if you are in situationship, and you don’t even know your girlfriend. If you have just started dating, don’t give her a ring (or any jewellery), kitchen gadgets, a simple chocolate bar, roses that are not red; lingerie.

Is a ring a bad first Valentine’s Day gift?

A ring is the worst Valentine’s Day gift if you have just met.

Why is a ring a bad Valentine’s Day gift to give to a girl you have just met?

Are you her Prince Charming and meet all her boyfriend criteria?

Are kitchen gadgets and small kitchen appliances bad Valentine’s gifts for a new girlfriend?

The worst! Unless you two have an insider joke, kitchen gadgets are horrible Valentine’s gifts. They diminish women.

Is jewellery a bad Valentine’s gift for a new girlfriend?

No, it’s not just the ring that is a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met. It’s all the jewellery. Especially if both of you are looking just for fun. POV Hardly ever a case, but sometimes it is, and this thing you two have is just a fling. You know what I mean – situationship.

Why is jewellery a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you are in situationship?

While a friendship bracelet might seem like a good gift if you two are in situationship, the same bracelet will ruin any passion between you. On the other side, giving your new girlfriend a precious piece of jewellery only after weeks of dating will put her in a ghastly position. Saying simply thank you might feel too little while saying I love you way too soon. Or far from what she actually feels. Either way, a precious piece of jewellery at an early stage will put your relationship under tension.

Is a chocolate bar a bad Valentine’s Day gift?

Whatever chocolate bar is a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met.

Why is a chocolate bat a bad Valentines’ gift?

POV, giving her a chocolate bar and a bouquet of roses would be the easiest thing to do. But, the first chocolate bar you grab on your way out of the store is not personal. IMAO you can do better than this! Besides, who knows if she even eats and likes chocolates in the first place. You have just been on a first date.

Is lingerie bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met?

Lingerie is the worst Valentines’ gift.

Why is lingerie the worst Valentine’s Day gift?

Lingerie might be a common Valentine’s gift, but is the worst Valentine’s gift yet. Cringe. Just don’t. If you have already bought it, you should rather save it for the next year. That is, if you stick together that long.
POV giving lingerie as Valentine’s gift is not a good idea at all. Even though every department store keeps adding lingerie to their gift guide and saying it’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Stores advertise lingerie as a good Valentine’s Day gift merely because they know this is the easiest way to get lots of money from men. But underwear really isn’t a good gift for a girl – especially if you just started dating. It’s humiliating and tacky. But you do you. And if you do, if you still think your new girl would love sexy lingerie, check the list of the best underwear brands you should shop from.

What Valentines’ gifts are bad but not so bad for a new girlfriend?

Perfumes, toys, roses.

Why are roses a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met?

POV not all roses are bad Valentines’ gift, just roses that are not red. Different colours of roses bear a different message, and if you don’t want to give her mixed signals, don’t give her roses that are not entirely red. Also, make sure she is not allergic to roses.

Is perfume a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met?

IMAO, unless you have a really good nose and know the fragrance your girl wears, a bottle of perfume is a bad Valentines’ gift.

Why is a bottle of perfume bad Valentines’ gift for a new girlfriend?

IMAO Chances you will get her the right perfume are low. You can, though, always give it a try with the latest IT perfumes. Or better, a fragrance for her hair. POV, if your girl is a legit fashionista and loves discovering new fragrances, then a just-launched perfume could actually be a good gift for her. Luckily all the biggest brands launch a new line of fragrances just days before Valentine’s Day. But which perfume to get her then? Don’t worry, I know just the perfume fashionistas want for Valentine’s Day 2024. Find it in Valentine’s Day gift guide. Also, check the list of best perfumes you can buy online or with a stuffy nose.

Are toys bad Valentine’s day gift for a girl you have just met?

Toys can be as good as bad Valentine’s Day gifts.

Why are toys bad Valentine’s Day gifts for a girl you have just met?

Toys are not all bad. But as much as we used to love Me to You Tatty Teddy bears, we are over the toys now. Especially ugly small dust catchers. On the other side, it’s rather hard to say no to a big soft stuffed teddy bear. Besides, even if your girl doesn’t like the teddy bear … well, at least your head won’t hurt you if she throws it back to you. POV As it goes for all the other toys, only one thing. You two just met! You know what I mean. Well, in case you don’t, let me just say two words; bed toys. And no, not the one stuffed with foam.


So this is it. The list of all top unwanted Valentine’s day gifts. Check the best gifts for your new girlfriend. Again it’s only the beginning of February now. So thinking better, you still have some time to learn more about your girl and give her a typical Valentines’ day gift. Check the best 2024 Valentine’s Day gifts. And the best luxury gifts. By the way, girls, what was the worst Valentine’s Day gift you were ever given?