Brunette from Wall Street the best first Valentines Day gifts for new girlfriend

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Girl You Have Just Met

That Aren't Chocolates

The best first Valentine’s gifts for a new girlfriend, your new girlfriend will love – here! I know, finding a perfect Valentine’s gift for a woman you just met is quite a challenge. Especially if you don’t want to be common and give her chocolate as most people give to their love. But don’t worry guys, I found the best first Valentine’s gifts for your girl that aren’t chocolate. You know, just in case she actually doesn’t like chocolate at all.

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So you went out on one date, maybe two, and it’s already Valentine’s Day. You are dating, you are in a situationship, maybe even in a fresh relationship. But you have just met! And you can barely tell if she likes chocolate. Does this mean you can skip Valentine’s Day?

Should you give a Valentine’s Day gift to a new girl?

In case you are still thinking about whether to give her Valentine’s gift after knowing her for a short time, let me tell you the answer is yes. Yes, even if you are not officially dating yet. But you are hoping for more. However, make sure you aren’t too intrusive with your gift in the second case.

Should I give a Valentine’s Day gift to a girl I have just met and are in situationship?

Yes! Just make sure you don’t give her a gift from the list of Valentine’s gifts you really shouldn’t give to a girl you barely know.

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met?

Something special that will let her know you have been paying attention to the things she said, the things she likes. Check gift ideas in this article to see the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your new girlfriend, or a girl you are in a situationship.

What is the best first Valentine’s Day gift for a new girlfriend?

Either of the Valentine’s Day gifts presented in this article.


So what should you give your girl if you don’t know her well or are still trying to win her over? And don’t want your Valentine’s gift to be boring or common? Just imagine you got her the same gift as your rival.

Well, thinking better, you don’t need to imagine that scenario because it clearly won’t happen to you this Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure you will find the best Valentine’s gift for your new girlfriend in this gift guide.

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Starting with the safest Valentine’s gift for a woman you just met. The makeup. One glimpse at her face and nails should let you know if she likes makeup or not.

Just, make sure you don’t look only at her cheeks. Rosy cheeks won’t tell you much. Well, at least they shouldn’t. Her cheeks should be rosy or red because of you and not the pink blush.

Nevertheless, if you see at least one coat of mascara on her lashes and some lipstick on her lips. Or painted nails, then she likes makeup. And makeup will be the perfect Valentine’s gift for her.

As long as it comes from the right brand, of course. The safest bet is to get her luxury makeup. Read anything above $30 that comes from famous designer houses. I’m pretty sure you have heard of DiorChanelGucci, and YSL even if you have no fashion knowledge at all. Another brand you should look for is Guerlain. Especially if you want to get her that adorable and wonderful blush.

Just make sure you don’t buy her glittery lipgloss. It’s for your own good. You know, a glittery kiss.

Anyway, here are the perfect makeup gifts for your new girlfriend.

Dior Miss Dior Palette limited edition comes with everything your girlfriend needs (apart from the mascara – so get her Gucci mascara separately – it’s the best mascara in the market); three basic eyeshadows, a blush, lipstick and nail polish. All in luxurious packaging. It’s useful, pretty, posh and what is even better, your girl probably doesn’t have it yet.

While Dior Miss Dior Palette limited edition already comes with lipstick, you might want to give your new girlfriend Chanel – Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour with her name engraved on the golden case.

By the way, this long-lasting Chanel red lipstick was created exclusively for Valentine’s Day in N°5 bold red colour. This luxurious lipstick will make her lips soft as velvet. But won’t leave any marks on your shirt. Tested!

Everyone’s favourite corrector Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat (shop here) got an update for this Valentine’s Day, too. Doesn’t it look fun?

However, be sure not to give your new girlfriend just Touche Éclat. You know, to make sure she doesn’t end up thinking you believe there is something she should fix or cover on her face. Besides, loves comes in a pair. So get here this lipstick as well. And don’t forget to engrave her name – well, have it engraved – you can customise the lipstick case before making the purchase.

Last but not least, of the best makeup Valentine’s Day gifts are Guerlain – Météorites pearls. These light-revealing pearls of powder are on the wish list of every girl who loves makeup and pretty pastel things. Go here to buy Météorites pearls powder for your new girlfriend. Ps. Buy a matching makeup brush as well. Over here.

Wait, you didn’t spot any mascara on her lashes, no lipstick on her lips or any traces of makeup on her face at all? In this case, you better assume your new girlfriend doesn’t like makeup at all. Don’t worry, I made a list of the best Valentine’s gifts for girlfriends who don’t like makeup, too. Check it out!


Do you know what is one of the biggest fears when a girl sleeps over at a guy’s place for the first time? No, it’s not that he will see her without any makeup. But that she won’t be able to take her smudged makeup off and apply a new one.

So, believe me, the girl you have just started dating will love Dior Prestige Rose Cleansing Oil-Balm. I can’t live without it. After washing my face with this cleansing balm, my face feels soft. In fact, it feels so soft I could easily skip the cream.


If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that will last and she will hold forever, give her a headband or another fashionable hair accessory.

True, you could give her a ring, but a golden ring is a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a woman you just met and have been dating only for a little while. Better give her Balmain Paris Hair Couture Gold 14k gold pleated bristle brush (or silver) instead. IMAO Balmain Paris Hair Couture Gold 14k gold pleated bristle brush is the best first Valentine’s Day gift. It’s precious and has been on your girl’s wish list ever since she was a little girl.

Staying at Balmain Paris Hair Couture, there is one more Valentine’s gift you can find for your new girl at this maison. It’s Balmain Paris Hair Couture hair perfume. Not only it smells good, but it also comes with this vintage diffuser. Moreover, this hair perfume is enriched with Silk Protein and Argan Oil, which repairs dry, damaged and weak hair.

Miss Dior Hair Mist is undoubtedly my favourite hair mist. It’s intensive while leaving my hair fresh. Click here to shop Miss Dior Hair Mist  By giving her this delightful and nourishing mist, you will make sure her hair looks prettier effortlessly. Ps. I also like Dior hair oil.


Finally, some DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for her. First, DIY gift you can make for her, for your first Valentine’s Day is a love letter.

No, not just an ordinary Valentine’s Card, but a legit love letter. Every girl loves to get a love letter by regular mail. You know, in an old-fashioned way. So grab a beautiful piece of paper (preferably SMYTHSON Watermarked A4 writing paper), write a love letter, put it into an envelope, glue on a carefully selected stamp, and send it to her by mail.

Ps. If you don’t know how to spill your feeling on the paper or simply don’t know what to write her, I can help.

First, get and elegant and beautiful writing paper (shop here); second all the things you love about her. Yes, it’s that easy.

Well, if you find spilling your heart on the paper rather hard, then make her a cassette tape with the songs you think she would like.


POV This DIY Valentine’s gift is very personal – I just love it when I get a curated playlist with songs – especially when they guess my music taste.

Keep it a secret, but I’m one of those who can listen to one playlist (or even just to one song) on repeat. Like 500x and more. Everyone in the house gets crazy, but it takes me ages to move on to another song/playlist. By the way, I’m currently listening to the Flowers.


Mentioning the flowers – you can hardly ever go wrong with a large bouquet of roses. We can buy ourselves flowers, but it still feels extra special when we receive a large bouquet of roses with more than 50 fresh cut roses. Ps. Give her pink roses. Pink roses symbolise new love.

And make sure the bouquet is large. Like really large.

Another first Valentine’s Day gift that needs to be large in order to be an appropriate gift for a new girlfriend is a teddy bear.

Only a big stuffed teddy bear could be a good Valentine’s Day gift.

Emphasis on stuffed and soft to make sure you don’t get a bump and bruise if she throws the teddy bear to your head. Also, we don’t like receiving ugly, kitschy and small toys. In fact, all those 7.25 in stuffed frogs, monkeys, sharks and pizza slices are the worst Valentine’s gifts 2024.

This huge teddy bear (shop here) looks charming. It’s not too kitschy, plus she could use it for the Instagram photo. You know, for the #teddybearlove photos.


Finally, macarons. Preferably from La Maison Ladurée. POV Pierre Herme macarons are good too, but knowing your girl, I know she will love Ladurée macarons more.


Not shopping a gift for a girl you have just met? Or do you already know your girl enough to get her something more personal? Then be sure to check the best 2024 Valentine’s Day guide to find more Valentine’s ideas and moreover where to take her to make this Valentine’s day unforgettable. Also, don’t forget to browse through the galleries to buy those Valentine’s gifts. But you better hurry, the clock is ticking and the Valentine’s Day is almost here. By the way, girls, what was the first Valentine’s gift you got from your boyfriend?