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#21 Valentine’s Day gifts for the girl you have just met

That Aren't Chocolates

Valentine’s gifts for a new girlfriend, your new girlfriend will love! I know, finding a perfect Valentine’s gift for a woman you just met is quite a challenge. Especially if you don’t want to be common and give her chocolate as most people give to their love. But don’t worry guys, I found some chic Valentine’s gifts for your girl that aren’t chocolate. You know, just in case she actually doesn’t like chocolate at all.

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Should you give a Valentine’s Day gift to a new girl?

In case you are still thinking about whether to give her Valentine’s gift after knowing her for a short time, let me tell you the answer is yes. Yes, even if you are not officially dating yet. But you are hoping for more. However, make sure you don’t be too intrusive with your gift in the second case.

Should I give a Valentine’s Day gift to a girl I have just met?

Yes! Just make sure you don’t give her a gift from the list of Valentine’s gifts you really shouldn’t give to a girl you barely know.

What is the best Valentine’s Day gift for a girl you have just met?

Something special that will let her know you have been paying attention to the things she said, the things she likes.


So what should you give to your girl if you don’t know her well or you are still trying to win her over? And don’t want your Valentine’s gift to be boring or common? Just imagine you got her the same gift as your rival?

Well, thinking better you don’t need to imagine that scenario, because it clearly won’t happen to you on this Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty sure you will find the best Valentine’s gift for your new girlfriend in this gift guide.

Ps. You can shop everything you see in the collages simply by clicking inside the pink brackets. You can also find links in the copy and widgets below.


Starting with the safest Valentine’s gift for a woman you just met. The makeup. One glimpse at her face and nails should let you know if she likes makeup or not.

Just, make sure you don’t look only at her cheeks. Rosy cheeks won’t tell you much. Well, at least they shouldn’t. Her cheeks should be rosy or red because of you and not the pink blush.

Nevertheless, if you see at least one coat of mascara on her lashes and some lipstick on her lips. Or painted nails, then she likes makeup. And makeup will be the perfect Valentine’s gift for her.

As long as it comes from the right brand, of course. The safest bet is to get her luxury makeup. Read anything above $30 that comes from famous designer houses. I’m pretty sure you have heard of DiorChanelBurberry, and YSL even if you have no fashion knowledge at all. Another brand you should look for is Guerlain. Especially if you want to get her that adorable and wonderful blush.

Just make sure you don’t buy her a glittery lipgloss. It’s for your own good. You know, a glittery kiss.

Anyway, here is the perfect makeup gift for your new girlfriend.

1 DIOR – Dior Daring Eye & Lip Palette

This makeup palette (shop here) comes with everything your girlfriend needs. 5 basic eyeshadows, and 3 lipsticks. All in a luxurious packaging. It’s useful, pretty, posh and what is even better, your girl probably doesn’t have it yet. Since us girls usually buy ourselves that palette of 5 eyeshadows (shop SS21 5 eyeshadow palette here) and a lipstick separately.

2 Chanel – Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour

Mentioning the lipstick, here is the iconic red Chanel lipstick (shop here). The longlasting Chanel red lipstick was created exclusively for the holidays in N°5 bold red colour. This luxurious lipstick will make her lips soft as velvet. But won’t leave any marks on your shirt. Tested!

3 Dior – Rouge Dior Lipstick

If your new girlfriend walks around with Dior saddle bag, then give her this red lipstick instead (see here). It has hearts engraved in the lipstick.

4 Guerlain – Météorites pearls powder

These light revealing pearls of powder are on a wish list of every girl who loves makeup and pretty pastel things. Go here to buy MĂ©tĂ©orites pearls powder for your new girlfriend. Ps. Buy a matching makeup brush as well. Over here.

5 Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat

Everyone’s favourite corrector Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat (shop here) got an update for this Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t it look fun?

However, be sure not to give your new girlfriend, just Touche Éclat. You know, to make sure she doesn’t end up thinking you believe there is something she should fix or cover on her face. Besides, loves comes in a pair. So get here this lipstick as well.

6 Yves Saint Laurent – Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick

One of my favourite lipsticks comes in this fun Valentine’s packaging. And no, she must undoubtedly don’t have this lipstick yet. It was made especially for 2021 Valentine’s Day. Shop YSL Rouge lipstick here.

Wait, you didn’t spot any mascara on her lashes, no lipstick on her lips or any traces of makeup on her face at all? In this case, you better assume your new girlfriend doesn’t like makeup at all. Don’t worry, I made a list of the best Valentine’s gifts for girlfriends who don’t like makeup, too. Check it out!


Another good gift is something for her skin and body. Well, as long as you don’t buy here anti cellulitis or antiaging cream. Again, anything you buy should be from the luxury brands. Or popular brands like Glossier. And you must tell her, she can leave this Valentine’s gift at your place. And use it when she sleeps over.

7 Dior – Dior Prestige Rose Cleansing Oil-Balm

Do you know what is one of the biggest fears when a girl sleeps over at the guy’s place for the first time? No, it’s not that he will see her without any makeup. But that she won’t be able to take her smudged makeup off and apply a new one.

So believe me, the girl you have just started dating will love this cleansing balm from Dior (shop here US and shop here EU). I can’t live without it. After washing my face with this cleansing balm, my face feels soft. In fact, it feels so soft I could easily skip the cream.

8 Dior – Dior Prestige La crème

However, you shouldn’t let your girlfriend skip the cream. Shop my favourite face cream. The US over here and EU here. Yes, it’s a bit pricy but totally worthy.

Ps. Worth checking before you buy her makeup: make sure you find out if your girl cares about natural and vegan cosmetics. In this case get her anything from Glossier. We love it, especially the European girls as it’s so hard to get. Or these skincare products above. They are all vegan and look precious.

9 Glossier Body Hero Duo

As said, we love Glossier because it’s hard to get. Click here and get your girlfriend Glossier Body Hero Duo; a body wash and cream. And say her, this is for when she sleeps over at your place.


As said in the article about the worst Valentine’s gift for a woman you just met (read it if you haven’t yet), perfume can be a tacky gift. Nevertheless, I’m quite sure your new girlfriend will be delighted with your Valentine’s gift if you buy her any of these perfumes in my Valentine’s gift guide. They are the newest perfumes out there.

Trust me; you can’t go wrong with these perfumes. For one, they were designed especially for the Valentine’s Day – read they are the most wanted perfumes at the moment.

And for the second, these are one of those perfumes that smell good one every woman. Plus you can buy any of these perfumes with your nose blocked up because they smell remarkably good. Besides, I tested them all for you.

10 Chanel N°5 Limited Edition

First, the classic, Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum Spray. Pardon, the renovated classic. For 2021 Valentine’s Day Chanel N°5 comes in Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour. Go here to get this ephemeral red bottle for your girl now. But hurry! This is a limited edition, and that bottle is one every girl’s wishlist.

11 Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre

Created especially for Valentine’s Day 2021, this fragrance will sweep you two into an intensified whirlwind of tenderness. This perfume is a constellation of notes of Jasmine Absolute and Rose Essence. You can buy the new Chance Eau Tendre here.

12 Dior – JOY DE DIOR Eau de parfum

For Valentine’s Day 2021, Dior decided to capture the feeling of joy and bring it onto our skin and all the way to our heart. There is no doubt why Dior Joy is one of the best sellers this season. Shop Dior Joy here.

13 Dior – HOLY PEONY Parfum

Lastly the most precious and luxurious fragrance of them all, the Holy Peony from Dior (see here). Holy Peony is a harmony of softness and fruity vivacity. A perfume that evokes its own bright cherry colour.

Anyway, if you prefer to play safe, I mean this is your first Valentine’s Day Gift for your new girlfriend, but still wish to give her some sort of fragrance, then get her a hair mist. Here are my favourite hair mists.

14 Chanel – Chanel N°5 The Hair Mist

Yes, Chanel N°5 comes as a hair mist as well. Shop Chanel hair mist here

15 Dior – Miss Dior Hair Mist

Miss Dior Hair Mist is undoubtedly my favourite hair mist. It’s intensive while leaving my hair fresh. Click here to shop Miss Dior Hair Mist 

16 Balmain Paris Hair Couture – Hair Perfume

Not only it smells good, but it also comes with this vintage diffuser. Moreover, this hair perfume is enriched with Silk Protein and Argan Oil, which repairs dry, damaged and weak hair.

In short, this is a perfect gift for your girlfriend if she has bad hair. By giving her this delightful and nourishing mist, you will make sure her hair looks prettier without letting her know her hair looks bad now. Plus, it’s safer to give her this mist then sending her to the hairdresser. You know what I mean.

Anyway, click here to shop Balmain Paris Hair Couture Hair Perfume.


There’s another great Valentine’s gift for her hair; she will love. The golden brush. Every girl wants one. And I’m sure she will think of you everytime she brushes her long locks with this one.

17 Balmain Paris Hair Couture – Gold boar bristle brush 

While a golden ring is a bad Valentine’s Day gift for a woman you just met and been dating only for a while, a golden brush couldn’t be better Valentine’s gift. To give your new girlfriend mini golden brush set go here.

Ps. If your girl wears only silver jewellery then get her this silver brush instead. Or this rose gold brush. 


Finally, a love letter. No, not just an ordinary Valentine’s Card, but a legit love letter. Every girl loves to get a love letter by regular mail. You know, in an old-fashioned way. So grab a beautiful paper, write a love letter, put it into an envelope, glue on a carefully selected stamp, and send it to her by mail.

Ps. If you don’t know how to spill your feeling on the paper or simply don’t know what to write her, I can help.

18 SMYTHSON Watermarked A4 writing paper

Elegant and beautiful, this writing paper (shop here) is just perfect for you to write down all the things you love about her.

19 Kate Spade New York – Lips Notecard Set

No, this is not a notecard you should spill your heart on and send it to your girlfriend. You should give her this set of notecards (shop here), so she could write back to you.


As said, a big stuffed huggable teddy bear could be a good gift for some girls, so I’m adding my favourite one to the list. However, be sure not to give your new girlfriend some ugly Valentine’s Day toy. Again, only a big stuffed teddy bear could be a good Valentine’s Day gift.

Emphasis on stuffed and soft to make sure you don’t get a bump and bruise if she throws the teddy bear to your head.

20 JOON Huge Teddy Bear

This huge teddy bear (shop here) looks charming. It’s not too kitschy, plus she could use it for the Instagram photo. You know, for the #teddybearlove photos.


Oh and don’t forget the roses. Roses are a must with any gift. Shop two dozens of fresh cut red roses here. Ps. Slovenian boys, you can order a bouquet of fresh cut flowers here.


Wondering why there are no chocolates in this Valentine’s Gift Guide? There is a good reason why! Read the article about the worst Valentine’s gifts to find out.

Remember this is your first Valentine’s Day together, and you don’t want to ruin it by giving your new girlfriend Valentine’s day gift she doesn’t want. No one said buying a gift for a woman you just met is easy.


Not shopping a gift for a woman you just met? Or do you already know your girl enough to get her something else? Then be sure to check the best 2021 Valentine’s Day guide to find more Valentine’s ideas and moreover where to take her to make this Valentine’s day unforgettable. Also, don’t forget to browse through the galleries to buy those Valentine’s gifts. But better hurry, the clock is ticking and the Valentine’s Day is almost here. By the way, girls, what was the first Valentine’s gift you got from your boyfriend?