Brunette from Wall Street the EDIT


Brunette from Wall Street the EDIT

Guess what? The weekly EDIT you used to read or should I rather say see on the first page of my blog when I first started blogging a few months ago, is back! And it’s way much better now.


I decided to share a roundup every week. And telling you not only what is up and hot on my blog right now, the Chic list with all the things that are a must have right now and how to wear or use them in the real life, but sharing also some of the backstage stories. And, yes the things you are interesting the most, some of the gossip. Moreover, I will be answering to 5 of your questions about my personal life, too.

As it goes where am I going to the next week … well, I’m leaving this for the exclusives only. If we are not exclusive yet, be sure to sign up to my newsletter.


First things first. A little bit on how the EDIT blog post works. I wanted to make your experience on my blog even better, hold your attention, and elevate the what’s coming next factor.

Each week, not sure about the day yet, let’s say Monday from now on, we do like to gossip on Mondays, don’t we? Anyway, Monday or between Thursday and Wednesday, once per week for sure, you will see this new the EDIT cover with some spicy and fun titles. The titles happen to be the current fashion and beauty trends you can find in the categories Fashion memo and Beauty Secrets. So, yes, the titles will be more or less the same for a longer time, while the content of the EDIT will change each week. Together with the cover photo, to make sure you don’t miss the EDIT.

After the EDIT section, there will be space for some gossip and personal insight. As I said, I will be answering some of your questions each week. 5 seems like a good number, don’t you think? I will post the long version of the questions each Sunday in a new blog post from now on. I already posted my the first 5 of my answers yesterday. So check it here in case you missed it. Although I doubt you did. You guys almost crashed down my blog in the first hour. By the way, you can post all of your questions on my Facebook page, in the comments bellow, or send me a message.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street wearing pink round glasses, silk pyjamas shorts and top under the boyfriend blazer by the graffiti wall in Ljubljana


So, starting with what’s up on my blog this week. In short, shorts, suits, layers and lots of pink. Oh, and packing. It is time for summer vacations after all.


There could not be enough blog posts and tips on how to wear suits this season. Either the relaxed, tailored, romantic, feminine, deconstructed or the power suits, suits are all. And you can read all about them and find the best suits of the season in this blog post over here.


Not a summer staple but super fashionable trend right now. The right way to wear it now? Denim on denim! And for me? Denim with everything! As soon as I get my denim jacket though. Ps. Can you guess wich one of those I just ordered?


You might have spotted I have been wearing pink quite often on my Instagram lately. The reason? Just one, well actually two. Pink is in fashion. Plus I completely fall in love with those pink round shades I got last week. I mean, aren’t they all.


The blog posts featuring this sunglasses are coming up next, in the Fashion Story and Saturday in my picnic post. Meanwhile, get ready for my Saturday’s pink picnic and shop my style from the gallery above.


As said, I’m wearing pink quite a lot this month. In case you missed, be sure to check my previous pink blog posts now. First one is about my Barbie look, what I wanted to be as a little girl and how to down dress a cocktail dress. The second one is about how to look chic, not childish in pink.


Unlike denim, lace is the summer staple. Browse through my favorite lacy items you must have this summer. Seems like lace doesn’t stand only for the lace dress this season. By the way, the outfit blog post about the white lace dress you saw me wearing on my Instagram last weekend, is coming up on Sunday.



I’m taking this game of layering seriously this season. And doing it in the summer, too. Check here to see how to wear layers to work, street and club.


If you can get only one thing this week, it should be the red one piece swimsuit.



Taking off the pants and buttoning up the shirt dress I wore instead of the jacket and wear it alone. I wore it at the seaside to the coffee date with my uncle. See more here.


Mentioning the seaside, make sure you check my First Sunday Trip over here and discover Slovenia with me.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street on her Sunday trip to Piran Slovenia


A little reminder of my Instagram. Be sure to follow me on my Instagram. You certainly don’t want to miss my Insta stories next week. Because what’s coming next is so big.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street wearing pink round glasses, silk pyjamas short set under the boyfriend blazer by the graffiti wall in Ljubljana


I know, I said the WHAT’S COMING NEXT is for the exclusives only, but I simply couldn’t resist sharing where I’m heading over the next week. Yes, I’m off to the Paris Haute Couture Week! You can imagine how excited I am.

This will be my first haute couture week. Which, is actually quite a success for a baby blogger. You know, even some, now big blogging divas like Chriselle Lim, had troubles getting an invitation to the fashion week for their first time. Well second, too.
So instead of coming to the fashion show with the legit invitation in their hand, they had to sneak into and hope not to get caught. Respect girls! To all of you who got in and didn’t get caught, and all of you how got in and got caught. Yes, dear Chriselle, I’m talking about you.

Let’s be honest, successfully sneaking into the highly secured space and not to get caught and escorted to the exit by the security is fashion goals. You know what I mean. So embarrassing. For everyone else but us, the fashionistas. We simply don’t care.

After all, we are superheroines 24/7. Not only looking good in any kind of situation, time and weather, walking in the heels on the slippery surface, climb over the fences, turn all the heads, or appear and disappear like a ghost when we want.

Anyway, fingers crossed the only plans I will need to make the next week are those about what to wear and not how to get in. With some invitations already in my hand, I think I will be just fine. As it goes for the rest, I will need to open my little black book and start making some calls and writing emails.

Speaking about the little black book, it’s time for me to answer your questions.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street wearing pink round glasses, black silk pyjamas shorts and top under the boyfriend blazer by the graffiti wall in Ljubljana


Read my full answers and find out more about me here.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street answering 5 questions about her and sharing things she is looking forward most during the Paris Haute Couture Week