Fashion and beauty blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to get rid of static hair this winter

3 Things you need to do to Fix Static Hair

No static hair is not a sign of pregnancy. Static hair simply means your hair is dry and you need to change your hair care products. Yes, it’s quite easy to fix static hair. What stops static hair is a hydrating shampoo, a good hair mask and one more thing that might surprise you. Scroll down to find out how to stop static hair in winter and how to avoid static hair next winter. 

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Make no doubt that, winter is a time of cold noses, soft knitwear, and static hair. I’m pretty sure you too, as much as I do, love the soft touch of wool on your skin and hate when your hair all the sudden becomes static. Fortunately, I came up with the right hair care that helps tame static hair.

You might still be wondering why your hair becomes static in the winter. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a long scientific explanation. Anyway, I’m sure knowing why won’t help you much when dealing with the static hair every time you take off some layer of clothes you are wearing on a cold and dry winter day. To put it briefly, what you really need to know when it comes to static hair, is that your hair is especially prone to static electricity when it’s dry and damaged.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen to your hair only in winter. And yes, that friction, which caused crackling and the attraction of your hair last summer when you took off your synthetic dress was because of your dry hair.


The first thing I want you to remember is to hydrate and protect your hair all year long. In particular, it is important to take extra care before the main seasons of static hair. Believe me; I had an extremely dry and bad hair year a few years ago. And I learned my lesson in the cruellest way.

Back to the haircare, if you don’t hydrate your hair every day during the entire year, you really need to do this at least a few weeks per year. And no, I don’t mean the middle of winter and summer when your hair is already extremely dry.


Although giving an intensely nourishing treatment to your hair will indeed repair dry and damaged hair any time of the year, this won’t always save you from the static hair. When it comes to solving the static hair problem, it is even more important that you start applying all sorts of revitalizing and repair mask into your hair before the end of autumn and spring. Since hair usually needs a few weeks to recover and get truly hydrated.

Ps. I leave the hair mask on my hair extra long (2 hours or more) for an optimum shining result.

While good hair masks, like the one I’m using (see below), will rehydrate your hair and prepare it for the season of static hair, you might still face the static hair sometimes. Usually the day you wash your hair. Even though your hair might not end up all over your face, you might still hear some crackling the minute you put off your sweater. Therefore, you need to take the other two steps, too.


To prevent your hair from being prone to static electricity, you need to make sure you are using the right brush and apply the argan oil in your hair, as well. Honestly, I feel this is the most important thing for me these days. In spite of all the hair mask and conditioner, I put on my hair every time I wash it. I guess this is because my hair is already well hydrated. And all it needs now is the right styling.

As said, the brush plays and the important part when it comes to static hair. From my experience, I can tell, that not every type of brush is good for my hair every time of the year. To reduce the static, you need to use either an antistatic brush (yes, they exist) or a comb. No matter what brush or comb you decide to use, it’s important that the teeth on a brush or comb are far apart.

Regardless of the friction my favourite brush causes between my hair strands; I can’t put down my boar hair brush that easily. After all, it truly stimulates my scalp and increases the blood circulation to my hair roots. You know, we all need that extra blood circulation for faster hair growth. For that reason, I brush my hair with two different brushes at the same time. First, with my favourite boar hair brush. And then with the round brush from Paul Mitchell or T3 micro that emits negative ions.


Finally, the most important thing you need to have when you are dealing with static hair. That is to say, if you don’t take all the steps before, at least apply some argan oil to your hair. I use Argan Moisturizing Elixir from Balmain Hair Couture. You can find it at the end of this post.

I use the argan elixir every day. Perhaps I’m exaggerating slightly when it comes to argan oil. However, I believe this magic product is the secret of the lustrous-looking shine of my hair and my lovely curls.

As said, I use argan oil every day. Starting from the moment I wash my hair. I apply it first on my wet hair before I turn on the hair dryer. When my hair is almost dry, I spreading it through my hair, again. And again when my hair is completely dry after I use the hair spray. Yes, you read it right. I use the hair spray first. Also, I apply the argan elixir every morning and evening before I lie down to my silk pillowcase.

You might have noticed I used argan oil and other times argan elixir. It’s the same thing basically. Although I can’t say for certain, that every argan oil will do the magic. It should, though. Still, I advise you to try the one I use. Hence I can tell this one works against static hair. Plus it makes my hair looking better than ever. Not mentioning it’s the secret of catwalk models, too.


Well, actually there are more than just 3. You can find all the products I use for my hair to look beautiful, shiny and not static at all in the widget below.




I hope my tips help you tame static hair. And you stop static hair as I did. Ps. let me know if you have another tip to control static hair. Oh, and be sure to avoid bad shampoos that for sure cause static hair.