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So tell me, did you have fun at St Patrick’s Day Parade! I hope you did. Because I know you are starring at your slime green St. Patrick’s Parade outfit right now, not knowing what to do with it. And you had such a hard time find green clothes you could wear for St Patrick’s Parade. Don’t worry. Perhaps your buy wasn’t all wrong. And you could wear your St. Patrick’s Day outfit again. Ps. In case you didn’t know, It’s fashionable to walk around in a flashy green outfit this year. Even when you are not walking behind the trumpeter in the parade.

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Brunette from Wall street neon green Fila sneakers neon green Le Specs sunglasses Aurélie Bidermann green shamrock earringsFashion trends couldn’t be more aligned with St Patric’s Day as they are this year. Forget all the worries about how you might look in ugly neon green clothes because it doesn’t matter if green suits you or not. Flashy bright green is in fashion now. And you know, when something is fashionable, it doesn’t even matter how you look. Since you are in style.

And even after the St Patrick’s Day you will be the most fashionable when wearing slime green clothes or neon green from head to toe. Yes, you read it right! You can wear that slime green monochrome outfit you wore for St Patrick’s Day in again. All season long.

Neon lime Le Specs lolita sunglasses Aurélie Bidermann earrings shamrocks green plaid blanket


But who would think finding slime green clothes, shoes and bags would be so difficult, right? Even though neon green is very fashionable right now, it’s still quite challenging to find something nice in this colour. Something you could wear after St Patric’s Day as well.

Especially when we all know dressing bright green can be quite tricky. Pardon, was tricky. In spring summer 2019 you can simply wear bright green from head to toe, and you are good to go. Yet not everywhere. Fashionable or not, you can’t really wear slime green monochrome outfit to work.

Unless you can pull the bright green monochrome look with total confidence of course. Still, knowing your boss, I bet you would prefer to avoid his judgy look when you show up in the office in slime green.

Aurélie Bidermann clover earring neon sunglasses good luck bracelet with text overlay what to wear for st patrick's day

Whatsoever, I found green pieces that are a bit easier to style and wear everywhere even after St. Patric’s Day. Just make sure you wear them with beige, tan, or camel. You know, since I already told you before, browns and naturals are the best colours to wear with the slime green or neon green.

Furthermore, naturals can make your bright green pieces even work appropriate. Ps. I will show you exactly how in the weeks to come. Now let’s focus on the items you should have already bought for St. Patrick’s Day.



Here is what you were supposed to wear for 2019 St. Patrick’s Parade. Ps. Even though St. Patrick’s Day is gone, it’s not to late to buy something green for good luck. Just be sure to shop smart. Green outfit won’t bring you any luck if you don’t feel confident wearing it. Even so, I bet you will feel confident in these green items.



plaid green scarf neon green Lolita sunglasses bright green Fila sneakers clover shamrock


Didn’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day because it was too late to get something green in the last minute? Don’t worry! I thought about this too. Sure, we are too late for 2019 St. Patrick’s Day. But even if you come back to this site only a few hours before going to 2020 St. Patrick’s Day Parade you will get all these things on time. You can pick up most of these items in the store. Just make sure you opt for in the store pick up instead of mail delivery when ordering online. And yes, this is the fastest way to get your green St. Patrick’s day outfit on time.

Aurélie Bidermann clover earring neon sunglasses good luck bracelet with text overlay what to wear for st patrick's day

Browsing through the brick and mortar store would take you way more time. And by the time you leave the store, the crowd will already vanish by the corner.

By the way, you can find more tips on how to get your party outfit in the last minute over here. The article was initially written in time for New Year’s Eve party, but it’s relevant for any last time outfit search.

lolita le specs green sunglasses neon green file sneakers Aurélie Bidermann shamrock earrings


So, did you find your green outfit? Wait, there is one last thing you need for good luck. A shamrock. No, your outfit won’t be complete without a shamrock. Besides a shamrock is the only accessory you really need to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

But wait! Don’t run out to the garden right now. You don’t need to spend the rest of the morning looking for a shamrock in the grass to bring you some good luck. Remember, you still need to go to the store to pick up those green things you just ordered.

I found some shamrocks for you. True, these shamrocks are not exactly the clover you could pick in the lawn, but that’s not a thing in the first place. Plus, I’m sure you will love these shamrocks way more than the one from the grass.



Brunette from Wall street neon green Fila sneakers neon green Le Specs sunglasses Aurélie Bidermann green shamrock earrings


As said, bright neon green is fashionable for spring summer 2019. Meaning you can wear those acid green items you bought to wear for St Patrick’s Day parade again. And again. As many times as you want until the next St. Patrick’s Day. Because green is in fashion (see the spring summer colour report to see all the green shades that are in fashion now). I know I will. So be sure to follow me on Instagram to see exactly how to wear St. Patrick’s green after the St. Patrick’s Parade walks away.