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All the 80s Fashion Pieces You Should Steal From Your Mom’s Closet


The 80s are back in fashion! Read, grab the mini skirt, steal your mom’s old jacket, you know that one with the big bold shoulders, find your power suit and put on pointy stilettos. Oh and don’t forget the belt. The 80s fashion trends are here. Again! And we simply can’t wait to try on everything from the 90s fashion trend lists for spring summer 2018.

Spring summer 2018 fashion trend the 80s

I’m quite sure you already know the 80s are back in fashion for spring summer 2018 by now. Especially if you had a close look to my Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Report (in case you missed it, check it later over here). But, hey do you really know what was fashion like in the 80s? I mean, we weren’t really there to tell. And even if you were born in the 80s. And do remember that flashy jacket with big shoulders, your mom wore when you were baby, that doesn’t really give you the whole picture of what fashion in the 80s was.

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Believe me, you will be surprised to find out what women really wore in the 80s after reading this blog post. Yes, I dig in fashion archives and look for all that was in fashion in the 80s. And collect all the styles we are bringing back for spring summer 2018. To make sure you steal the right pieces from your mother’s closet. Ps. I also found some chic, fashionable 80s inspired pieces in my favourite stores, you will find in the widgets below. You know, just in case moths ate all of your mother’s clothes. I mean you don’t want to walk around in moth-eaten clothes, do you?

Keep reading to see the entire shopping/stealing guide. I mean my CHIC list with all the 80s pieces you should be wearing this season.

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Pink Gucci pool slides, silver hood jacket, runway look with text overlay All you wished to know about the 80s fashion now that's back


Five things that best describe the eighties? Mini skirts, bold shoulders, Princess Diana, flashy vivid royal blue and Jane Fonda in her aerobics outfit? Wait, not really. The 80s were actually all about the power dressing and postmodernism. Yes, the power dressing. After the sloppy 70s, the idea of dressing up was live again in the eighties. Status, glamour and moreover the materialism dominated the eighties. People used fashion to show their status, cultural and lifestyle preferences, and even taste in music.


3 street styles were significant in the 80s. You know them well already, but you might not know all these 3 come from the 80s. I must admit, I thought preppy was a thing of the 90s. Yet it turns out, that it was there in the eighties already. Well, don’t look like that! I’m a 90s kid.


In short, the big volume, bold colours, and synthetic materials. Not the best combination. But, hey welcome to the 80s.


The preppy, which by the way means a return to a classics, affluent style, was actually a significant mainstream trend back in the 80s. As you know the name preppy came from the prep-school education of elite Americans.
What does preppy style look like? In short, tartan plaid, natural fibres, button-down skirts, monograms, school ties, pearls. Yes, even the pearls. I must admit, I didn’t know pearls were preppy before digging into the eighties either.


No, that line you hear all the time, dress for success, is not something new. In fact, it popped up in the eighties too. Along with the pantsuits for women. Surely pantsuit was there before, but the 80s where its golden age. I guess I should have listed this style first, as it was the biggest of them all.

Anyway, we will get back to the suits later. First, let’s have a look at the list of all fashion styles that were hot (ha, you know what I mean) in the 80s.

Plaid runway spring summer look with text overlay Yes that's from the 80s too and we wear it again now


Nevertheless, not everyone was into the suits. Afterall fashion had entered a postmodern age, in which a multiple looks were available. Thanks to the press, television, film and the new media, the music videos. So, what fashion styles were there, besides the suits, minis, and bold shoulders?


Yes, that chinoiseries, kimono and japanise silhouettes that are in fashion right now, are actually just part of the 80s fashion trends we brought back for spring summer 2018.


Mentioning the preppy style again, in case you scroll down straight to see the list of all fashion trends from the 80s.


Same here. Besides suites were so powerful, it’s worth mentioning more than just twice. Remember, the eighties were more about the suits than the bold shoulders.


Or better say the 1940 revival. No, the V-shaped silhouette wasn’t invented in the eighties (Adrian and Schiaparelli came up with this silhouette in the 40s), but it certainly left a big mark then. The big shoulder and narrow skirt were fashionable again.


Big shoulders, puffed sleeves, oversized jackets, oversized sweaters. Yes, it was all about the volume in the 80s.


Girls were stealing from their men. Fathers included. Well, perhaps not really their dad’s as not all of them had the cool dads. Still, vintage menswear pieces were in fashion. And women loved wearing their men’s oversized jackets. But always with the sleeves rolled up.

White dress with bold shoulders puffed sleeves, pink dress, glittery dress with text overlay the 80s fashion we wear again


Luckily we are NOT wearing leggings under mini skirts again. I still can’t believe I wore this in 2006. However, eye-catching tights are a thing again.


No, women didn’t wear only mini skirts in the eighties. The length of the skirts actually varied from very short to ankle length. The second most popular skirts were actually the long knitted tube skirts.


This fashion trend was quite big. Especially in the evening. Remember Princess Diana and her signature cocktail dress with black tights? And a hat of course.


Hats were important not only with the cocktail dress. Berets, yes these come from the 80s too, were often adorned with brooches. However, berets were not the only hats seen on the heads in the 80s. Fedora and felt gaucho hats were also popular.


Monogramming was big in the 80s as well. Especially on the belts and buttons. By the way, Escada monogram belt came before Gucci.


Forget what I said about my favourite fashion trends from the 80s because stilettos are actually my number one.


Luckily this shoe trend looks way cooler in 2018. And has a better name too. Luxe slides sound way chicer, don’t you think? Although truth to be told, I’m not even sure it’s the same thing. Anyone knows what the f* were plastic jellies?


I must mention this fashion trend. Back in the eighties, there was this moment, when ladies wore layers of contrasting ankle socks. Sounds more like a faux pas to me now. But don’t mind my words in case you see me wearing more than one pair of socks in few weeks time.


The bigger, the better. Especially when multiplied by 10. Women wore multiple pieces of jewellery at one back in the eighties. From more golden rings on each finger to kitschy brooches, crosses, rosaries and pearl necklace (mostly faux). In short Madonna’s influence.

As it goes to the earrings. Earrings were obviously large and long. All the way down to the shoulders. Nevertheless, the button earrings were popular too.


As much as I love gloves, I truly don’t see any sense in fingerless gloves.


Finally, the perfect accessory of the 80s. The Hermès scarf. Worn around the neck, as a belt, instead of a bracelet or as a headband. Or even as a short skirt. Well, minis were in fashion.


Pants were usually pleated. Not something we would wear in 2018, but we all love the high-waist. So we do say yes to the 80s pants. Especially to the paper bag pants. Remember how I wore them here?


Luckily we are leaving leggins in the 80s this season. So remember, even though the 80s are officially back and the leggings were worn instead of the pants in the eighties, we are not wearing leggings on the streets in 2018. Leggins are for your yoga class and gym only.

Writing about the gym. We need to have a look at the 80s athleisure. Because athleisure brought straight from the 80s is big now.


Thanks to the celebrities and their fitness videos, yes Olivia Newton-John and Jane Fonda in particular. By the way, does anyone of you watch Grace and Frankie? I just finished watching the last season on Netflix. And I still don’t know if it’s boring or just cool. Anyway, back to the 80s fashion trends.

When I think of the eighties, this picture of Jane Fonda in her aerobics suit keeps popping up in my head. Not to say anything else, but there was just too many synthetics going on in 80s athleisure. And flashing bold colours. Mentioning the colours. I bet you want to know if the 80s colours are back in fashion too. Wait, we are heading on the colours of the eighties in a bit. But first few more words about the 80s athleisure.

As said, the celebrity influence on 80s athleisure was pretty strong. And those ladies wore, well, let’s say an interesting sporty outfit. I must point out that horrendous highcut legs on the running gear. And the headbands, which are back by the way. Well, don’t look like that. At least we didn’t bring back that highcut legs.

Still, the flashy tracksuit with stripes is back too. I know you are wondering if I like it? Obviously, I fall in love with this athleisure you see in the pictures. I mean why else I would pick it up. But would I wear it? Yes! Especially that striped paneled satin track jacket and matching track pants from Christelle Koche. Although only to the street. Don’t believe I would dare? Follow me on my Instagram and Facebook, and you will see!

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing the fashionista’s spring summer 2018 shopping guide


Finally the colours of the 80s. As I said in the beginning, one out of 5 things that comes up on my mind first when thinking of the 80s, is the flashy vivid royal blue colour. And magenta.


There were three colours that were really big in the 80s. And I’m pretty sure you know them all. So what colours to look for in your mother’s closet again? The vivid royal blue, magenta, and emerald green. Which one would you dare to wear in 2018? Ps. Don’t think too much. Not all of them are in fashion for spring summer 18.


Even though the trend of vivid colours was big, French, American and Japanese designers encouraged black and neutrals. On the other hand, Italian designers set a new standard for fashionable neutrals. And yes, those are actually the naturals we are wearing in 2018. Be sure to check my Spring Summer 2018 Color Report here.


Finally, a list of all things you should steal from your mother’s closet. Ps. I still think you should rather click on the link (the pink box in the EDIT or items in the widget) and get yourself a new eighties inspired pieces. You know, walking around in moth-eaten clothes is not fashionable at all.

Oh, and don’t forget to pin, save and print this EDIT. In case you do go on a fashion heist to your mother’s closet. Or simply to have it close when looking for fashion inspiration.




Not a fan of the eighties? Don’t worry, you don’t need to put on that horrendous tracksuit or bold shoulders to pull off the 80s fashion trend. You can bring the 80s to your everyday outfit merely by wearing these accessories like this.

Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to wear the 80s fashion trend for spring summer 2018

  • #1 Wear your sunglasses (obviously the tortoise-shell frames) pushed up on top of your head.


  • #2 Wear a cotton turtleneck top. But never fold down the collar.


  • #3 Wear rings on your pinky and ring finger. The more rings you wear, the better.


  • #4 Wear leather gloves. Yes! You know this one is my favourite.


Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing how to pull off the 80s fashion trend for spring summer 2018

  • #5 Wear cable-knit socks with your SANDALS!


  • #6 Put on a monogrammed belt. Ps. Make sure it dangles though. It’s 2018 after all.


  • #7 Roll up your sleeves and go for the boyfriend style.


  • #8 Tie your hair with a scrunchie or just wear the headband.



So this was the 80s fashion. How do you like it? Will you try everything from the 80s fashion trends list in spring summer 2018? I will. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I will pull off the 80s this season. And wear this fashion trend from office to street and from the street to the club. Yes, the 80s athleisure too. Wait, not a fan of the 80s? Don’t worry there are so many fashion trends left for you to wear this season. Check my Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Report (here) and find your favourite. The one you will live in this season. Well, if the 80s is already what you have been looking for, then scroll back up and start shopping. Or planning how you will steal all that 80s pieces from your mother’s closet. Ps. Mind the holes.

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