Brunette from Wall Street little luxury gifts for her Balmain rose gold brush Miss Dior perfume Dior blush Gucci lipstick champagne chocolate truffle gift box

Under $100 Small Luxury Gifts That Look Worthy a Million

Little luxury gifts and small luxury gift ideas for all of you who don’t know what gift to buy when you don’t want to spend a fortune. Yet want to give something pretty, useful and looking like you actually paid a million for that gift. Scroll down to see a list of all the best little luxury gifts everyone wants. Especially your girl! Sure they are small luxury gifts, but they are luxury!

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Brunette from Wall Street small luxury gifts for her Dior rosy glow blush Balmain rose gold hair brush chocolate truffle box Chanel les 4 hombres diptyque candle guerlain pearls

Looking for a gift for your girl? You came to the right place. I’m sharing the best luxury gift guides with you today. Because your girl is worthy of a good luxury gift, a little luxury gift, so she won’t be mad at you. You know what I mean.

Even though happy to receive a gift from you, your girl doesn’t want you to overspend your money on her.

Or perhaps she secretly does. Anyway, whatever she really thinks, here are the best little luxury gifts you can give to your woman this time. And the next time, of course.

Although, I bet you will end up purchasing all these small luxury gifts at once. One for the girl and the rest of these little luxury gifts for you, your mother, sisters. And all the squad. Lastly, for your boys. Boys like little luxury gifts too, right? Especially chocolates.


Wait, before we head on to the best little luxury gifts, let’s clear out what a little luxury gift even means?

What is little luxury gift?

Little luxury gift or small luxury gift is a gift that costs under $80, of luxury brands, is made of precious materials, comes in a beautiful package and has a value that generally exceeds its use. Read, the person who will get that small luxury gift will cherish it more than any other present with the same price tag.


So what are the best little luxury gifts you can give this year? The little luxury gifts everyone likes? Anything from this list.

Yes, there are small luxury gifts in this gift guide for everyone!

And no, there are no picture frames here. Although I did like this one here, you can give a better little luxury gift than a picture frame.


When in doubt, shop luxury makeup! Every girl loves luxury makeup. There is something special when you open that little luxury box, grab the mini makeup brush, look yourself in the mirror, and apply it to your face. Your girl will know what I mean, once she opens your gift.

#1 DIOR Diorskin Rosy Glow

I love Diorskin Rosy Glow (shop here)! And I’m sure your girl will love this blush too. The sweet rosy pigment comes with a small makeup brush in a mirrored pocket size silver case.

#2 CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Exclusive Creation in Lumières Naturelles

Chanel Les 4 Ombres are undoubtedly the most elegant and luxurious eyeshadows. The 4 pure, soft, smooth and long-lasting pigments come in the elegant little black box with a mirror and the signature double-c monogram. Furthermore, the little black box comes in a little velvet bag making sure you can easily slip these eyeshadows into your purse.

You can get Chanel Les 4 Ombres in many different shades. However, I advise you to get Les 4 Ombres in Lumières Naturelles – exclusive creation that you can shop here. Apart from being exclusive, these rich natural shades suit everybody.

#3 GUERLAIN Météorites Highlighting Powder Pearls

Beautiful pearls, inimitable violet fragrance, and secret Stardust technology which transforms light into a pure and endless glow on the skin are just a few of the elements that make Guerlain Météorites Highlighting Powder Pearls (buy here) the best small luxury gift. Every girl says so.

#4 GUCCI Lipstick

Gucci has a makeup now too. And every stylish girl wishes a Gucci lipstick. Click here to buy pink 406 Millicent Rose Gucci lipstickhere for 301 Mae Coral Gucci lipstick, and here for 2 No More Orchids Baume à Lèvres Gucci Lip Balm. Furthermore here to purchase 105 Susan Nude Rouge à Lèvres Satin Gucci Lipstick.


No, I didn’t find a face cream for under $100 that would actually do the magic plus be a luxury one. But I did find 6 other small luxury beauty gifts instead.

#5 DIOR PRESTIGE Cleansing Balm

The only small luxury product from Dior Prestige Collection you can get for a little less or $100 is this cleansing balm that happens to be my favourite cleanser ever.

Dior Prestige Cleansing Balm (buy here) perfectly cleans my skin of all impurities and all makeup (including layers of mascara). Furthermore, it leaves my skin soft, supple and comfortable. Plus it comes in a luxurious glass jar too.

Ps. I don’t need to apply any lotion after cleaning my face with Dior Prestige Cleansing Balm since my skin feels soft and comfortable. I haven’t felt the same comfort when using other cleansers.

#6 CHANEL La Crème Main Texture Riche

Eight hours of hydration, irresistible fragrance, and a sleek, chic design that easily slips into your pocket or purse make this hand cream top 10 small luxury gifts for sure. You can shop Chanel hand cream here.

Ps. It only costs $50. But in my experience and according to all the reviews, this hand cream is more than worthy of the price. Have I mentioned how quickly it absorbs into the skin? And no, not only in dry skin. Hence long are days when our handbag had oily spots because we grabbed the bag before our hand cream would absorb into our hands.

#7 FOREO Luna Play

This sonic face cleanser and massager might be tiny, but it’s mighty and coming from Foreo, luxurious as well. Indeed Luna Play from Foreo (shop here) is a perfect small luxury gift for any girl who loves beauty gadgets.

#8 BALMAIN Golden or Silver Spa Hair Brush

True, this Balmain Hair spa brush slightly exceeds the definition of a little luxury gift, but for less than a slice of cake and cup of tea. You can buy a legit silver Balmain Hairbrush (buy here) and the 24-karat Balmain Hair golden brush (buy here) for $133.

Ps. Both brushes, the silver one and the golden one, come in a box with Balmain Paris Silk Perfume and Argan Moisturizing Elixir. I simply love them both.

#9 BALMAIN Season Hair Care Cosmetic Bag 

Another small luxury gift from Balmain Hair is this Hair Care Cosmetic Bag (buy here). It’s my essential!

#10 SLIP Silk Pillow and Eye Mask

What could be more luxurious than sleeping on silk for that price? Click here to buy this silk pillow and silk eye mask now.  Any girl with long hair will love this set.


If you are afraid of buying fragrance online without giving it a try before – check the list of the best perfumes first! I tried all the best luxury fragrance by myself so you won’t have to.

#11 MISS DIOR Eau de toilette – buy here 

#12 GUERLAIN La Petite Robe Noire – shop here

#13 CHANEL GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum – shop here

#14 DIOR Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Rollerpearl – buy here


Lastly something for the home and the coffee table. But as promised no picture frames. Honestly, I don’t find picture frames useful at all. I know, you will say luxury is not supposed to be useful in the first place, but I prefer to give small luxury gifts people will use. And not just put it on the shelf and turn it into a dust stand. You know what I mean.

#15 ROYAL ALBERT Rose Confetti Vintage Teacup and Saucer

Anything made of bone china is a luxury gift. And this Royal Albert teacup is a great little luxury gift since it’s precious but not pricey.

Believe it or not but you can get this bone china porcelain teacup for as little as $30. Which is basically for free given the quality, design and luxury wrapping.

By the way, you have seen this teacup before. It’s like the one I have. Rember my morning selfies in the bed? This is one of the teacups I like to drink from in the morning. Not only it’s beautiful, but again, this little luxury teacup is made of bone china as well.

Moreover, this teacup is a collector’s piece. Shop it here. But also check all the teacups in the widget below.

#16 ROYAL ALBERT Rose Confetti Vintage Teapot 

A teapot that matches the teacup. Shop the teapot here. 

#17 DIPTYQUE Scented Candle 

Every girl loves to fill her hearth and home with warmth and fragrance. Diptyque scented candles undoubtedly exceed quality for the price. You can shop the Diptyque candle from my gift guide over here.

There are also these other scented candles that I love and qualify entirely as a little luxury gift in a widget below. So make sure you swipe through the widget to discover more luxury candles for under $75.


Finally, chocolate truffles and chocolate bars. Here are my favourites.


Want to give more than just a small luxury gift? Then better check the big legit luxury gifts for her then. By the way, which of these little luxury gifts would you keep for yourself? Truth to be told it’s never easy to give away any of these small luxury gifts for me. Especially not when mine are close to their lifespan, and I know I will have to soon buy another one for me as well.