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Fun Christmas Gifts Everyone Secretly Wants This Christmas

Fun Christmas gifts 2020 here! Yes, they are fun, joyful, marry and silly. Yet we still secretly want them for Christmas every single year. Do you know what silly Christmas gifts I talk about? I know you do! I saw them written down on your Christmas wishlist too. No, you are not the only one wishing for a candy cane, ugly Christmas sweater and reindeer antlers this year. Nor the only one wishing for that little red thing that sparkles through the night like Rudolph’s nose. Yes, that funny Christmas gift. Now scroll down to see and shop the list of the silliest 2020 Christmas gifts that are on everyone’s funny Christmas wishlist this year because 2020 was simply awful.

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Marry Christmas! Do you feel it already? The joy, cheer, fun and happiness? I bet you start feeling it the moment you wrote down your Christmas wish list with all those silly Christmas gifts.

But I also know how you have been feeling for the last couple of hours trying to shop for silly Christmas gifts from your Christmas wishlist. No, that reindeer headband is not easy to find. Nor a cool ugly Christmas sweater. And the Santa hat?

Well, luckily, you have me. And luckily I found all the silly Christmas gifts from your wishlist. Here is where to get them – scroll down!

Brunette from Wall Street silly Christmas Gifts ugly Christmas sweater candy cane hot cocoa gift guide Santa socks


Don’t worry, I made sure to make this first-minute Christmas shopping as fast as possible for you. After all, these fun Christmas gifts are trendy in 2020. Thus running out of the stock faster than you can drink hot chocolate with cinnamon and marshmallows.

All you need to do is to click on the silly Christmas gift in the picture or widget below, and a link will take you to the store where you can finally purchase it. Ps. Scroll to the end of the page to find more similar ugly Christmas gifts as well.


Forgot to add a red glitter lipstick on your Christmas wishlist? Add it now! Oh, and get another piece of paper, to write down these silly Christmas gifts as well.





Finally, some funny Christmas gifts that look fun and adorable. Yes, even an ugly Christmas sweater can look pretty.


Looking for ugly Christmas sweater that is not really ugly? I found a bunch of cool and pretty Ugly Christmas sweaters that are worthy of a buy. Even though if only for the Christmas time. You know what they say, Christmas comes back in style every year. Hence the ugly Christmas sweater comes back in style too.



Ps. If you don’t want to wear the same ugly Christmas sweater in family photos every single year, get this ugly Christmas sweater. I will show you how you can wear it differently every Christmas. Trust me, no one will ever guess you were wearing the same ugly sweater all these years from 2020 forward once you see my ugly Christmas jumper hack.



Click here to shop for the most fashionable headband of the holiday season. Indeed, a reindeer antlers are trending on Instagram these holidays. It’s hard to find a fashionista who hasn’t swapped her favourite headband for silly reindeer antlers already.
Swipe through the gallery below to find some of the best reindeer antlers headbands of 2019.




Here it is! The sweetest fun Christmas gift you could wish for this Christmas. Ps. Don’t worry about the calories. One candy cane won’t make you fat. It’s not that you will eat the entire pack of candy canes every day for the next 12 days of Christmas, will you? Well, truth to be told, I might. I know! Hard to guess, but it’s true. I have a sweet tooth for candy canes too.

Whatsoever, be sure to check your blood sugar before shopping for candy canes.




There seem to be lots of Santa’s little helpers out there. It took me way too long to find these pretty Santa hats. Although I must admit being quite picky when it comes to Santa hats. For me, a great Santa hat needs to have a wide, soft and fluffy white trim. And a large white pom-pom to complete the look.

Here are some Santa Clause hats that I like.






I love this red glitter lipstick from Tom Ford. It’s perfect to wear for New Year’s Eve outdoor party.


The most foolish Christmas gift you could wish for beside the reindeer antlers and ugly Christmas sweater is for sure this pair of Christmas socks.

Furthermore, all these socks with Christmas print in the widget below.




I will take back what I just said about the most foolish Christmas gift. These Christmas panties deserve the title of the silliest Christmas gift far more than the socks and ugly sweaters.

Ps. Imagine your boss wearing Christmas briefs.







Last but not least, an old school vinyl with silly Christmas songs from Sia. Ps. You might also need this record player to listen to them.

By the way, do you know what will be the most popular Christmas song in 2020? I know! Thinking better, you should have known too. You did read 2020 Christmas trend report, didn’t you?




Finally, the Elf hat. Apparently, the ugly Elf hat is even more popular than Santa Claus hat this year. All thanks to that Cinderella story movie on Netflix. By the way, have you watched it last Christmas already?

No? Then put on an ugly Christmas sweater, make a hot chocolate, bite into a candy cane, put on Elf hat and watch it now.




Brunette from Wall Street Christmas 2020 decor

What would Christmas be without candy cane, red noses and ugly Christmas sweaters, right? Not as marry and not as fun, I guess. If not for fun, why else would we shop for ugly Christmas sweaters and all those funny Christmas gifts? Anyway, less thinking – more shopping. Scroll back up to shop for all the silly Christmas gifts. Ps. for more Christmas gifts also check the best little luxury gifts, Christmas gifts for sister, Christmas gifts for mom, that she will actually use, meaningful Christmas gifts for dad, and the last-minute Christmas gifts.

Just curious, do you give silly Christmas gifts, that you get from your friends, away the next Christmas?