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This Print Runs off the Shelves Faster then Leopard after a Gazelle

52 Items in Leopard Print You Must Have

If you went on a little shopping quest, trying to find a dress in this season’s IT fashion print, then you know what I’m talking about. There is almost nowhere to find a dress in leopard print right now. Except here and there. Yes, I found some dresses in leopard print for you. And other clothes and shoes you can shop in leopard print now.

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Even though it’s not Tuesday, Brunette’s day for shopping tips, yet we need to talk about shopping tips today. It’s not even autumn yet, and everyone, not only the fashion IT girls, wants to head on to the new season already. Wearing one of this season’s most fashionable prints. The leopard print. Yes, leopard print will still be in fashion for the new season.

Looking at the store inventories, it seems dresses in leopard print run faster off the shelves than the leopard after a gazelle. Especially the quality ones. They are all sold out. Correction, all but these.


After an hour of a hard search and deep internet digging, I found a bunch of dresses you can shop in leopard print. Moreover, I found some other clothes too. So, where to shop for a dress in leopard print now? Just check below. And better hurry. You are running off the time. I told you these dresses are getting sold out fast. And those pants too! Ps. Yes, I’m probably that b* who stole the leopard pants from you.





I mean how could I. The leopard shoes are another must have these season. Buy a pair of these shoes now and wear it for months. I’m telling you, these shoes are the investment shoes. Since animal prints are going to be in style for more than just a season you will be walking around, well running too (I selected only the most comfortable shoes), in this shoes for the next year and a half for sure.




Fingers crossed you got your leopard dress. Now here is something else you need. You do want to make leopard print go rock’n’roll or elegant but not vulgar, right?

For this, you need to style it with deep colours. Wait, not any colour matches this edgy print. The best colours to wear with the leopard print are Nebulas Blue, OxbloodQuetzal Green, and Meerkat.

Ps. It is Nebulas blue or Quetzal Green for the shoes. And Meerkat for the bag or a sweater or any other outwears you wear on top of your clothes in leopard print. Well, you can get a bag in oxblood, blue or green too. As it goes for the makeup, wear it in oxblood.

Just make sure you don’t wear shoes and bag in the same colour at once. You know what this means, right? If not check this post (#2 Things Wearing Matching Bag and Shoes Says About You) later.

Whatsoever, more about Blue, Green and Meerkat in my colour report over here. Also, find out more about how to wear those 4 colours with animal prints in the next article here. But before heading on to those two articles, makes sure you get something from the widget below if you don’t own these colours already.



Now that you got your leopard dress, and shoes to wear it with all the clothes in animal print, it’s time to put it on and wear it for the first time. Ps. Sharing the way I wear my new leopard print dress for a brunch date with my friends over here. And how to wear those leopard pants for work here (fall) and here (summer).