ROYAL WEDDING: The Worst Dressed Wedding Guests

Wait! What? She was the Worst-dressed wedding guest? But she is

I’m finishing my wedding blog series with the worst dressed wedding guests at the Royal Wedding. Yes, it’s time for some fashion gossip. And what better way to start it than with a Royal Wedding. I bet you watch it too. I mean who on Earth would want to miss the wedding of the year.

Afterall a wedding like this is like a fashion show for ordinary people. Setting wedding trends for, well I guess I’m not exaggerating if I say for all the next seasons till the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Moreover setting fashion trends as well. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing sleeveless dresses with the high neck on the street next week.



Yes, Fashion Gossip is something new on Brunette from Wall Street. In fact, I just decided to add this category, Fashion Gossip, to Brunette from Wall Street. So mark Sunday as the day for gossip on your calendar. We are talking who what wear, who wore it best, and who committed a fashion crime. As I’m sure you will love the last one best, we are talking only about who was the worst dressed wedding guest at the Royal Wedding this time.

So who was the worst dressed wedding guest at the Royal Wedding last Saturday then? Let’s have a look.



Obviously, I won’t say Magan Markle, pardon Dutchess of Sussex. Although I must admit, I didn’t fall in love with either of her wedding looks. Sure the Givenchy dress was beautiful, but I’m sure another bride would wear it better. In this case, dress wore her. Actually, both of the dresses wore Dutches of Susses. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, enough about the bride, she had her moment. Let’s have a look at the wedding guest. Shamming the worst dressed wedding guests at the Royal Wedding is more fun.

Be sure to check the photos to see all the worst dressed wedding guests at the Royal Wedding I could spot. Admittedly, I have missed the worst dressed wedding guest, but that is just because she was hiding from the cameras after she realised her faux pas. Or perhaps not. Anyway, fingers crossed I found all the worst dressed wedding guest. If so this would mean … Wait not telling you just yet. You need to see all the photos first.


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Sabrina Dhowre

Call me Gucci! You know I like Gucci bags and clothes as you keep seeing them in the EDITs. But wearing all Gucci for a wedding is simply a fashion faux pas. Why? Just look at the red and green trims on her black coat. Red, green, black? Those are Gucci colours. She is dressed in a logo. And logos are faux pas when it comes to weddings. Besides, the colours don’t match nor clash in the right way. There are so many other Gucci clothes she could have picked instead.

She should have worn this outfit instead.


And OMG, she matched her shoes with her bag. We all know what this means, right? In case you forgot, be sure to check my recent blog post  #2 Things Wearing Matching Bag and Shoes Says About You.

 Charlotte Riley

She looks like a Flamengo dancer. She should have toned down this dress. Or even better wear the same dress but in brighter colours. She should have stoled the dress from Sofia Wellesley. Her floral dress and cream headwear looked stunning.


Chelsy Davy

Nothing wrong with this outfit if she didn’t have curves. And the Royal Wedding wasn’t at the St George’s Chapel. Her dress is too short. She should have either swap that otherwise lovely bolero with a matching coat or wear a pencil dress that would end around her knees.


Chloe Madeley

Beautiful dress. Just not for a wedding at the St George’s Chapel. Remember the Church dress code I wrote about here? Shoulders should be covered. Nevertheless, this dress would be a good option for the beach wedding. Minus the headwear, of course.



This floral print is in short passe. Be sure to check my Spring Summer 2018 fashion report (here) to see what kind of floral prints are in fashion now.


Dutches of York

Lovely outfit, but it didn’t flatter her body silhouette. She looks like an Egyptian mummy wrapped in navy bandages.


Lady in Green

In short, that lady in flashy green, next to Sarah Rafferty, almost stole Mehgan’s spotlight. This dress is beautiful and would be a good option for a wedding but in any other colour. Bold colours are not meant for the wedding guests.

Delfina Blaquier

Another lady who wanted to attract the looks. Again, the colour of her dress is to bold for a wedding.


Print on the Lady

That print dress a lady who is walking by Chelsy Davy’s side is wearing is just hideous.

Serena Soames

Not the ugliest print out there. But far from pretty either.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the sparkling piercing in Doria Ragland’s nose. Doria is the mother of the bride!



Dutches of Cambridge! Yes! Don’t get me wrong, I loved her hat and coat. But she was wearing almost white. What a faux pas for a wedding. You know the rule. White and any other colours that look like white in the photos are reserved for the bride and little bridesmaids only!



As said, fashion gossip will become Sunday’s staple on Brunette from Wall Street. With all the parties going one we will have so much to gossip about this summer. Ps. To be sure you don’t get listed on my worst dressed wedding guest as well, check what to wear for the wedding this season. By the way, who you think was the worst dressed wedding guest at the Royal Wedding? Do you agree with me?