Brunette from Wall Street is doing her best to be true to her values and entirely honest with her readers. Therefore, Brunette from Wall Street does not accept sponsored guest blog posts or advertise brands and products she hasn’t bought by herself in the past.

Does this mean Brunette from Wall Street won’t collaborate with you? Most likely. Unless, yes, there is a unlesss, unless we have already featured your brand on Brunette from Wall Street. Browse through Brunette from Wall Street and find your brand. If we have already bought an item from you, if Veronika Lipar wears your clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products on the go, we will be happy to partnership with you directly.

If you can’t find your brand, keep coming back to Brunette from Wall Street. There is always another season. And if your products are the best, we will for sure buy something from you. Let Brunette from Wall Street discover you first. This way, our partnership will be authentic, just like it should be.

Please leave your message in the collaboration enquiry form below if we ever mentioned your brand on Brunette from Wall Street.

Ps. If you only wanted to say “Hi”, please leave a comment under your favourite article.

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