Fashion Editor Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing what to do if you sense feeling of being stuck in your mind

OMG Is it 2 Years Already?!

And What to Do If You Start Feeling Stuck

There is something you don’t know about me as this topic somehow never came up in my 5 Questions 5 Answers posts. Well, two things actually. First, that I’m highly unpredictable and second that I like to shift my entire life every 2 years. Yes, you read it right! On every 2 years, I do something really crazy that completely turns my life around and makes me stop feeling of being stuck.

And no not something like a new haircut or a tattoo kind of crazy. You know I have no tattoos, and my haircut has been pretty much the same my entire life. But more of career, life and mind kind of crazy.

In short, I quit all the projects I have been working for the last 2 years and start something new. From scratch. In a completely new state of mind, new environment and surrounded with new people.

I know you must be asking what is this all about, why now and what I want to say with this column. Oh yes, Sunday is/was supposed to be Brunette from Wall Street day for life lessons and Veronika’s column. Anyway, we will get there.


The thing is that I hate that feeling of being stuck in one place. Even more, that feeling of walking in a wasteland for hours and not getting anywhere. You know? Well, I actually hope you don’t know this time. But if you read Beckett’s Waiting for Godot (one of the classics on my must-read list), then I’m pretty sure you know what I’m writing about.

And this is just the feeling I start to sense on every 2 years. Before I change my life for good. Pardon, not for good, but for another 2 years. I know, this 2-year turnover sounds a bit crazy. I don’t even know why the 2 years. But if you are an entrepreneur, I’m pretty sure you can relate. Besides holding on something that doesn’t really work or it doesn’t really work for you, read doesn’t make you feel happy and fulfilled, is crazy.

Surely world changes quickly but chances your holy, but so far unsuccessful, method suddenly starts working are rather small. Of course, there are examples that prove this rule wrong. And entrepreneurs who were seen as crazy before making it. But not even one of them succeeded with the method that wasn’t making him/her happy.

So how does all this that I’m writing today make sense for Brunette from Wall Street? Am I quitting on Brunette from Wall Street?


It’s not 2 years already. Nevertheless, I am starting to feel something. No, it’s not that feeling of being stuck in one place. Well, at least once for a change I don’t feel like walking in the wasteland but more like by the Seine in Paris. Which you know is far more exciting. Not mentioning is one of my favourite walking area in Paris. Yet, I wished I felt like I was walking down the Avenue Montaigne and Champs-Élysées this time.

In short, I don’t feel fulfilled right now. I think I need a change. Something new or all this in a new way. Who knows perhaps a new haircut is all I actually need right now. Ps. Tomaz don’t get too excited. It’s not 2 years already. Maybe my Sunday column is all I need.

Entrepreneur Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street writing journal Sunday column in bed


Admittedly, Brunette from Wall Street is not the best place for writing my random confused thoughts, this is your fashion wall after all. But hey this way you get some life lessons and business tips here too. So the life lesson I happen to share in this Sunday column is: stop doing what you are doing if it doesn’t make you fulfilled and you start feeling of being stuck. Don’t care if someone labels you as a quitter. It doesn’t matter really. What it matters is your happiness.

Ha, I just realized something. Perhaps this strange almost like feeling of being stuck feeling I sense this time doesn’t mean I should change my life again. Perhaps it is just that the 2-year anniversary of Brunette from Wall Street is coming soon and I’m afraid of the anniversary itself. Seems like this 2-year thing is the pattern I have to stop.


life lessons you need to learn if you feel being stuck

What so ever, here is the list of life lessons you should learn if you sense the feeling of being stuck right now.

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