Brunette from Wall Street the best no makeup gifts for women who don't like makeup

She Doesn’t Like Makeup? Give Her This Gift! It’s The Best Gift

10 Little Luxury Gifts for Her that Aren't Makeup or Kitchen Appliances

No makeup gift? Not without some help! Finding a perfect gift for girls who don’t like makeup is difficult and takes a lot of searching for sure. But don’t worry; I found just what you are looking for. Check these 10 gifts that aren’t makeup but will make your girl melt the minute she opens your present.

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What to give to her if you don’t want to break the bank yet want to give her something luxurious? And you are shopping at the last minute?

Undoubtedly, finding a perfect gift for a girl who doesn’t like makeup is a task. All in all, most of the best under $50 gifts are designer makeup. You know, that beautiful luminous red lipstick from Chanel that comes in a sleek black click case? Or light revealing pearls of powder placed in a beautiful silver box adorned with a signature flower from Guerlain?

Indeed, those little luxury gifts are truly the best gifts for makeup addicts. But what for the makeup hater? What does she like if she doesn’t like designer makeup?

Let’s find out!


Believe it or not, makeup is not the only little luxury gift you can give to a woman. There are plenty of other little luxury gifts that will melt her heart and won’t break your bank.

Here are some!


She does like fragrance, right? I can’t imagine there’s a woman who doesn’t like to smell like a rose. A bottle of perfume is the best substitute for makeup. Especially when it comes in a beautiful bottle like the one from Guerlain or is the most wanted perfume of the year like Chanel’s Gabrielle. Or is Chanel No°5 Limited Edition. Furthermore, any of the perfumes you can find in the list of best perfumes.

Chanel N°5 limited edition

Everyone knows Chanel N°5 is a classic perfume. And everyone also knows Chanel N°5 has been the most wanted perfume by women all around the globe for decades. But what not everyone knows is that this year, for the first time ever, the world’s most eternal fragrance comes in white. Yes, for a limited time only, you can get Chanel N°5 in Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite colour, white. Go here to buy Chanel N°5 in the ephemeral white bottle. I bet your girl doesn’t have Chanel N°5 in white yet.

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Not only this, intensely green and fresh, perfume has been one of my favourite perfumes for the past 3 years, it’s Gucci. If your girl knows anything about fashion, she will undoubtedly love the perfume coming from the number one most popular fashion brand in the world. Again, it’s Gucci.

Nevertheless, Gucci fan or not, Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori (shop here) celebrates the joy and energy of youth and is one of those perfumes you can buy online, before smelling it first and without giving it a try. Trust me on this, my senses are never wrong when it comes to the perfumes.

Go here to shop for Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Well, if your lady doesn’t like perfumes either, then you should give her a scented candle. Believe me; every woman loves Diptyque’s candles. Even those who say they don’t like candles. Talking from my own experiences.


I used to hate the smell coming from the lit candles, but then I got my first Diptyque candle. And I got charged by the unique scent. It’s light, so that doesn’t itch your nose, but strong enough to smell it even when the candle is not lit. You can get a mini version of Diptyque’s best-selling fragrance for $35 (26 EUR).


I love this smell since it’s enigmatic and beguiling. And deploying its captivating sensuality at dusk. Click here to shop the mini version of this candle or here for the standard size.


If you can’t give your girl makeup to help her enhance her beauty, you can make her beautiful or maintain her natural beauty with some other beauty products and gifts that will make her sleep better. You know a good night’s sleep is half of beauty. The other half is the genes, good cream and dermatologist. Besides, you owe her sleep for calling her in the middle of the night.

SLIP – Embroidered silk queen pillowcase and eye mask

I already told you sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a secret of my beautiful skin and hair. Silk minimizes the hair splits and prevents the #iwokeupwrinkled.

Get your queen this beautiful silk pillowcase and eye mask from Slip. You can buy it here.

Ps. Check under $80 luxury gift guide to find another small, affordable luxury gift from Slip.

DIOR – La Micro-Huile de Rose serum

I bought my first La Micro-Huile de Rose serum from Dior two years ago, and I’m currently using my eight bottle. I love the feeling on my skin after using this serum. It’s like I would inject the energy into my skin. I’m getting one for my sister this year. Because I just can’t get her fingers off my bottle. You can buy it for your lady here.

DIOR – Prestige Le Concentré Yeux – eye cream

If she doesn’t use concealer, then she will appreciate an eye cream, for sure. This one from Dior is my favourite. I love that rich and smooth feeling around my eyes. Besides, this cream is one of the most effective ones. Get it here.

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Cream

Now, this cream with Camellia Alba and Blue Ginger is my lifesaver. Well, more like a skinsaver, but once you have your face all red and full of spots, this means the same thing.


This is actually the best gift you could give to a woman who doesn’t like makeup. It’s just perfect. It’s not makeup, but a skincare product, and yet when you take it off, you look like you have spent an hour putting on the entire makeup. In short, it’s just magical.

You put it on like any other sheet mask, wait for 15 minutes or so, take it off and go out. Looking photoshopped, with spotless and velvety skin. Plus, it’s less than $10. I told you, a perfect little luxury gift. Get Erborian BB Photoshop mask here. Ps. Buy 2, one for your girl and one for you.


Another thing for perfect skin your lady will love, for sure, is Luna. You can shop Luna in different sizes. 

But you might want to give her FOREO Luna Play Smart 2 Smart Skin Analysis and Facial Cleansing Device. It’s under $100. 


Not only it looks luxurious, but Foreo UFO also makes you feel so. This mask treatment is simply out of this world. It combines advanced dermal technologies with popular Korean mask formulas. Sounds amazing, right?

Wait, this is not all! It only takes seconds to get gorgeous skin. In short, this is just perfect for women who say they don’t take care of their skin properly or use makeup because they don’t have time.

Here is where you can buy Foreo UFO.

Glossier – Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

The prettiest soap. I admit I bought my Glossier Body Wash at le Colette (that famous, legendary French institution we all miss) just because it was at le Colette and because this bottle looks so beautiful.

In fact, I was convinced it would be more or less just as decor in my bathroom as I have very delicate skin and I have hard time finding an under $40 soap that won’t damage my skin. But I was surprised. This soap makes my skin soft and so clean. And it foams so well. However, it doesn’t smell nice.

Nevertheless, if your girl doesn’t like to smell of roses, this is just a gift for her. Plus, it’s vegan, soap-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free. Fit for a girl who looks for natural cosmetics. Get it here.


Anything for hair, can be a great no makeup gift, too. Here are some of my favourite hairstyling gifts.

Ps. This spray will change her life. It has changed mine, too. My hair was never so full of life.


Hair accessories are the best no makeup gift to buy if you don’t want to go over your gifting budget yet give something useful and pretty. Ps. Check the hair accessory trend report to see what hair accessories are in style this season.


A no-makeup fashion gift for a fashion girl who doesn’t like makeup? This one is easy. You can’t go wrong with the IT bag or shoes. Ps. She will love these shoes, even if she is not a fashionista as they are all so comfortable. You know I know the best. 

You can see me wearing my Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps all year long. And Malone Souliers’ mules? Well, these are the most wanted shoes of the season.

Anyway, you know what they say, if you can’t give her makeup, then give her shoes made for walking. Or a bag if you don’t want to be her pet.

Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps

You can get Gianvito Rossi plexi pumps in any colour. Still, I got mine in blush pink as it elongates my silhouette. Shop for those stunning and fashionable pumps here.

Malone Souliers mules

The chicest and the most fashionable mules out there. These shoes are the most wanted shoes of the season. And believe me, these mules are on your girl’s wish list. Not to say anything else, go here and make her wish come true.


A fashionable bag is always a great Christmas gift.


This is still the bag every girl wants! And the bag everyone chic will wear for the next 2 years as well. You can buy it online at Dior.

CHANEL Small Boy Chanel handbag

Chanel Boy is the classic handbag every woman wants. Either in pink or in any other colour, this bag will be the best no-makeup present for your girl ever. Get Chanel Small Boy Bag in pink here.


Chances she doesn’t like makeup, but she loves sweets, and champagne are high. I found some luxury sweets that not only taste good but look precious too. And every fashionista’s favourite champagne that comes in a pink and white bottle.

Charbonnel & Walker Truffles Pink Champagne

Champagne and chocolate in sweet and pink balls are probably the two reasons why women all over the world love these truffles. Buy a striped box of truffles here.

Moet & Chandon MOËT ROSÉ IMPÉRIAL Champagne

A bottle of champagne for the best girlfriend in the world. Click here to get a bottle of our favourite champagne. Ha, I almost typed myself and wrote bottles. Well, perhaps we should add s and invite your friends as well.


Fashionistas have this thing for stationery. Not because they find it hard to resist new pens and that smell of the new notebook. But for writing notes and to-do lists. Nevertheless, your girl needs time off too. And what better way than with a pretty fashion book in her hand?


Here are some books that don’t only look pretty on the coffee table, but are inspiring as well. First, the Impossible Collection of Fashion, which is just a book for someone who doesn’t like makeup. Then a RIZZOLI Chloë Sevigny hardcover book, shop hereChanel Three Book Set, buy it here. Also Vogue x Music By Vogue Magazine which you can get here.


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Anyway, happy shopping and let me know if your woman liked the no-makeup gift you gave her.