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Birthday Gifts for Mom That She Will Actually Use

The best birthday gifts for mom, here! Want to give a better birthday gift to your mother than your siblings? Then you came to see the right Mother’s birthday gift guide. Here are the best little luxury gifts for birthdays your mother will love. Trust me; she will love any of these birthday gifts more than a flower from her garden that you tended to pluck out before ringing the bell.

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Brunette from Wall Street best gifts for mother gift guide Royal Albert teapot Burberry kensington trench coat Versace jardin plate guadalupe necklace


Long ago are days when you simply drew a little drawing, plucked a flower from the garden, and gave it to your mom. Sure, you can still do that. But hey, I don’t think your mother will accept a flower from her garden with a legit smile on her face. She hasn’t been dedicating all the hard work and love to her beautiful rose garden so you could pluck the roses on the go.

The only one smiling will be your sister, thinking she beat you in finding the best birthday gift for your mom. Because let’s be honest, siblings never stop competing for mom’s attention. And finding a better gift for your mom is a thing on every Mom’s birthday.

Correction, finding the best gift for mom’s birthday was a thing. Because with this gift guide you are good for the next 20 years or so. Yes, I found 20+ little luxury gifts you can give to your mum for the next 20 birthdays.


Curious to see all the 20 little luxury gifts you can give to your mother for her birthday? And all the future birthdays? Well, here they are.

Because your mom is worthy of a good luxury gift. A little luxury gift, so she won’t be mad at you. You know what I mean. Even though happy to receive a gift from you, your mother doesn’t want you to overspend your money on her.

Or perhaps she secretly does. Anyway, whatever your mother really thinks, here are the best little luxury gifts you can give to your mommy for her birthday. And all the next birthdays, of course. Although, I bet you will end up purchasing all these gifts at once. One for your mother and the rest of these little luxury gifts for you and your girls. For your father even. Boys cook too, right?


So what to give to your mother for her birthday? Anything from this list of course. Yes, there are little luxury gifts in this Mom’s birthday gift guide for any type of mom. Whether your mom is the one who waits for you with the table set or not, here are the things she will like.

And no, there are no picture frames here. Although I did like this one here, you can give a better gift than a picture frame.

But there are kitchen appliances. More than just two actually. Trust me, your mother will love these kitchen appliances even if she hates cooking. As a matter of fact, your mum will love them even more if she is a fashion-mommy who doesn’t cook at all.

But, first the chocolates. Here are some of the best birthday chocolates for moms.

Finally, the best 2021 birthday gifts for mom. Ps. You can shop directly by clicking on the items you see in all of three gift guides. Or find the link in the copy below.


So, let’s start with the kitchen appliances and things that somehow belong to the kitchen, shall we?

No, I’m not starting the list with KitchenAid Artisan as you might think. Although knowing me, you can be sure I won’t forget of beautiful pink mixer either. But no, first comes this little luxury designer kettle.


This must be the most wanted kettle among the fashion crowd. Fashion mommy or not your mother will love it. Especially when she notices that this kettle matches her Dolce & Gabbana dress and looks so great on the kitchen counter. Shop this standard kettle here. 


Another kitchen appliance from “Dolce & Gabbana Sicily is my love collection” your mother will love is this 2 slice toaster. Well, truth to be told, you should get this toaster thinking of grilled cheese and the butter & jam toast your mother will make for you. By the way, do you grill your bread for butter & jam toast? Anyway, I’m sure you will now. Pardon, your mother will do it for you. Here is where to shop Smeg by Dolce & Gabbana slice toaster. 

Now that you got your mother a fashionable kettle and a toaster you should give her a beautiful plate, teapot, and teacup too.


I can’t help wondering if Donatella is actually a housewife and home cooking mom. Because she sure knows how to design the most beautiful home collection. You can shop this beautiful Versace plate here.

4) ROYAL ALBERT Rose Confetti Vintage Teacup and Saucer – shop here

Beautiful, luxurious yet affordable. This bone china is $50 must buy for Mom’s birthday 2021.

ROYAL ALBERT Rose Confetti Vintage Teapot – shop here 

5) KITCHENAID Artisan® Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl

A perfect gift to make up to your mom after breaking all her favorite porcelain cups and plates, and to say her thank you for all the dinners she made. Or to lure her into baking. Trust me, it works. My mother didn’t like baking cakes, biscuits, and bread until getting KitchenAid. Now she bakes bread by herself almost every single day. And a birthday cake for everyone in our family.  Anyway, here is where to shop this stunning kitchen appliance! 

Enough about kitchen and cooking. Here are luxury gifts for your mother that will make her feel like a lady and not just a homestay mom. She deserves that.


So little but bringing so much joy and gratitude. Jewellery and small accessories are always a very good gift idea. For moms too. Just make sure you don’t pick a classic pearl necklace or even worse a chunky golden chain.

While us 20 and 30-something girls love stylish chunky chains and pearls, our moms don’t. They feel these two pieces make them look old. Not that they are right, but better give your mom these pieces of jewellery instead.

6) BOUNKIT 14K Gold-Plated Pearl, Blue Quartz, And Moonstone Earrings 

Forget what I just wrote about the pearls, because these pearl earrings are an exception. Your mother will absolutely love these pearl earrings (buy here) because they are not only stunning but convertible too. She will be able to wear these earrings in two ways.

Thinking better you are giving your mom two pairs of earrings for a price of one. Plus, a choice two choose how she wants to wear them. Here is where to shop these earrings.

7) RANJANA KHAN Clip Earrings

Sure, these are pearl earrings. But not the classic ones. These gold-tone, leather, and silk multi-stone clip earrings (shop here) are fun and youthful.

8) JENNIFER BEHR Madeleine Earrings

More earrings since earrings are indeed the best birthday gift for a mom you can give her in 2021. This time stylish seashell-shaped clip earrings. Which are a great gift even if your mom doesn’t have pierced lobes. Furthermore, they come from one of the most popular jewelry and accessory designer right now, Jennifer Behr. Another reason to click here and shop this pair of earrings now.

9) BIBI MARINI Cluster Crystal And Silk Earrings

I couldn’t help not adding this pair of cluster crystal and silk earrings (shop here) as well. They are catchy yet not kitschy. Mom will love these for sure.

10) ROSANTICA Fred Gold-Tone Fringe Earrings

Finally, something for your bohemian mom. If your mother is more of a gipsy kind, this is definitely a gift for her. A set of fringe earrings (buy here).

11) ETRO Gold-Tone Shell, Faux Pearl And Crystal Necklace

Clearly not a mom-type of a necklace. This is just the reason why your mother will love this necklace (buy here) so much. Besides this is the best way for your mom to nail the seashell fashion trend and not to look like she at the beginning of the mid-age crisis.

12) BP Double Layer Shell Necklace

Another shell necklace. Two actually. For a price of $29, you get a set of two fashionable layered shell necklaces. You can shop this seashell BP. layered necklace here.

13) KENDRA SCOTT Tess Gold Small Pendant Necklace In Rose Quartz

This necklace is great because it is only $50 and easy to style. Get it here. You can get it in other colours too.

14) LUCA+DANNI Miraculous Medal Necklace

In case you wanted to give something more spiritual and vintage, here is a Guadalupe Necklace. Click here to shop this divinely-inspired necklace with a small medal charm featuring the sacred symbol of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Ps. This medal necklace costs only $38.

15) KATE SPADE all abuzz bee mini pendant – shop here



If you had a chance to read the hair accessories report already then you know that hair accessories are must-have this season. So why not giving your mother a fashionable accessory that will make her everyday outfits look stylish? And up to 2021 fashion trends on a budget?

16) LELET NY Tortoise hair claw

Picked by my mom for your mom. After reading the hair accessories trend report, my mother said she wants this jumbo claw pearl tortoise hair clip for her birthday this year. Well, she will get it a few weeks before. You can shop this tortoise hair claw that comes from Lelet NY over here too.

17) L. ERICKSON Triple Crystal Tige Boule

Gold plated rhodium barrette with Swarovski crystals (buy here) is perfect for any mom who loves the brilliance but doesn’t like kitsch.

18) Spectrum Bobbi crystal-embellished hair clips

If your mother likes even more sparkly things than give her this set of 2 crystal bobby pins for her birthday in 2021. Click here to shop these bobby pins at Selfridges.

19) ACCESSORIZE 2x Mixed Tort Barrette Hair Clips

Looking for a birthday present for less than $10? This is it! Now go here and shop this set of 2 fashionable hair accessories.


Only for the moms who love makeup, desperately search for an antiwrinkle cream that really works and for a bottle of perfume they don’t have already.

Ps. See what to give to your mother if she doesn’t like makeup at all. I made a special birthday gift guide for women who hate makeup.


My mother loves this foundation (buy here) since it covers all here age spots and leaves her complexion looking as radiant as mine. People genuinely think she is at least 7 years younger just because of her skin tone.

21) DIOR Prestige Skin Care Set 

This skincare set is undoubtedly the best price per value gift you could give to your mom for her birthday. Especially if your mother still hasn’t found her favorite cream.

DIOR Prestige Skin Care Set (shop here) is the only skincare set your mom, and you will ever need. You can trust me about this. My mom kept stealing the cream and serum from me until I got her this set.

As mentioned before, the set consists of the serum and the cream.

The Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose (shop here) combines the nourishing power of an oil with the penetration of a serum. It offers an essential daily boost. And it is perfect for any skin type. You can shop just the serum. Over here.

Prestige La Crème Texture Essentielle (shop here) is a luxurious crème that offers a complete correction on all visible signs of ageing. It leaves your skin smooth, radiant, harmonious and firm. Obviously, I don’t have wrinkles or age spots yet, but I love using this cream when it’s cold (this is my winter cream) and when I feel tired.

22) TOM FORD Boys & Girls 3-piece Girls Lipstick Gift Set

One for you, one for your mom and one for your sister. Here you have lipsticks for all three of you. Just like your mother taught you. Click here to shop this set of pink lipsticks now. 

23) TOM FORD Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette – buy here 

24) CHANEL Les 4 Ombres

These are not only the most fashionable eye shadows of the season but also the shades that bring back the youth at once.

Platinum bronze, rosy beige light caramel, and satiny bronze lighten up eyes and take away years instantly. Shop the palette here.

25) CHANEL Travel Makeup Palette

Just what your mom needs if she keeps saying she hasn’t been using makeup because she lacks time. With this palette (buy here), she will have all the makeup in her palm at once.

26) NAILS INC Champagne Shine Nail Polish Duo

Nail polish for mommy and me time. I don’t know about you and your mom, but the two of us love doing our nails together.
Champagne Shine Nail Polish Duo (get here) is a perfect nail polish duo for your mother and you. By the way, which nail polish is your mother? Champagne or shine?

27) GUCCI Lipstick

Gucci has a makeup now too. Right on time for your mom’s birthday, right? Click here to shop pink 406 Millicent Rose Gucci lipstick, here to shop 301 Mae Coral Gucci lipstick, here for 2 No More Orchids Baume à Lèvres Gucci Lip Balm and here to buy 105 Susan Nude Rouge à Lèvres Satin Gucci Lipstick.

Be sure to browse through the gallery below to find more Gucci lipsticks and balms. There is a black Gucci lipstick too.


Afraid of buying perfumes online without smelling them first? Don’t worry! My mother and I tried all of these perfumes for you. And I can guarantee you, these perfumes are so good you can buy them without giving them a try. Ps. Read more about all the perfumes in this birthday present guide. You can find more fragrances there too.

28) CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau de Parfum Intense Spray – shop here 

29) GUCCI Bloom Acqua Di Fiori – shop here 

30) CHANEL GABRIELLE CHANEL Eau de Parfum Spray – shop here

31) DIOR J’ADORE Eau de parfum roller-pearl – shop here 

J’adore Eau de Parfum is the latest edition of J’adore that was created in 2021. The new J’adore Eau de Parfum comes in a precious travel bottle. A jewel-like bottle your mother will be able to take wherever she goes.

32) GUERLAIN Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette Bloom of Rose – buy here 

An updated version of the classic Guerlain fragrance is a tribute to a strong, free and passionate mother with an adventurous spirit who keeps fascinate us. A momma bear. If your mom is like this too, you should give her this perfume without hesitating.

This perfume is made of carla lavender from Provence, album sandalwood from Australia, sambac jasmine from India, and vanilla tahitensis from Papua New Guinea. Buy it here. 




There are two bags your mother wishes to get from you for her birthday this year. And yes, one of them is an updated version of her old Prada bag you ruined with crayons.

34) PRADA Saffiano Leather Top Handle Bag

Just like the Prada bag, you messed up with wax crayons when you were little. Only better. And even more fashionable. Shop 2021 must have Prada Saffiano Leather Top Handle Bag in brown here. Or in black here.

35) DIOR Saddle belt bag

Well, sometimes children know best. And they know it before moms do. This time we know your mother wants a belt bag. And for sure you are giving her a belt bag that matches your new saddle. Here is where you have to click to shop blush Dior Saddle bag and here to shop Oblique Dior Saddle bag you spotted in my 2021 Birthday Gift guide earlier.


You are never too old for mommy and me matching outfits. Here are some dresses, skirts and other clothes you can buy for your mother on you.

And shoes you can wear with those dresses.

36) BURBERRY Kensington Hooded Trench Coat 

After seeing my new Burberry trench coat (buy here),  my mom wants it too. And so will yours. It’s really great. Trust me she will love how this Kensington trench coat can be styled up or dressed down thanks to the detachable hood. Now say if this trench coat isn’t much more versatile then her old Kensington? Plus, you can borrow it from her and wear it as I do.

37) SEE BY CHLOÉ Glyn Espadrille Wedge Sandal

Not only will be fashionable for summer 2021, but wedge espadrilles are my mother’s favourite shoes too. Well truth to be told, I love them as well. Especially this pair of See by Chloe wedge espadrilles (see/shop here).

Furthermore, espadrilles are one of the rare shoes you can get on a budget without risking twisting your ankle and damaging your spine. See the widget below to find more affordable wedge espadrilles I like.


Lastly something for the coffee table. I would write something for the nightstand, but if your mother is anything like mine, going places all day long, she falls asleep the moment she gets into the bed.

38) MACMILLAN Ageless Beauty The French Way Hardcover Book – buy here

39) ASSOULINE Mother And Child – shop here

40) Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Floral-Print Silk Hardcover Notebook – purchase here

A notebook to make sure she finally writes down all her recipes and hand the notebook/family recipe book back to you for your birthday.


This is it. All the 8 Mother’s birthday gift guides and birthday presents you can give to your mom for her birthday in 2021. Well, if you are low on your gifting budget, you should small luxury gift ideas as well. Ps. If you are also looking for a gift for your dad – check gifts for dads every dad wants for birthday in 2021. Oh, and don’t forget to check my outfit ideas for Mother’s birthday brunch. By the way, which of these gifts you think is the most popular birthday present for mom in 2021?