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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts 2023 Your Mom Will Actually Use

Want to give a better Mother’s Day gift to your mother than your siblings? Then you came to see the right Mother’s Day gift guide. Here are the best little luxury gifts for Mother’s Day your mother will love. Trust me; she will love any of these last minute Mother’s Day gifts more than a tulips and a vase.

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Long ago are days when you simply drew a little drawing, plucked a flower from the garden, and gave it to your mom. Sure, you can still do that. But hey, I don’t think your mother will accept a flower from her garden with a legit smile on her face. She hasn’t been dedicating all the hard work and love to her beautiful rose garden so you could pluck the roses on the go. Besides, her rose garden is probably not blooming at this time of the year.

The only one smiling will be your sister, thinking she beat you in Mother’s Day gifting. Because let’s be honest, siblings never stop competing for mom’s attention. And finding a better gift for your mom is a thing every Mother’s Day.

Correction, finding the best Mother’s Day gift was a thing. Because with this gift guide you are good for the next 12 years or so. Yes, I found twelve little luxury gifts you can give to your mum for the next twelve Mother’s Days.


Curious to see all the 12 little luxury gifts you can give to your mother for Mother’s Day 2023? And all the future Mother’s Days? Well, here they are.

Because your mom is worthy of a good luxury gift. A little luxury gift, so she won’t be mad at you. You know what I mean. Even though happy to receive a gift from you, your mother doesn’t want you to overspend your money on her.

Or perhaps she secretly does. Anyway, whatever your mother really thinks, here are the best little luxury gifts you can give to your mommy this Mother’s Day. And all the next Mother’s Days, of course. Although, I bet you will end up purchasing all these gifts at once. One for your mother and the rest of these little luxury gifts for you and your girls. For your father even. Boys cook too, right?


So what to give to your mother for Mother’s Day 2023? Anything from this list of course. Yes, there are little luxury gifts in this mom’s Mother’s Day 2023 gift guide for any type of mom. Whether your mom is the one who waits for you with the table set for lunch or not, here are the things she will like.

And no, there are no picture frames here. Although I did like this one here, you can give a better gift than a picture frame.

But there are kitchen appliances. More than just two, actually. Trust me, your mother will love these kitchen appliances even if she hates cooking. As a matter of fact, your mum will love them even more if she is a fashion-mommy who doesn’t cook at all.

But, first the chocolates. Here are some of the best Mother’s Day chocolates for moms.

Finally, the best 2023 Mother’s Day gifts for mom. Ps. You can shop directly by clicking on the items you see in the gift guides. Or find the link in the copy below.


So, let’s start with the kitchen appliances and things that somehow belong to the kitchen, shall we?

No, I’m not starting the list with KitchenAid Artisan, as you might think. Although knowing me, you can be sure I won’t forget of beautiful pink mixer either. But no, first comes this little luxury designer blender.

SMEG BY DOLCE & GABBANA BLENDER is the most wanted blender among the fashion crowd. Fashion mommy or not your mother will love it. Especially when she notices that this blender matches her Dolce & Gabbana dress and looks so great on the kitchen counter. Shop for the blender here

Another kitchen appliance from “Dolce & Gabbana Sicily is my love collection” your mother will love is this 2 slice toaster. Well, truth be told, you should get this toaster thinking of grilled cheese and the butter & jam toast your mother will make for you. By the way, do you grill your bread for butter & jam toast? Anyway, I’m sure you will now. Pardon, your mother will do it for you. Here is where to shop Smeg by Dolce & Gabbana slice toaster.

Now that you got your mother a luxury designer blender and a toaster, you should give her a beautiful plate, teapot, and teacup too.


I can’t help wondering if Donatella is actually a housewife and home cooking mom. Because she sure knows how to design the most beautiful home collection. Versace Le Jardin Service plate is the prettiest plate. Your mom will love it, for sure.

Well, if you broke all her porcelain tea cups as a child, she might prefer the next Mother’s Day gift even more.

ROYAL ALBERT 3 piece place setting is a beautiful, luxurious yet affordable bone china is a $80 must buy for Mother’s Day 2023.

The best Mother’s Day gift to thank your mom for all the dinners she made and Mother’s Day cookies she baked – or to lure her into baking is KITCHENAID Artisan® Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl. Trust me, it works. My mother didn’t like baking cakes, biscuits, and bread until getting her KitchenAid. Now she bakes bread by herself almost every single day. And a birthday cake for everyone in our family.


Enough about the kitchen and cooking. Here are luxury gifts for your mother that will make her feel like a lady and not just a homestay mom. She deserves that.

Jewellery and small accessories are always a very good Mother’s Day gift idea. Just make sure you don’t pick a classic pearl necklace or, even worse, a chunky gold chain.

While we the 20 and 30-something girls love stylish chunky chains and pearls, our moms don’t. They feel these two pieces make them look old. Not that they are right, but better give your mom these pieces of jewellery instead.

Forget what I just wrote about the pearls because these pearl earrings are an exception. Your mother will absolutely love Jamie Wolf 18K Yellow Gold Hoop with Pearl & Blackened Diamond Drop earrings because they are not only stunning but convertible too. She will be able to wear those earrings in two ways.

Meaning you will give your mom two pairs of earrings for the price of one. Plus, a choice two choose how she wants to wear them. Anyway, here is where to shop for those earrings.

Wait, I found one more pair of earrings that happen to be the best Mother’s Day gift for mom this Mother’s Day. And yes, they are pearl earrings (see/shop here); also – pearl earrings are one of the key fashion trends for 2023.

If your mom doesn’t wear earrings, give her a stunning mommy and me ring. She will like this one.


If you have had a chance to read the hair accessories report already then you know that hair accessories are must-have for 2023. So why not give your mother a fashionable accessory that will make her everyday outfits look stylish? And up to 2023 fashion trends on a budget?

This hair accessory was picked by my mom for your mom. After reading the hair accessories trend report, my mother said she wants this chic barrette for Mother’s Day this year.


You can never go wrong with skincare – especially if your mom is desperately searching for an antiwrinkle cream that works and a hand cream that would make her hands soft and nails strong. Ps. Your mom will love this Chanel hand cream. It’s the best $50 Mother’s Day gift for every mom.

While there is no such thing as an antiwrinkle cream that would really work and erase all the wrinkles on your mom’s face or stop her from wrinkling, DIOR Prestige Skin Care Set is the next best skincare Mother’s Day gift. 

This skincare set is undoubtedly the best price per value gift you could give to your mom for Mother’s Day 2023. Especially if your mother still hasn’t found her favourite cream.

DIOR Prestige Skin Care Set (shop here) is the only skincare set your mom, and you will ever need. You can trust me about this. My mom kept stealing the cream and serum from me until I got her this set.

As mentioned before, the set consists of the serum and the cream.

The Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose (shop here) combines the nourishing power of an oil with the penetration of a serum. It offers an essential daily boost. And it is perfect for any skin type.

Prestige La Crème Texture Essentielle (shop here) is a luxurious crème that offers a complete correction on all visible signs of ageing. It leaves your skin smooth, radiant, harmonious and firm. Obviously, I don’t have wrinkles or age spots yet, but I love using this cream when it’s cold (this is my winter cream) and when I feel tired.


Afraid of buying perfumes online without smelling them first? Don’t worry! My mother and I tried all many perfumes for you and your mom. Check the list of perfumes you can buy online.

Ps. If you are running out of time and you only have a few minutes left to order the best Mother’s Day gift for mom and get it on time – shop for the limited edition of CHANEL N°5 Parfum. As every Mother’s Day, CHANEL presents N°5 Parfum in collectible coffret. Nestled in a case ornamented with wood shavings and bicone, passementerie and bugle beads, the SYCOMORE Parfum is elegantly captured in a Baccarat crystal bottle.

If your mom prefers Dior over Chanel you might prefer to give her DIOR J’ADORE Eau de parfum. It comes in a precious travel bottle – a jewel-like bottle your mother will be able to take wherever she goes.

My mom will get a Gucci perfume this Mother’s Day, though. And a Gucci mascara.


Are you hoping to find an under $50 Mother’s Day gift that looks worth a million? Look no further and give your mom designer makeup.

Give your mom a Chanel lipstick or GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Power Fabric.

My mother loves that foundation (buy here) since it covers all her age spots and leaves her complexion looking as radiant as mine. People genuinely think she is at least seven years younger just because of her skin tone.

Dior Face, eye & lip makeup palette is just what your mom needs if she keeps saying she hasn’t been using makeup because she lacks time. With this palette (buy here), she will have all the makeup in her palm at once.

Another great Mother’s Day 2023 gift for mom from Dior is this lipstick set with four lipsticks – one for you, one for your mom and one for your sister. And the last one is for your little girl. In short, lipsticks for your mom’s pack.

If you don’t want your little girl to wear lipstick just yet, then better give your mom’s pack a nail polish set.

Ps. Your mom will love this Hermès nail polish – it matches her new Hermès scarf.


An Hermès scarf is the best Mother’s Day gift for a mom who collects precious pieces.

Ps. Don’t tell my mom, but she will get this Hermès scarf from me for Mother’s Day this year. It’s vintage, and it’s from the decade when she has first become a mom. Not to me, though.


There are two bags your mother wishes to get from you this Mother’s Day. And yes, one of them is an updated version of her old Prada bag you ruined with wax crayons as a kid.

The other bag she wants is this Dior bag. Well, she doesn’t know she wants it yet, but sometimes children know best. And you know now. Ps. Check the bag trend report to find out what bags are on trend in 2023.


You are never too old for mommy and me matching outfits. Here are some dresses, skirts and other clothes you can buy for your mother and you. They will look stunning on both of you.

By the way, my mother will get a blazer both my sister and I have already.


What woman doesn’t like a new pair of shoes? I don’t know any. But I know many who wish to get these stunning glitter pumps this Mother’s Day. Your mom might be one of them, too. Well, if she prefers flats over heels, she must be hoping for these pretty flats then. Either way, glitter shoes are the best shoes to give as a gift to a mom.

Glitter shoes make every woman look younger and full of life instantly.


Lastly something for the coffee table. I would write something for the nightstand, but if your mother is anything like mine, going places all day long, she falls asleep the moment she gets into bed.

However, you can give her a fashion book or a recipe notebook to make sure she finally writes down all her recipes and hand the notebook/family recipe book back to you for your birthday.


This is it. The best Mother’s Day gifts for mom and Mother’s Day presents you can give to your mom for Mother’s Day 2023. Well, if you are low on your gifting budget, you should check small luxury gift ideas as well. Ps. If you are also looking for a gift for your dad – check gifts for dads every dad wants for Father’s Day 2023. By the way, which of these gifts do you think is the most popular Mother’s Day gift for Mother’s Day 2023?