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What Does Your Dad Wish for His Birthday in 2023?

Last Minute Gifts for Dads Even My Dad Likes

Last minute birthday gift for dad? You got your mom a gift for her birthday that is epic, didn’t you? Well, now you have to give some chocolates to your dad, too. Although thinking about what type of gifts my dad actually likes we probably won’t stop shopping only for chocolates. At least not at a plain milk chocolate bar. I don’t know about your dad, but my dad doesn’t like any other gifts but personalised gifts that were made just for him. Even chocolates. Scroll down to see what birthday gift I will give to my dad for his birthday in 2023. You can give the same last minute birthday present to your dad, too.

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No, my dad is not one of those dads who would be happy to receive whichever birthday gift from their children. My father tends to be quite picky. And what is even worse, it’s hard to guess what he really wants. You can only assume he didn’t like the birthday gift he got after you find an unopened gift hidden behind the sofa. With my father’s name tag glued on the wrapping paper, of course.

If he doesn’t like the gift, he won’t even open it. Seriously. He will just leave it there half opened in some dark corner of the house.


Whatsoever, knowing a few things about my dad, I figured it out, the type of birthday gift is worthy of giving him for his birthday in 2023. And yes, you can copy this list of birthday gifts for dads because I’m pretty sure your father will be happy to receive any of the birthday presents in the collages below too.

You know, if my dad likes them all, there is hardly any dad out there who wouldn’t like at least 7 out of 9 listed birthday presents for dads. Yet, I’m pretty sure your dad will love them all.


So here they are – the only birthday gifts my father is always happy to receive. And the best gifts for dads you could find this year.


First, some toys for big boys that come in handy around the house and for some big DIY projects. Or, in my fathers’ case, pro tools he can use every day. I know this tool kit that comes in the mahogany wood box is the first on his birthday wish list.

And also all these luxury tool kits.

1 WohnGeist 24-Piece Tool Kit in Wood Case

Truth be told, everyone should have a wood case with a tool kit like this one from WohnGeist in his/her home.


My father always comes back home smiling whenever someone gives him a new agenda or personalised stationery. Now we know where I got my love for stationery from.

2 Aspinal of London A4 Rustic Refillable Leather Journal

I can already see how thrilled my father will be when he opens his birthday present and sees this leather journal from Aspinal of London with his name embossed on the cover. It has all that my father needs. Plenty of space to write down all the things he did during the day, and it’s refillable too. Furthermore, it’s wrapped in durable Italian leather. By the way, have I mentioned initial embossing is for free? You can order embossed Aspinal of London A4 Rustic Refillable Leather Journal over here.

3 Aspinal of London Rollerball Sterling Silver & Leather Pen

If you are getting your dad a journal, be sure to give him a matching personalised pen as well. Click here to shop Rollerball Sterling Silver & Leather PenTo from Aspinal of London. Again Aspinal of London will be happy to engrave your father’s name to make this birthday present for dad even more special.


Yes, my father loves shoes as much as I do. And a pair of new shoes is a perfect birthday gift for him. I believe he will be happy to receive any of these shoes this year. Ps. Browse through the widget to shop for shoes that make the best last minute birthday gift for dads.


One thing my father hates even more than silly birthday gifts? Lace-up boots. Oh, I just know he will love this pair of waterproof boots from Gucci. Knowing my dad, I know he will wear them every day from now till summer. The good thing about these boots is that they are great winter boots men can wear for walking in the snow and office.


5 Robert E White. Understanding Vineyard Soils

My father loves making wine and taking care of the family vineyard. Therefore I know he would rather skip his birthday brunch just to read this book about vineyard soils the minute he unwraps this birthday present.


Finally, some great birthday gifts for dads we women know about more than tool kits, wine barrels, and golf clubs. Well, I sure know about golf clubs. Yet not as much as the next last minute birthday gift for my dad.

6 Foreo Luna 3 for Men

Sure, my dad won’t know what this pretty black thing is for at first. Frankly, I don’t think he has ever seen my pink Foreo Luna. Yet I don’t think he will need any convincing to try Foreo Luna (buy here) on his own.

I just hope he won’t sneak into my bathroom trying to steal my other Foreo gadgets once he realises how great it feels washing your face with Foreo Luna.

Still, I shouldn’t be mad at him if he does try to steal my other Foreo gadgets. After all, I used to be the one stealing his razors.

7 Ebony Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair Set

Whatsoever, I was only 7 years old at the time. Besides, this Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair Set from Ebony should be enough to make up to my dad for all the razors I have ever borrowed from him. Read stolen. I don’t think I ever put any razor back on the shelf. Still, none of my dad’s razors came with a stand. This one from Ebony does, though.


I know, after reading the beginning of this gift guide you sure didn’t expect to see food and alcohol as two of the best birthday gifts for dads. Especially not for my dad.

Nevertheless, it’s not any food or any alcohol that I have in mind. No, I told you my father likes thoughtful birthday gifts. Furthermore, personalized birthday gifts that scream his name. Well not literally, but even food and that bottle of alcohol have to let him know they were made just for him.

8 Godiva Assorted Signature Chocolate Truffles

Most of the men love chocolates. And my father is no exception. He simply loves chocolate. Especially personalised chocolates. I remember how much he loved the chocolate truffles shaped in screwdrivers and nut his best friends gave him for his last birthday.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit too late to order a box of chocolate nuts and a screwdriver since I’m doing last-minute birthday shopping for dad. But I’m still on time to order this box of chocolate truffles from Godiva. These truffles are one of our favourites. Hopefully, my dad doesn’t eat the entire box on his own. It’s 36 truffles in the box, and I want to eat that pink truffle with strawberry puree and vanilla mousse and all cream Brulee truffles.

9 Heering Cherry liqueur

Lastly, a home remedy my father will be more than willing to take after his birthday party – the digestif.

After all the chocolates and the birthday cake, I will probably need to drink it too. Cherry liqueur is everyone’s favourite.


Now that you found the best birthday gifts for dad you need to find a birthday gift for mom as well. And you also need to figure it out what birthday gift to give to your sisters. By the way, do you find it harder to find a birthday present for dad or a birthday gift for mom? Up next: small but fun gifts for family.