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Orchids and a Ceramic Mug? C’mon, you can give a better gift to Sister

Christmas Gifts for a Sister

Birthday gifts for sister. Trust me; your sister doesn’t want to get another ceramic mug and orchids for her birthday in 2022. Not even the sister, who truly loves flowers, wants to get this typical birthday gift from her sister. So, what do sisters want to get for their birthday in 2022? What does your sister want for her birthday in 2022? Scroll down, and you will find out! Ps. I made sure to add not only the best birthday gifts from sister to sister but the best birthday gifts from brother to sister, as well. So check them all. They differ.

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As said, I made a list of the best birthday gifts for sisters. And yes, I divided them into two parts. Just in case you are her brother reading this birthday gift guide.

After all, a brother-sister relationship is slightly different from sister to sister relationship. You wouldn’t tell a girl she is fat, if you were her brother, would you? See? I told you. Now scroll down to see what birthday present you should give to your sister for her birthday this year to make sure you give her the best gift of the year.

By the way, you can shop all the birthday gifts in the collages with only three clicks. All you need to do is to click inside the pink bracket, and a link will take you to the store where I found that birthday gift for my sister, too. Easy, right? And they say birthday shopping is exhausting. Well, not this year!

Anyway, birthday gift ideas for your sister. First, some birthday gift ideas from one sister to another. Then, birthday gift ideas from brother to sister. Ps. birthday gift ideas from brother to sister are waiting for you later in the article.


Isn’t the sister birthday gift exchange just fun? After all, you can give any type of gift to your sister. If you two are not only sisters by blood but sisters by the soul as well, your sister won’t get mad no matter what gift you give her for her birthday this year. Still, note that she wants these gifts.

Besides, if you want to give her a better gift in your birthday gifts exchange than the gift you will receive, then give her something from the collage below. Again, that is what she secretly wishes for her birthday in 2022.


The best thing about being a sister, and even better having a sister is that there is a person who won’t hold nasty things from you. She will tell you that you got grey hair or split ends, the moment she sees it. No, she won’t hold it a secret. Not even when you get fat and start getting wrinkles. Rather than that, she will help you fight those changes. And you should help her with that too. For the beginning, get her one of these wellness gifts.


For sure, there is no better birthday gift one could give to another than better health. Everyone wants it. Especially when you can get it with a little help from these lovely pink wellness gifts.

1 Silk Pillow and Sleep Mask set

Health starts with great night’s sleep. This silk pillow and sleep mask set will help your sister sleep better, plus make sure she doesn’t wake up looking like her Frenchie and your Poodle. All wrinkled and with split ends.

2 Foreo Issa Play

Does your sister have a stinky breath or is just a sucker when it comes to oral hygiene? Get her Foreo Issa Play – a little sonic toothbrush that she can put into her bag.

These wellness gifts are a good birthday gift, too. Especially if you two are really close and could talk about boys on the phone for hours.


Mentioning the bag; a bag and shoes are the best birthday gifts from sister to another sister with no doubt. A bag and a pair of shoes is a classic birthday gift for sisters that is much better than a flower pot and vase. For one, bags and shoes are more precious, for two, your sister won’t break them.

3 by Far Handbag

Rachel bag from by Far (buy here) is not only one of the most fashionable handbags of the season. But also a bag that sisters have been borrowing from each other since the 90s. This is the bag that brings sisters together.

4 Stuart Weitzman Sandals
5 Ettika Chain Bracelet Set

One bracelet for you and another for your sister. Yes, my sister and I have this same bracelet set (get here) too.

6 Hairpin

Last but not least, a fashion gift for a birthday in 2022 that is written on your sister’s wishlist is a pretty hairpin. The one you saw in the picture above comes from Jennifer Behr, and you can shop it here.

Ps. be sure also to check my Hair Accessories Trend Report to find more pretty hair accessories your little sister would love to get for her birthday in 2022.



Another thing for her hair your sister wishes for her birthday in 2022? A hairdryer, and a curler, of course! Well, these are already two hairstyling gifts. I guess you can keep one?

7 t3 Micro Hairdryer

I’m keeping a new t3 Micro Hairdryer (US shop hereEU shop here) for myself. Well, don’t look like that! I will share it with Darja.

8 Temptu Air Brush and Root Touch Up Color

Truth be told, this is not a birthday gift my sister will get from me this year since she doesn’t have grey hair yet, but a Temptu Air Brush (buy here) and a root cover-up (shop here) is something I will give her next birthday, for sure. Or the next. After all, the Temptu Air Brush is not just for applying the hair colour but makeup too. You have probably already heard about the airbrush foundation, haven’t you? Well, if you haven’t let me just tell you that this is the easiest and the most precise way of applying makeup foundation.


While my sister is lucky not to have grey hair yet, she is getting her first wrinkles. And she is quite frustrated about it. However, she hated when my parents gave her a gift voucher for a botox treatment for her 30th birthday. She was so angry at my parents for letting her know she has wrinkles so straightforward. A little reminder that a gift card is not really the best birthday gift.

Anyways, these skincare birthday gifts are a better birthday gift for a sister in her thirties who is getting her first wrinkles.

9 Erborian BB Shot Mask

Wrinkles, grey hair, dry skin, what comes next? Large pore perhaps? If that is your sister’s case – get her this face mask. It’s super cheap (costs less than $10) and it will leave your sister with baby skin. Now she will have no excuse not to be in as many birthday photos with you as you please.

10 Chanel Le Lift Handcream
11 Dior Prestige Le Baume Démaquillant

My favourite makeup remover. Ps. Get one Dior Prestige Le Baume Démaquillant for you as well. This is the best makeup remover on the market right now. I have tested many, so I know. It leaves your skin hydrated and soft as a rose. Plus, it smells so lovely.

12 Dior Prestige Cream

Last but not least, a beauty birthday gift for your sisters I recommend is my favourite face cream. In short, Dior Prestige is the best winter face cream you could give to your sister. I will be using it every day all year long. Well, I use it before sleep during the year too. Dior Prestige (buy here) simply gives the best comfort to my skin. Plus, it is antiaging.



Did your sister get fat during the quarantine or feel a bit depressed after sitting at the desk all day long? Don’t just tell her she should start working out to get rid of the stress and get back into shape. Give her something that will encourage her to be active every single day. Indeed, workout gear is a great birthday present. Especially if you need a workout buddy. Who better than your sister, right? I dragged mine to the golf course too.

13 Tangram Factory Rookie Smart Jump Rope

There will be no more cheating and no more skipping daily workout for your sister once she opens your birthday 2022 gift box and takes out this smart jump rope (buy here).

Yes, smart means that it connects with the phone and tracks progress. This way, you will know how many times your sister jumped, how many calories she burnt, and how long she actually workout.

Ps. Browse through the widget below to find more birthday workout gear gifts for your sister.


14 Birthday Makeup Gifts


Makeup is a great birthday gift idea for a birthday gift from a brother to a sister as well. Truth be told, it’s hard to miss with Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Guerlain, YSL, or any of the makeup you see in the collages below.

Still, makeup is not the only birthday gift a brother can give to his sister. No, there are more.



15 The Best Makeup Gifts from Brother to Sister

Ps. If your sister doesn’t like makeup – check no-makeup gift guide as well.

16 Foreo GIFT SET: UFO + LUNA mini 2

Give your sister a little home spa escape this birthday with Foreo UFO and Luna gift set.

Ps. I’m pretty sure she will let you try them too. You know, since sharing is caring. And you both might need a little spa escape from 2022.

By the way, UFO, the new age face mask treatment, is my secret helper to look so radiant during the winter. And Luna the best cleansing device I have ever tried.

17 Dior Joy Parfume

Ps. Check more perfumes that you can buy online – without giving them a try first.

18 Chanel Le Lift Handcream

Your sister might be more grateful for a hand cream than a bottle of perfume in 2022. After disinfecting her hands all the time, her hands must be dry and painful. Chanel Le Lift Handcream will help her.


19 t3 Micro Whirl Trio Curler

The number one birthday gift my sister truly wants this year is a curler without the clip (US buy hereEU buy here). She really hates the clip.

20 Balmain Paris Hair Couture Golden Hair Brush

In my opinion, the best birthday gift from a brother to a sister is a Balmain golden hairbrush (buy here EU). Also a silver hairbrush (shop here EU). And this under $40 golden comb from Balmain Paris Hair Couture (buy here).



Miha, check these birthday gifts out! Your baby sister will love them. Honestly, these are the best birthday gifts from a big brother to his little sister. Well, even if your sister is not as little anymore, she will love a new bag and hair accessories.

First, for two birthday gifts, you Miha, can give to your teenage sister.

21 by Far Mini Tote Bag

Isn’t this little pink tote bag from by Far just adorable? I think so. And it goes so well with this #22 dress from Self-Portrait that is also one of the best birthday gifts from a brother to a sister.

22 Self-Portrait dress

Well, all these Self-Portrait dresses are. Browse through the widget below to find a dress for all of your sisters and cousins.


Your sister’s heart will melt once she sees one of these hair accessories.

Ps. Find more fashionable and affordable hair accessories in the hair accessories trend report.


25 Bottega Veneta bag

If you want to be the coolest brother in the world, give your sister this bag from Bottega Veneta. For sure your sister will do whatever you want her to do after she sees what her baby bro bought her for her birthday in 2022.

26 Band T-Shirt

Another cool birthday present for a sister from a brother is a band T-shirt. Sure, this birthday gift is from the category of classic birthday gift ideas. But it still looks cool. Especially if you know your sister’s favourite band. Besides, the band T-shirts are in fashion again. By the way, can you guess my favourite band?

Ps. Your sister will be thrilled if you give her this entire outfit for her birthday party.

28 Moxi Ice Skates or Moxi Roller Skates
27 Fendi Ski Helmet


Feel a bit estranged from your sister after months apart? These birthday gifts will help you bond again.


See? I told you, orchids are boring compared to these birthday gifts for sister. Ps. If you have more sisters than all the birthday gifts in this gift guide, be sure to also check all the other gift ideas on Brunette from Wall Street. Oh, and don’t forget to check little luxury gifts for everyone on your gifting list, too.