Brunette from Wall Street flip-flops fashion trends ss 2019 chanel flip flops Chanel

Ugly, bad for your feet. But in fashion. Will you wear them?

Flip-Flops Were not just a microtrend anymore. Flip-flops are going to be big in SS 2019

Guess what? Those hideous flats are back! Everyone stylish, well everyone but me, is wearing them again. They are ugly, bad for your feet, bad on the street and on the feed. Yet fashionable for summer 2019. It’s the flip-flops we are talking about today. Will you wear them this summer? I won’t! Here is why!

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Sorry to tell you, but luxe pool slides are somehow out of style for summer 2019. If 2018 was all about luxe pool slides, 2019 is clearly not. 2019 number one summer shoes are flip-flops. Well, maybe not number one, since Teva sandals and strappy nude sandals are popular as well. But flip-flops are undoubtedly top 3 2019 summer shoes.

Yes, that ugly summer flats that make you look sloppy, your feet gigantic and make you feel small and underdressed. Well, truth to be told, I’m not sure if flip-flops actually make you feel underdressed. But that is what they should make you feel.

At least before summer 2019. When flip-flops are officially fashionable again.

You know, once something is back in fashion, it feels all right to wear it everywhere. But work, of course. Luckily flip-flops are still out of the office. Leaving the place for more work appropriate and more comfortable shoes.

Ps. The list of summer 2019 IT office shoes is already on Brunette from Wall Street soon. You can, check what shoes to wear for work in 2019 over here.



Whatsoever, it’s the flip-flops we are talking about today. Because yes, flip-flops are truly back in style for summer 2019.

Remember I wrote about fashionistas wearing flip flops during Copenhagen fashion week last August? Here in case, you missed. Back then we all thought flip-flops were just a microtrend. And Danish girls were wearing them just because they were trying to set a new fashion trend. But in the end, flip flops would stay in the trash bins at the beach or in the dusty shoe boxes. Like mines.

However, we were all wrong. Well done, Danish girls! Flip flops walked from the streets of Copenhagen straight to the runways. The ugly strappy flops were all over the spring-summer 2019 runways. Seen in almost every fashion show. From New York to Paris.

Brunette from Wall Street flip-flops fashion trends spring 2019 chanel flip flops Chanel flip flops


Honestly, I still can’t believe everyone fashionable is shopping flip-flops for summer 2019. And making these ugly flats IT summer shoes fashionable long before summer 2019.

Everyone fashionable but me. Because, hell no, I’m not wearing flip flops in summer 2019. I simply can’t. Flip-flops are heading straight to my Never going to wear list (see here). I’m wearing espadrilles instead.

I mean just put them next to the luxe pool slides. It’s quite clear flip-flops are that ugly summer flats that look better in the shoe box than on your feet.

Not that they actually look bad on me. Flip-flops do look hideous on my sister though. Only flip-flops are just the most uncomfortable and unpractical summer shoes I have ever worn. Although I must admit, I only wore them once or twice to the swimming pool.


Sure, you can put them on in a second, but you can’t walk in flip-flops from street to office. What street? You can’t even wear them on the street. Obviously, Danish girls during the fashion week are an exception. Street style during fashion week doesn’t count. We all wear uncanny outfits during the fashion week.

Anyway, Danish girls aside, as said I’m not wearing flip-flops this summer. Nor ever again. Yes, I dare to say that! Although I admit, I don’t find all the flip-flops from the widget below hideous. Ugly, yes, but somehow wearable. That is if you manage to walk in flip-flops without stumbling.

Whatsoever, I picked those flip-flops for you. Just in case you actually like flip-flops.

Brunette from Wall Street flip-flops fashion trends ss 2019 chanel flip flops Chanel


So here they are. The flip-flops I would wear in summer 2019 if it was between death and life, and I had no choice but to put on flip-flops.



Ps. Don’t blame me if something bad happens to you while walking around in flip-flops. Remember I claim flip-flops are not the best summer shoes for your feet. Studies prove so. By the way, you might want to read this study as well – Effect of thong style flip-flops on children’s barefoot walking and jogging kinematics.

There is another study you might want to read about an alternative to fashionable flip-flops. According to this study “Does flip-flop style footwear modify ankle biomechanics and foot loading patterns?” FitFlops are supposed to be a better choice since the wider strap.


Nevertheless, I don’t trust this study before trying FitFlops by myself. Results could have been interpreted to prove FirFlops as the best alternative. Even so, since FitFlops don’t look that bad, I added them to the widget as well. They are those flip-flops with a wider strap.

Almost forgot, these Valentino flip-flops with bows (shop here) and these Giuseppe Zanotti (buy here) and Chanel flip-flops with arch support (buy here) are supposed to be a healthier choice as well.

Brunette from Wall Street flip-flops fashion trends spring 2019 chanel flip flops blue


I hope you liked my selection of flip-flops for summer 2019. Believe me, these are the best of flip-flops you can find in the stores right now. Inevitably the new styles will pop in the stores soon, but they will disappear even faster.

As said, everyone fashionable is already shopping flip-flops. And given the price of these summer shoes, everyone chic will get 7 pairs at least. For every day in the week, I guess.

Whatsoever, if you are like me, resisting this spring summer 2019 fashion trend here is what you should know. There are many other ugly summer shoes to wear instead of flip-flops in summer 2019. And only two that we all like.

But more about the other shoes that are fashionable for summer 2019 next time. Now, tell me what do you think about flip-flops being fashionable in summer 2019. Are you team flip-flops or team luxe pool slides. Do you like flip-flops? Will you wear flip-flops from the beach to the street? Or will you like me walk to the beach in wedged espadrilles?