Brunette from Wall Street the best Valentine's Day gifts for boyfriend you can keep if you two split

Gifts for Your Boyfriend You Can Keep in Case You Two Split

Valentine’s Day gifts for a boyfriend – to make sure you don’t forget to give your boyfriend Valentine’s Day gift. POV It’s OK, even if you would. Your boyfriend probably won’t break up with you because of that. Well, in case he does, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for him that you can keep for yourself, in case you two split. Or in the best case, Valentine’s Day gifts for him he will want to share with you after a good laugh about you forgetting about Valentine’s Day. After all, chocolate truffles are always better in two, aren’t they? And the smell of your/his perfume on his leather jacket makes it more stylish too.

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As said, here are the best Valentine’s Gifts for him that you can keep in case you two split. Or give them after Valentine’s Day – in case you forget about Valentine’s Day.

No matter how big your love is or seems, you need to think in advance when buying Valentine’s gift for him.

Point of view, if your love is one that will last, this cool Valentine’s gifts for him will undoubtedly avoid his heartbreak. And yours, too. We all know how annoying men can be if they don’t like what they get.

Moreover, I’m sure these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a boyfriend will be helpful for all of you, who are single and just pretending to be buying a gift for your man.

No one needs to know you are the one who is keeping the gift. Above all, you can take this as an opportunity to finally get yourself something from the men’s corner without anyone giving you that look.


By the way, both collages and product galleries are hyperlinked and shoppable. To shop for any of these Valentine’s Day gifts, simply click on the gift you want to buy and a link will take you to the store where you can purchase it.


The first thing I’m getting? For me, of course – golf club headcover (buy here). POV If you are anything like me, then you both play golf as passionately as I do.

Surely, if he doesn’t play golf, you can simply get him a leather American football (buy here). Trust me; he will love it. A leather American football is every American boy’s child’s wish, a European collector’s must coveted piece, and a useful gift any girl should love to keep for herself.

IMAO, you actually need that ball. To keep you fit. Or to throw it up to the wall to release your anger if he breaks up with you.


The season calls for special treats and unique sentiments. Whether you are lavishly spoiling him, or secretly sending yourself a well-deserved present, a DIOR Spice Blend Parfum is the Valentine’s Day gift that will keep on giving.

Btw This Dior perfume is one of my favourite perfumes since it’s unisex. And changes during the day. Along with my mood.


Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair Set – Ebony – Shaving kit (buy here) is always timely for Valentine’s Day – leaving him no excuse not to shave before he kisses you.

But a Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair Set – Ebony – Shaving kit is also a perfect gift for you to keep if you split up. Believe me; that brush from the set will become your favourite blush brush. It happens to be softer than any blush brush you have.

And a razor? Well, we all know you have been borrowing his razors before.


IMAO, chocolates might not be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him if you are shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift you want back when you split.

You know you won’t be able to take back a box of Godiva Assorted Chocolate truffles if you split a few days after Valentine’s day. I’m sure it will be all gone by then. Remember, buy him food and drink only if your love is to last.


If your love lasts or not, you both will need a touch of makeup after this Valentine’s Day.

He won’t admit it, but rest for sure he is already stealing your foundation. You might just want to buy him his own foundation stick, and JO MALONE LONDON™ Vitamin E Lip Conditioner (get here) for his lips to make sure his lips are not as harsh as a wooden toolbox.


Mentioning a toolbox – WohnGeist 24-Piece Tool Kit in Wood Case (buy here) is the best useful Valentine’s Day gift for any type of boy – even if he is not crafty.

What is more, this Valentine’s Day gift is the most useful gift you could buy for yourself. You know, it is smart to know how to do certain things around the house by yourself – in the end, you will listen to Flowers.


Finally, some cosmetics for him. I’m sure you figured out who else is to blame for your cream pot getting empty so fast. It’s about time he gets one of his own.

POV you might want to give him a La Mer The Lifting & Firming Mask (buy here), too. I have a feeling he has been stealing your face mask for the last month or two.


In an array of Valentine’s Day gifts for a boyfriend, a 30-year-old single malt Scotch whisky (buy here) makes a precious gift for a collector.

A perfect treasure to have and hold for years to come – don’t forget to throw a party if you split. Your girlfriends will love a sip from that bottle.

Indulgent treats will keep the spirits high during Valentine’s. But you might want to give him something even more useful – for you and not just your friends.


You can’t deny you don’t love wearing his shirt, can you? Or stealing his jacket.

Good news for you, oversized trucker jackets are in fashion this season. And this Loro Piana jacket will be just perfect for both of you – the same as a music tape.


If he is the one, he will love Adele 30 cassette tape.


IMAO it’s not difficult to get Valentine’s gift for a man. You can’t say a box of chocolates and a bottle of liqueur won’t do. Or even better, any gadget. You know what I mean – men and their toys. But, finding something you could keep or borrow from him, is slightly more daunting.

Sure, we would love to eat the chocolates and drink the entire bottle by ourselves, especially after the breakup. Still, I’m sure you don’t want to be single and fat. Do you? Anyway, if your answer is yes, here are more chocolates and candy for you.

By the way, does your man make drama if you forget to give him Valentine’s Day gift?

Ps. Be sure to check all the other gifts for men as well. I’m pretty sure you will find Valentine’s Day gifts for all your men. The old and the new one. You know, in case you two split and you have to buy another Valentine’s gift for your new man as well.