Brunette from Wall Street the best 2019 Christmas gifts for nerdy boss

#20 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Grumpy Boss He Will Love

Oh, dear, don’t say you got to be a Secret Santa to your grumpy boss and now you have no idea what to give him/her for Christmas? Don’t worry I found #20 Christmas gifts for your ill-tempered boss that I’m sure will make him/her a much nicer boss in 2021. So scroll down to find the best 2021 Christmas Gifts for grumpy boss now.

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Ha, shopping for a gift for a grumpy boss lady, or even worse a cranky boss, is nothing like joyful Christmas shopping, is it? It’s not like you could give your ill-tempered boss that cheezy “Best boss in the world” mug. Well, you could, but hey, we all know it’s not true.

Besides that mug is not what your boss wants. Nor needs. I mean one cheezy mug won’t make him/her a better boss. And the line best boss in the world won’t motivate him/her to actually become the best (lady) boss.

All the opposite. It will make your grumpy boss even vainer and therefore moodier every time you do something wrong.

Anyway, forget about that mug, there are other 2021 Christmas gifts out there. And believe it or not, shopping for a 2021 Christmas gift for grumpy boss can be delightful too. That is when you actually know what to get him/her.

Don’t worry, being a moody lady boss myself I know just what your grumpy boss wants for Christmas this year.


So what is the perfect Christmas gift for your grumpy ill-tempered boss? There are several gifts you can give to your boss actually. And yes, chocolates and cookies are first on the list. However, not any kind of chocolates and cookies.

It’s not like you could give your boss a Milka chocolate bar or Oreo cookies for example. Even though he/she loves Milka and Oreo, neither of them is a good Christmas gift for your grumpy boss. And no, I’m not saying this because I disliked either of these brands.

But both, Milka and Oreo are every child’s favourite candy brands. Which makes them both a bad corporate gift. You know, there are some corporate gifting rules you should follow. And this is just one of them. Don’t treat your coworker as a child!

Anyway, more about corporate gifting rules is coming next in my complete corporate gifting guide for 2021 Christmas. And yes, there are many corporate gifting rules. But we are covering all the rules that apply to your boss with this Christmas gift guide for the boss.

So don’t worry. Following this Christmas gift guide, you will find a perfect Christmas gift for your grumpy boss.

Now to the list of best Christmas gifts for a grumpy boss. By the way, you can shop all the Christmas gifts you see in the collages below simply by clicking inside the pink brackets. I added all the links in the copy too, but shopping straight from the collage is faster. Anyway, the choice is yours. Just don’t hesitate too much. Your boss is waiting.

best Christmas Gift Guide for ill-tempered Boss


Starting with the Christmas gifts for a grumpy boss lady. Well yes, boss ladies can be ill-tempered too. Sometimes even more than men. And getting a Christmas gift for a boss lady can be actually even harder than finding a Christmas gift for the boss.

For one, you can’t get her a bottle of perfume, because she would get an impression you think she smells bad. Besides, a bottle of perfume is not an appropriate gift to give to your superior.

You can, however, give your boss lady a scented candle. Not only it will calm and relax her, but a candle also looks luxurious and boss worthy. When you get the right candle, of course.

Also, no facial masks or anti-ageing creams. You don’t want your boss lady to tell she looks tired. However, a set of hydrating creams is a beautiful gift.

Makeup can be tricky. While every lady boss loves good makeup coming in a luxurious packing, you shouldn’t give a single lipstick to a moody boss lady. Give her two or even better a set of lipstick. Or just to be safe, a palette.

As it goes to the stationery; every boss lady loves beautiful and elegant stationery. And a nice set of pencils is a lovely Christmas gift. Unlike the calculator. Yes, even this beautiful calculator from Kate Spade New York. While it’s a good Christmas gift to give to your chic colleague, a calculator is not a good gift for a grumpy boss lady.

Giving a calculator to your boss signals you believe you are not paid enough. Although thinking better, this is an excellent way to tell your grumpy boss you want a raise.

Furthermore, a stapler is not the best Christmas gift for an ill-tempered boss lady. You don’t want to take chances to get it into your head, do you? One never knows.

Not to say anything else, here is the list with all the products that are worthy of your grumpy boss lady. And will undoubtedly bring a smile on her face.



#1 HERBIVORE Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio

Coming in a nice box, this set contains everything that will prevent your boss lady to be ill-tempered due to dry skin this winter. The collection contains Coco Rose Body Polish, Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, Coco Rose Lip Conditioner. Shop it here. 

#2 Chanel Skin Essentials Skincare Basic Set (shop here)

Well if you got frightened after reading that corporate gifting rule before, and think you might be taking too much of a risk when giving your boss lady a hydration set, then check this essential skincare set from Chanel. It includes LA SOLUTION 10 DE CHANEL Sensitive Skin Cream, UV ESSENTIEL Multi-Protection Daily Defense Sunscreen Anti-Pollution Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and HYDRA BEAUTY Nourishing Lip Care. And coming in an elegant signature pouch. What a beautiful Christmas gift, right?

#3 REN Relax Gift Set

I know there is a body wash in this set. Nevertheless, this gift set is an exception of that corporate gifting rule mentioned earlier. It’s Ren. Besides this gift set comes with 2 rich body lotions and therefore makes it a good Christmas gift for a grumpy boss lady. Here is where to shop it.

#4 LAURA MERCIER Luxe Indulgences Hand & Body Crème Collection (shop here)

This is a limited edition of 4 travel sized hand & body creams your boss lady can put in her handbag. Ps. No more rough handshakes for you.

#5 CHANEL la crème main texture riche (buy here)

Another hand cream. Only from Chanel this time.


Again, you can. But not anything you find on the shelves of Boots, DM, Muller or other drugstores. Look for little luxury gifts.

#6 HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette (shop here)

A bit of makeup never did any harm. Especially a lighting palette. It’s pretty yet not too personal. Just like a Christmas gift for a moody boss lady should be.

#7 TOM FORD BEAUTY Soleil Contouring Compact – Nude (shop here)

Another luxurious palette every boss lady would love.

#8 TOM FORD BEAUTY Boys & Girls – Scarlett 25 (shop here)  and Burberry Lip Velvet Poppy Red No.433 (shop here)

As said, better give a set of two lipsticks. Asking me, these two lipsticks are the best lipsticks out there. They are both long lasting and leaving that rich, smooth feeling on the lips all day long. Which, knowing your boss, can be long.


#9 ORIBE Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil, 50ml (shop here)

If your boss lady gets even more ill-tempered on her bad hair day, this is just the 2021 Christmas gift you should give her. Believe me, she will love it.


#10 Kate Spade gold dot pen and pencil set (shop here)
#11 Kikki.K 18-Month Zip-Around Leather Perpetual Planner

There is no doubt, an organized lady boss is less ill-tempered. And this is a beautiful planner.


As said, no perfume for boss ladies. Get your boss lady a candle instead.

#12 DIPTYQUE Feu de Bois, Ambre, Pomander, Benjoin and Opopanax set of five scented candles, 5 x 35g (shop here)

A set of candles that will brighten your boss lady immediately.

#13 CIRE TRUDON Amon scented candle, 270g (shop here)  

Another candle that not only smells nice but looks beautiful too.

#14 JOYA Copaline scented candle, 260g (shop here)  

This is the last candle for the boss lady, I promise. Just in case you decide to keep the Cire Trudon and Diptyque candles for yourself. Although, I doubt you will be happy to give away this candle easily either. Especially when you think of how chic it would look on your desk. Or at home. Well, you can always buy two. One for you and one for your boss.


#15 Kusmi Tsarevna Tinned Loose Tea (200g) (shop here)

One of my favourite blends. Flavoured with hints of cinnamon, liquorice root and orange peel, this relaxing Kusmi’s tea is a perfect tea for the boss lady. Did I mention, it’s a relaxing tea?

#16 Kusmi BB Detox Tea (125g) (shop it over here)

Another tea, that won’t only relax your boss lady, but also make her look prettier. This tea is good for the skin. I drink it too.

#17 GODIVA Coffee Break Hamper (shop here)

I really wonder if your boss lady will share this chocolate hamper with you.

#18 Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles (275g) (shop here)

Apart from being delicious, these truffles are trendy among women.

#19 PIERRE HERME Monts & Merveilles medium hamper (shop here)

Believe me, it wasn’t easy to write about all these chocolates for me. Ps. If you want to become your boss lady’s favourite worker, this is a Christmas gift you should get her first.


#20 LEONE 1947 10OZ FAUX LEATHER BOXING GLOVES (shop here)  

Lastly, the boxing gloves. To stress her anger at the sack instead of you.

best Christmas Gifts for moody Bosses


Now to the Christmas gift guide for the grumpy boss. Apparently, some of the gifts in this Christmas gift guide are the same to the one in Christmas gift guide for boss lady. Distinguishing only in colour, scent or taste. But since I wanted to save you time and make sure you don’t give your boss a rose scented candle, I added these as well.

Yes, we are giving a candle to boss too. You didn’t think candles are just for boss ladies, did you? I assure you, this is the scent CEOs love. Especially LVHM CEOs. Instagram proved.


#1 DIPTYQUE Holiday Candle Set 70G (shop here)

This candle set is a perfect set of candles for men. They smell of Christmas and home.

#2 DIPTYQUE Sapin de Lumiere Room Spray (buy here)  

Another Christmas gift for your ill-tempered boss, coming from Diptyque. This time a fragrance for his office. This masculine scent of pine will enhance the atmosphere in your boss’s office even on his bad day. I call this a win-win Christmas gift for the grumpy boss.

Ps. You can buy both a room spray and a candle as a set here. It’s a better deal.


No. But you can give him an aftershave lotion. Just not Oldspice or any other drugstore aftershave lotions. Not only they smell bad; they are not worthy of your boss.

#3 CHANEL Allure Homme After Shave Lotion (shop here)  

Here is something for your boss. Ps. Be sure not to get your boss this aftershave lotion from Chanel. The name of this lotion tells too much.

#4 CHANEL Allure Homme After Shave Lotion Moisturizer (buy it here)
#5 TOM FORD Oil-Free Daily Moisturiser (shop here)

Men have oily skin too. And if your boss suffers off acne, here is something for him.

#6 BYREDO Suede Hand Sanitiser, 30ml (shop here)  

If only this hand cream made for men would soften your boss’s temper as good as his hands.


They will all deny it, but secretly they all want it. The makeup. Yes, men want makeup. Especially grumpy bosses. And yes, you can give makeup to your boss. He will highly appreciate it. Especially in winter. And before the business meeting after a rough night.

Here is the makeup you can give to your boss without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

#7 TOM FORD Hydrating Lip Balm (shop here)

You wouldn’t believe how long I was browsing through the stores to find this lip balm for men. This lip balm is the most wanted beauty gift for men and almost sold out online. Luckily, I found the last one for you. Pardon, for your boss. Get it here.

#8 TOM FORD Concealer (buy it here)

He won’t know what to do with concealer first, so you might add a bottle of cognac with it. I’m pretty sure he will soon see how useful this little stick is.


Mentioning the cognac, it’s time we take a look at the spirits and wines. Be aware not to give any alcohol to your boss if he tends to get even more ill-tempered after a sip of liquor. Rather give him a blend of tea instead.

#9 Dom Pérignon P2 Vintage 2000 (shop a bottle here)

Well, if you must, then get him this bottle of Dom Pérignon. It’s not pricey. But it is good.


#10 Kusmi Loose BB Detox Tea (500g) (shop here)

To calm his nerves. You will be surprised how this tea will affect your boss. Just wait for a few days, and you will see. One day he will enter the office all cheered up and smiling.

#11 Kusmi Spearmint Loose Leaf Green Tea (125g) (buy here)

This is a tea for men with a strong character.

#12 TOM DIXON Form Stainless Steel Tea Set (shop here)

Since you are giving your boss a tea for Christmas, you should also get him this tea set. You see, this set is far better than the cheezy #bestbossintheworld mug.

#13 Godiva Signature Hamper (shop here)

A Leather hampers with truffles, gold chocolates, orangettes, mint twigs, and milk chocolate tablet is a dream come true for every man. Your grumpy boss, too.

#14 Godiva Cube Truffles (get truffles here)

I always thought ball truffles are more for women. And therefore not the best gift for men. Luckily, Godiva came up with the masculine cube truffles.


#15 Aspinal of London Envelope Wrap Journal (shop here)

You can’t miss with this classic Christmas gift; especially if your boss likes everything made of smooth Italian leather.

#16 MONTBLANC Meisterstück Resin And Platinum-Plated Ballpoint Pen (buy here)

A Montblanc pen is a classic. And if your boss doesn’t have one yet, let it be you who gives it to him. Ps. The pen I selected is under $400 and even though pricey, still appropriate corporate gift if you are next to your boss.



A pair of boxing gloves for the boss too.


So this is it. My list of #17 best Christmas Gifts for a grumpy boss and #20 best Christmas Gifts for grumpy boss lady. Well grumpy or not, all these gifts are great examples of corporate 2021 Christmas gifts. Nevertheless, there are more corporate Christmas gifts to come on Brunette from Wall Street soon. I mean if you have a cool boss who has been ill-tempered just because he/she is on a diet lately, there is no reason why not giving him/her a gift he deserves more. Ps. Be sure not to keep the gift for yourself. I know, it’s good, but it’s Christmas. And you are your boss’ Secret Santa this year. By the way, be sure to check where to pay less for Christmas gifts. You know, Christmas makes everything better. Even those numbers on the price tags.