Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street marking her birthday in her agenda

All the Things I Want for My Birthday

Best Birthday Gifts for Fashion IT Girls

You know what I’m doing? I’m glueing a special sticker on 16th of October. A birthday sticker! Yes, my birthday is almost here. And I am already making a list of all the things I want for my birthday this year. I bet you can already imagine my birthday list with all of the birthday gifts I wish, without even checking it. Or maybe not. That is, if you are my mother, father or sister, because you three, always miss. And never buy me the birthday gift I want.

16th of October is almost here! Read the day I get all the things I wanted. Well, at least most of the times. Because my parents and friends go wrong quite often. Anyway, I decided to give them a little help and publish my birthday wish list with all the gifts I wish to get for my birthday this year.

The list of birthday gift every fashion IT girl has on her wishlist actually. Not saying we all have the same taste and wishes, but believe me, every birthday girl wants these birthday gifts for her birthday this year.

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Beautiful Slovenian Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street marking her birthday in her agenda


After overhearing my parents talking about what to give me for my birthday this year (16th of October is almost here!!!), I decided to simply publish my wishlist with all the gifts I want to get this year. And yes, I was eavesdropping, I mean it’s my birthday they were talking about.

Anyway, as most of the fashionistas have a birthday right now, in September and October, I thought this might be of great help to you too. Afterall, it’s always good to know what gift to give to your favourite fashionista. You certainly want to give her the gift of the year, right? If not a meaningful, at least a gift that will bring a smile on her face and make her birthday even more special.


Remember I wrote what are the best Valentines (here) and best Christmas gifts (here)? Well, things are slightly different when it comes to the birthdays. Birthday gifts can be either very personal or very luxurious. So if your girl is vain or you simply want to spoil her like a queen she is, then anything from my birthday wish list will be an excellent choice. I can assure you no legit fashionista will be mad at you when giving her a gift like this. But be sure to put it in a nice box with a bow. You know that feeling when you untie the bow and open the cover of the bow? There is nothing better than this. Well, only when you see there is just what you wanted in that box.


So what is that fashionistas want for their birthday this year? In short, anything from Dior (and no this is not a sponsored post, but the Dior saddle bag is a big thing for millennials right now), something from Supreme (who cares it’s actually for the boys). The Chloe bag. Furthermore, the new Dior perfume, Dior Joy, something from Byredo, fashionable shoes. Also, a big bouquet of fresh roses. Ps. Slovenian, you can order a beautiful bouquet at online flower shop Šopek over here. Well, the green plant might go through this time too, although not in my case). Some fancy gadgets for fun and face. Luxury candles. As usual, the statement jewelry. And chocolates that don’t make us fat. Good luck with finding that!



Finally, what is on my birthday wishlist? Well, many things. Especially shoes (size 36, daddy!), bags and beauty products. Although don’t think there is a gift for every year that I’m celebrating. I’m not that old yet. Anyway, your favourite 20-something fashionista wishes to get this for her birthday … Ps. You can send me all to my address Vrbovce 5a 8310 Sentjernej Slovenia.








Lastly, all the birthday gifts I bought for myself last year. With the money, I got from my parents and grannies. Again! I really hope they check this birthday wishlist and actually give me items. I definitely don’t want to be like Mr Been this year. You know, buying a gift for myself, wrap it and then unwrapping it as I got it from someone special.

Anyway, since I already have all these thing, I can assure you, your girl will love them too.



Ps. If you don’t get me something from my birthday wish list, just make sure you don’t give me any ugly small stuffed toys, milk chocolates cheap makeup and perfumes I would never use, and plants (especially not the orchids) I would have no I idea what to do with them.



Be sure to follow me on my Instagram to see if I get any birthday gifts from this wishlist. Well, perhaps I will get something from my other shopping list (you know the one here). Mentioning the other list, my fall shopping wish list, there are some great gift ideas for your fashionista on that list too. Or anything from my favourite stores. So make sure you check this article out too. I also wrote a tip on how to compensate fall full priced splurges with the Black Friday.

Oh, and if you are looking for a birthday gift for your mom – go here.

Ps. What was the best birthday gift you ever got? Did you get it from the person who knows you the most or from someone you didn’t expect to guess what you really want to get for your birthday? Oh, and don’t forget on my birthday on 16th of October. Reading your wishes and opening birthday gifts will make this birthday the best ever!