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All that I wished for my birthday and what I actually got

Best Birthday Gifts for Fashion IT Girls

Knowing me, you can bet there were many birthday gifts on my wishlist this year. As always, my birthday wishlist was full of beautiful things every fashion girl wants to get for her birthday in 2021. How wouldn’t she when all these birthday gifts are nothing but fashionable, Instagram popular, sweet, luxury and most of all, useful? And no, all these presents are not only the best birthday gift ideas for women in their 20s but women turning 30 as well. After all, looking at what I actually got (what I get every year now that I’m in my 20s), I ought to think ahead. Yes, there are still so many things from my birthday present wishlist that I didn’t get this year. Scroll down to see all the gifts I wished for my birthday and the gifts I actually got.

Ps. You can use my birthday wishlist as a gift guide when buying a birthday gift for your sister, daughter, girlfriend or wife. Even a BFF, since there are plenty of little luxury gifts on my birthday wishlist as well.

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Brunette from Wall Street Best birthday gifts for her Dior pumps headband chocolate truffles Gucci pearl necklace pearl hairpin iPad chain bracelet champagne confetti


16th of October is long gone. And birthday presents have already stopped coming. So I guess it’s time I draw a line under my birthday wishlist and make a report.

Luckily my parents and friends didn’t go entirely wrong this year and gave me anything I wouldn’t like. I suppose my other gift guides and my new season’s shopping list helped them pick birthday presents I like.

However, no one gave me chocolates that wouldn’t make me fat or a fresh bouquet of roses that would last up until now. But what is more, no one gave me those other 15 beautiful things on my birthday wishlist. Birthday gifts every fashion IT girl has on her wishlist this year. Not saying we all have the same taste and wishes, but believe me, every birthday girl wants to get those 15 birthday gifts for her birthday this year as well.

Whatsoever, here are all the birthday presents I wished for my birthday this year and what I got.





#1 CAR – Porsche 999

I must admit, my parents surprised me with their birthday gift this year. Better say, shocked me. No, I didn’t get a new Porsche 999 – the best birthday gift for a daughter. Nor an old Porsche 999 or any other car. Not even a plastic car toy. I guess they are waiting for me to turn 30, to finally buy me a car that I actually want.

#2 Chanel Shoes (buy here)

They didn’t get me Chanel shoes from my new season’s shopping list, that I desperately want, either. Ps. Mom, these booties are still in stock (shop here)! You can give me these ankle boots for next Christmas. Sure, they will still be in fashion for my next birthday. Furthermore, they will still be the best birthday gift for a daughter, but why wait for giving me these stunning boots so long?

#3 GOLDEN BRUSH – Balmain Paris Hair Couture Golden Spa Brush (buy here)

Now finally, something I actually got for my birthday – the golden brush from Balmain Hair (shop here). Just not this year. My parents gave me this golden brush from Balmain Hair for my birthday a few years ago.

However, I can still well remember how happy I was when I opened that sleek white Balmain box and saw a golden brush inside. 24k golden brush made for a princess! I was so excited to receive this birthday present as I will be when my parents give me No 1 gift on my birthday wishlist.

For sure, a golden brush is the best birthday gift for a daughter. Even if she doesn’t have long hair. This brush is a birthday gift she will be able to pass it on to her daughter one day. Or melt it, if you know what I mean.

#4 DRESS – Self Portrait Dress (buy here)

Remember I said my parents truly surprised me with their birthday present this year? That is because they gave me a dress. Pardon, two dresses. They gave me two Self-Portrait dresses for my birthday this year.

Two beautiful evening dresses that I could live in. First, a floral mesh midi cocktail dress (shop here) – that I wore for my birthday brunch party. And second, this beautiful dark navy gown (shop here) that I will wear for the opera and a ball in December.

Ps. A dark ball dress is a great birthday gift for a daughter even if you don’t know her style. Eventually, she will need a dress like this. Besides I dare to say that every girl likes a Self-Portrait dress. Especially in dark colour. Who doesn’t want to look sexy and sophisticated at the same time?

For more black cocktail dresses you can give as a birthday gift to your daughter check the black dress trend report.


Last but not least, the best birthday gift for a daughter I wished to get from my parents was a perfume. I got it. Yet not any perfume. I got the perfume I wanted. Luckily, my mother keeps her eye on my “best perfumes list”, and she knew precisely what perfume I wished to get for my birthday this year.

This time around I wanted Dior Spice Blend (see here) and the new updated version of Dior Joy (shop here EU, shop here UK or shop here US). I got both. However, I didn’t get both from my parents.


I got Dior Joy (buy here) from my sister. As well as all these birthdays presents below. Yes, my sister gave me all the best birthday gifts for a sister. All but Bottega Veneta bag. I guess she simply went through my Christmas gift guide for a sister (by the time there was no Bottega Veneta bag on that list) and got me everything from that gift list. Well done, Darja!

Indeed, my Christmas gift guide for a sister is almost the same as the birthday gift guide for a sister. With one difference, though. There is a different bag in the birthday gift guide for a sister. Oh, and there are also gift ideas for a brother.

Have you clicked the bell already? Now scroll down to see the best birthday gifts for a sister.






Ps. If your sister doesn’t like makeup – check the no-makeup gift guide as well.

#7 Dior Prestige Le Baume Démaquillant (shop here)

#8 Dior Prestige Cream (shop here)




#9 Bottega Veneta bag (buy here)

#10 t3micro

To order t3micro to Europe (including to Slovenia) browse through this the gallery below.


If you are currently in the US, then click on the products in the following gallery.


#11 Silk Pillow and Sleep Mask set (buy here)


I truly have the best girlfriends in the world. Scroll down to see what my BFFs gave me for my birthday this year. And what they didn’t. I guess they don’t consider me as a bookworm anymore.





Hair accessories are undoubtedly the best birthday gift idea for a BFF in 2021. For one, hair accessories are in fashion this season. And for two, all fashionable hair accessories look luxurious even though they are actually affordable. See? I told you hairpins, hair clips and headbands are the best birthday gifts for BFF.



Ps. For more hair accessories that you can give for a birthday to your BFF check hair accessory trend report. Over there you can find more headbands, hair clips, and hairpins that are on sale right now.

#13 Foreo Luna Play Plus (click here to buy now)

Another great birthday gift for BFF is a little face gadget, like Foreo Luna Play Plus (shop here). My BFFs gave me a new one this year. Luckily our friendship doesn’t run on replaceable batteries. And luckily this Luna Play Plus does. Yes, the new Luna Play uses a replaceable AAA battery. Therefore, your BFF and you (surely you will get one for you too – it costs less than $50) will be able to enjoy your Luna Play for years to go.







#15 Cha Cha Matcha (shop here)

All my BFFs know I love matcha. Matcha latte, Matcha desserts and thanks to my American BFF who send me Cha Cha Matcha iced tea, I love matcha iced tea now too.

I hope another beautiful Cha Cha Matcha will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree as well.



Friendship bracelets are a staple birthday gift for BFF, aren’t they? My BFFs got me two of the friendship bracelets in the widget below.


And yes, that Jacquemus – Le Chiquiti Mini Bag is actually a bracelet. Click here to see.


Last but not least, the birthday gifts I didn’t get for my birthday this year since I don’t have a boyfriend nor grandmothers with a sense of gifting.


As said, my grandmothers don’t have much of a sense of gifting. They just handed me over an envelope with money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I didn’t like getting money for my birthday. But to be honest, I was disappointed. Giving money to someone is just so tasteless. It’s like they didn’t know me at all.

Here are birthday gifts for a granddaughter I wish I got from my grannies.





One is never too old for a box of chocolates, is she? Especially not for champagne infused chocolates.


#18 Beginning Garden Essentials Lollipop Set (buy here)

No, this is not an ordinary lollipop. But a seed-bearing lollipop. Wait, I will explain what this amazing birthday gift actually is. This lollipop is an organic candy with edible herbs and flowers that weave throughout. After you eat it, you can plant the biodegradable stick, and grow a herb or a flower.

#19 Balmain Paris Hair Couture Silver Brush (shop here)


Finally, the statement jewellery. Of course, a family piece of jewellery is unabatedly the best birthday gift for a granddaughter. Nevertheless, these pearls and chunky pieces of jewellery are a great birthday gift for a granddaughter in her 20s or 30s too. Plus, chunky chain jewelry is in fashion now.




Lastly, the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend. My future boyfriend, better save and pin this birthday gift guide!

Say no more, but these are the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend in 2021. Well, at least the best birthday gifts for a girlfriend like me. A girlfriend who likes fashion, travel and some sport.





Birthday is a good day for engagement. I would say I do to these engagement rings for sure.



Browse through the gallery below to shop for some other jewellery that is a perfect birthday gift for a girlfriend as well.




Travel to Paris in for sure the most romantic birthday gift for a girlfriend. Even for girls like me, who know Paris like their palm.

Ps. Click here to purchase two plane tickets (over there is where to book first-class seats and pay less), then click here to book a suite in currently the most popular luxury hotel among fashion girls. Done? Now print the tickets and put them in this Chanel Passport Holder (buy here).

#23 Chanel Bag (buy this bag here or bags in the widget below)







Another romantic thing I consider as the best birthday gift for a girlfriend? Ice skating in Central Park for a European Girl or skiing in French or Swiss Alps for NYC girl. Trust me, there are only a few things more romantic than skiing in the Alps.



#25 GOLF CLUBS (click here to buy today)

As said, only a few things are more romantic than golf in autumn. However, playing golf on the golf course covered in autumnal leaves undoubtedly is. My dear future boyfriend, I need this golf club (shop here), though.



#26 Dior Pumps (shop here)



Last but not least, macarons. The most affordable yet the sweetest best birthday gift for girlfriend. Click here to shop French macarons online and here.


By the way, do you remember what I wrote about the best Valentine’s gifts and the best Christmas gifts? Well, as you could notice going through these birthday gift guides, things are slightly different when it comes to birthdays. Birthday gifts can be both intensely personal and very luxurious.

So if your girl is vain or you simply want to spoil her like a queen she is, then anything from my birthday wish list will be an excellent choice for her as well. I can assure you that no legit fashionista will be mad at you if you give her a gift like this. But be sure to put it in a beautiful box with a bow. You know that feeling when you untie the bow and open the cover of the bow? There is nothing better than that. Oh, and don’t forget some fresh blooms either. For me, a bouquet of fresh white roses, please.

Ps. For more birthday gift ideas also check the list of the best little luxury gifts and big luxury gifts. Especially if you missed my birthday this year. The 16th of October is not so far away, but still.