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But These Shampoos Were Always Bad! What bad? The Worst!

List of the worst shampoos I have ever tried - stop using them if you don't want to hide your hair anymore

Wish to have beautiful, long, silky hair? Hair that’s easy to style? Or at least hair that you wouldn’t have to hide under the hat? Then don’t use these shampoos. Because they are bad for your long hair and your wallet. Sure, they promise you beautiful, soft, shiny and long locks, no dandruff and beautiful colour at an affordable price, but they will make your hair look anything but that. Wondering what shampoos I’m writing about? Scroll down to see the list of worst shampoo brands for long hair. Yes, I opened the shampoo bottle seldom beauty blogger wants to open and made a list of bad shampoo brands for long hair that you shouldn’t use. Because you are worthy of the best shampoos.

You know, every shampoo is the best when you first try it; every, but these bad shampoos. As said, I made a list of the worst shampoos for long hair. List of shampoos that are bad for long hair, shampoos that make your hair look like hay, dull, make your locks tangle, or if you have hair like I; your hair simply won’t like it.



Again, I’m being honest with you and sharing the list of bad shampoo brands that are not worthy of your money or your hair struggles. Tested, tried and regretted by myself.

Indeed, there are probably more bad shampoo brands that you won’t find on my list of bad shampoos, but you need to know that I haven’t tried all the drugstore shampoos out there. Yes, there are mainly drugstore shampoo brands on my list. Ps. Almost all drugstore shampoos I have ever tried. And no, my hair isn’t vain.

On the other hand, some of the shampoos from the list of worst shampoos I have ever tried, might not be as bad anymore. And could be just fine for your hair – when you first wash it. But I won’t ever know since there is no money in the world anyone could pay me to use these shampoos again. I can be loyal, but once you lose my loyalty, you won’t persuade me to use the same thing again. At least not when I can still remember the time we had to cut out knots from my hair because of one of those shampoos listed below.



Anyway, before you scroll down to the list of the worst shampoo brands for long hair, there is only one little thing I need to tell you about my hair. You know, just to make it clear why these shampoos are harmful to my hair and why it’s likely they are bad for your hair too.


First, I have long, virgin hair. Yes, that means I have never dyed my hair. Not even once.

Second, my hair is not oily but isn’t dry either. Well, until it gets used to the shampoo that I use. It gets dry then.

My hair is wavy but doesn’t tangle – when I don’t wash it with a bad shampoo. Ps. Not even a conditioner helped my hair from tangling when I used the shampoos from the list of the worst shampoos I have ever tried – see below.

Third, I always brush my hair in the morning and during the day when I have to tie my hair – I wear my hair updo when I’m at home. Been wearing it so since I was little.

Fourth, I wash my hair when it gets dirty – that usually means on every 3-4 days or twice per week. But I only washed my hair once per week with the shampoos listed below. So we can’t really say my hair got used to these shampoos so quickly because I was using them too much. I don’t really know how much in millilitres of shampoo I use each time I wash my hair, but I apply it three times in the size of a blackberry. I don’t leave the shampoo on my hair if not instructed, and I rinse it thoroughly each time.

Ps. I used all of the shampoos (for my hair) from the list more than 10 years ago. When I was still a child or a teenager and didn’t need to wash my hair that often.

By the way, I didn’t eat hair vitamins when I was using any of the shampoos from the list below. And I cut my hair every 2-3 months. My hairstylist says my hair doesn’t really split, though. So, no, I don’t cut my hair so often because of the split ends, but because it grows so fast. Thanks to the hair vitamins!

Lastly, my scalp isn’t sensitive. Not anymore! Now that I don’t use any of the bad shampoos from the list below. My hair follicles don’t get inflamed. And I only get dandruff if I don’t wash my hair often enough.

So this is it about my hair. See? I told you my hair could not be the reason I find all these shampoos listed below bad. Anyway, now that you know a bit more about my hair let’s head on to the list of the worst shampoo brands I have ever tried.

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Ps. I might be a bit too harsh on some shampoo brands – marking them as the worst shampoo brands when they only made my hair look dull. But hey, if the shampoo brand promises me a soft, shiny hair, I want my hair to look shiny and feel silky.

Another thing, shampoos are not listed from bad to worse. Nor the other way around. I listed them randomly, following the narrative.

Anyway, here is the list of bad shampoos for long hair that you shouldn’t use if you want your hair look beautiful, healthy and strong. Plus shiny, with no dandruff or itchy scalp.



Mentioning dandruff and itchy scalp, I need to start my list of bad shampoo brands with Head & Shoulders. Becuase Head & Shoulders is genuinely the worst shampoo brand in the world. Sorry, but not sorry, there is no way you could convince me in the opposite.

I think I was about 10 when I used it for the first time; after another fruity shampoo, that I used for a while, dried my hair and scalp so much that I got horrible dandruff. Ps. Letting you which fruity shampoo it was, next.

Anyway, Head & Shoulders did everything even worse. Not only I didn’t get rid of dandruff, my scalp turned red and got irritated like never before, it also turned my hair into hay. My hair was dull and brittle. Furthermore, straw textured. Yes, that is exactly how my hair looked like after using Head & Shoulders for a month.

Ps. If you are looking for a much better alternative to Head & Shoulders – check this anti-dandruff shampoo. It helped me stop dandruff fast.


The fruity shampoo I mentioned earlier comes from Garnier Fructis. As said, I have been using it for a little while (3-6 months) before Head & Shoulders shampoo. Yet, long enough to remember that strong artificial fruity smell for a lifetime and to get dandruff.

Ps. If you are looking for a shampoo that smells of apples – check this shampoo. It won’t ruin your hair, I tested it! Actually, it’s quite good.


Herbal Essences is another shampoo brand I wasn’t using really long since my hair got used to it very fast. It made my hair brittle and dull after only two weeks. I did, however, finish the bottle. Oh, little, I knew about shampoos back then. Knowing hair gets dull once it gets used to shampoo, I would have stopped using it long before. But didn’t until Dove came to Slovenia and I saw the ad for this amazing shampoo on the telly.


Only that it wasn’t amazing. Dove made my long locks tangle and feel like cloth. Ps. Don’t mention Dove shampoo to my mother. She still remembers hours spent trying to untangle my hair.


Another shampoo brand that made my hair tangle and feel like cloth, instead of soft and shiny as promised, is Nivea. After using Nivea shampoo, it was impossible to style my hair.

By the way, this shampoo is the best for tangled hair.


No more tears, ha? One would think a baby shampoo is gentle and mild, right? Well, guess what? Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo isn’t! Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is the shampoo I tried after Head & Shoulders shampoo irritated my scalp.

But Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo wasn’t any better either. It wasn’t gentle to my scalp nor eyes, as a matter of fact.

Furthermore, it made my hair tangle so much that I had to cut it in the back. Luckily it was only the nape hair, and no one could notice we cut out the knots, but it made me feel so miserable at the time. I was 13 back then, and yes, I cried for days.

Nevertheless, cutting out the knots was not the worst thing. You have no idea how ashamed I felt when my teacher touched my hair, and there were knots hidden under my long locks. Surprisingly she (as mean as she was) didn’t say a thing, but I know she noticed. I mean how couldn’t she? There were two knots in the size of golf ball and one smaller knot.

Ps. If you are looking for a shampoo for kids – check this baby shampoo. My friends with babies say it’s the best.


Truth to be told, I don’t know exactly when I started using Gliss Kur. But I know it was at the time when my hair split like never before (or after). I think it was after Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo, but I don’t know for sure since I tried several different shampoos after Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo.

Anyway, Gliss Kur. Do you remember the ad for Gliss Kur? “Don’t cut! choose repair.” Well, I had to cut it. Surprisingly, my ends stop splitting once I stopped using Gliss Kur even though I didn’t cut my hair more often.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean my ends got split because of the Gliss Kur, but it certainly didn’t get better as Gliss Kur promised. In short, Gliss Kur shampoo is bad because it’s not worthy of the money.


I bet you used Schauma strawberry shampoo as a little girl too. I did! And the only thing we liked about it was the smell. We, I mean mom and me. Mother claims my hair became brittle, tangly and lost its shine soon after using it. Truth to be told, I can’t remember, but making my hair to tangle is a reason big enough to mark this shampoo brand as bad, don’t you think?


Last but not least, Balea and Aveo. Ps. there would probably be more bad shampoos on the list if I could remember all.

I listed Balea and Aveo together and in the end because I have never used either of them to wash my hair. I only used both to wash the makeup brushes – made of natural bristles. And they were bad. My makeup brushes felt and looked like cloth.

No way, I would ever use either of these shampoos for my hair. If a shampoo is bad for your natural bristle makeup brush, it’s bad for your hair too! I guess this is a fair test to make. Ps. Your makeup brush will look normal again once you wash it with a proper soap (ps. the best soap to clean makeup brushes is Afrodita argan shower gel – good for brush hair but not skin).


Just to make sure you don’t make my mistake and buy any of these bad shampoo brands. Well, you can take the risk and buy them. But don’t say I didn’t warn you after! Ps. Be sure to share this list with your friends too!


So these are the worst shampoo brands I have ever tried. Do you find all these shampoo brands bad too? What was the worst shampoo you have ever tried? Let me know in the comments below. I would really like to find out. You know, if it’s bad for you it can’t be good for me either. Ps. Check my list of best shampoo brands next. 




Well, for all of you, who desperately need a new, good shampoo – here are some of my favourite shampoos that are actually good for your hair. And won’t damage your hair like any of the bad shampoos listed above.

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    It’s true for my hair, but I’m happy to read you didn’t have the same problems as I did. Luckily, every hair is different, right?