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Why I’m Not Buying a Beaded Bag

Seriously I Took It Off My Shopping List

Wondering why I’m not walking around with this season’s most fashionable bag? The beaded bag? Letting you know why today!

Well, I didn’t really take the beaded bag off the shopping list posted in 2018 Bag trend report. Since that shopping list was more for you than for me. But I did cross the beaded bag off the bag shopping list I printed for myself.

Why? Because regardless of how fashionable the beaded bag is this summer I don’t see it as a trophy bag. An investment bag that we will be wearing for more than just one season. And Brunette from Wall Street is all about investing fashionable pieces. Yes, we are hanging on Wall Street for that reason too.

pink beaded bag from toyshop, white beaded bag with text overlay


In short, beaded bag, the cheapy plastic version of it, is not an investment bag. And no matter the fact that this is actually the cheapest fashionable bag on the market this summer, I’m not buying it. Truth to be told, even $10 seem too much for me, for a bag that I won’t be wearing the next few seasons.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like a beaded bag in general. If so I would add it on my Never Going to Wear List. By the way, have you seen it? I recently published the list of 3 summer’s IT things I would never wear. Be sure to check it later over here.

Whatsoever, the thing with the beaded bag is that I just don’t see me wearing it the next season too. Even if other fashion IT girls swap plastic beads for wooden or leather ones, the beaded bag is not the next basket bag. If it were (or if something changed), I would be the first one to by one of these bags in the widget below.

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Again, beaded bag is not the next basket bag. No matter how trending beaded bags are these season, no matter the fact that every chic fashion IT girl, but me, has a beaded bag from Mango. The trend of the beaded bag will never be as big as the basket trend.

There is one thing the basket bag has, but the beaded bag doesn’t have. At least not yet. Yes, there is one big reason why the basket bag is still in fashion. After 3 years! I mean years, not seasons.

And no, the success of the basket bag has not everything to do with the fashion trends. But almost everything with Cult Gaia. You see now?

It was Cult Gaia that grew its brand on basket bag. And with her intensive marketing campaign that involved so many influencers, put the basket bag on the list of the most wanted bags for the last few seasons.

All the new models of Cult Gaia’s bags were sold out months in advance. Before even getting into the stores. Which kept prolonging the lifespan of this fashion trend on the streets all across the world.

Plus, there is also the Nannacay, with those adorable little basket bag and Prada with its chic, almost picnic-like, basket bag that helped the basket trend become more than just the trend.

Anyway, back to the beaded bags. The thing with the beaded bags is, as said before, different. There is no such strong brand like Cult Gaia, even Nannacay, that would keep this bag trend alive for seasons.

Admittedly, those beaded bags from Topshop and Mango (check them in the widget above) are so chic one hardly resists of buying them, yes even me! But unless we see some strong campaign coming out in the next two weeks, this fashion trend will scout away.

Perhaps there is still some hope for the beaded bag if Del duca pulls off a great marketing campaign. These bags do seem promising to me. What do you think?



So what bag to shop now? If you are looking for a bag that would not only be a fashionable bag, but worth of investment, then this is the time to buy a classic shoulder bag (check my favourite right now here), top handle bag or saddle bag (don’t need to say the name, right? – shop it here).

By the way, what do you think about the beaded bags? Do you own a beaded bag by yourself? How do you style it?

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