Fashion Sign magazine Cover on ipad flatlay

What the hell is Fashion Sign?

And how to get it

I know you have been wondering what the hell Fashion Sign is ever since I mentioned it for the first time. Well, the Fashion Sign is our own fashion magazine. We just issued it a few days ago. So you can imagine how excited I am right now.

the Fashion Sign No 1 - SS 2018 PRE-SUMMER in the City magazine coverFashion magazine Fashion Sign pre-summer in the city on ipad flatlayFashion magazine Fashion Sign pre-summer in the city on ipad flatlay index page

Anyway, here it is. The very first issue of the FASHION SIGN, your new favourite, fashion only, magazine. Finally the magazine with all the fashion trends listed on one page. Well seven actually, but that is just because there are so many different fashion trends this season. And we wanted to have them all together. Oh, I always wished Vogue had this. But as my wish never came true, I decided to cancel my Vogue subscription and rather make my own fashion magazine. So yes, that post here is officially outdated. No more Vogue for me, because I have a new favourite fashion magazine by my bed now.

And what is even better, Fashion Sign is ready for you to download it for free. Oh, wait haven’t I mentioned this yet? Saying it now then. Yes, you can get Fashion Sign for free when you subscribe to Brunette from Wall Street daily newsletter. So hurry up, scroll down the page, tick “what should I wear today”, write in your name and email address, press submit and check your inbox.

Ps. While waiting for your first issue of the Fashion Sign, have a sneak peek at the cover and first two pages.

the Fashion Sign No 1 - SS 2018 PRE-SUMMER in the City index page

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Oh, you must be wondering why we chose this rather hard to remember and pronounce name for our new fashion magazine? Honestly, it’s kind of hard to explain. But in short, as there are traffic signs on the streets that tells us to stop and Wall Street is a street too, only fashion street though. But a street that needs some signs too. So fashion sign is a sign that means you should learn about latest fashion trends. And shop. Well, mainly the last one as you already know the fashion trends.

Fashion magazine Fashion Sign pre-summer in the city on ipad flatlay pretty stationary


The first issue of Fashion Sign is all about pre-summer in the city. We made sure to show you which fashion trends to wear in the city now and how to pull them off from Monday to Sunday. While looking stylish and not like a fashion victim.

So when to expect the next issue of Fashion Sign? Soon. We don’t know the date yet, but I promise it will be before the first heat wave. Surely we won’t let you go to the beach fashionable unprepared. Yes, the next issue of Fashion Sign will be beach related. How does a page of all the beach trends sound? From IT swimsuits to floating flamingos and other pool rafts, hats, beach bags and more.

Another reason to subscribe for Brunette from Wall Street daily newsletter, right? Remember you must tick “what should I wear today”. Now scroll down the page, sign up and wait for Fashion Sign to fly in your mailbox. Ps. Tell us what you think about the first issue of Fashion Sign in the comments below. Especially if you had any difficulties when reading our new fashion magazine. We want to make sure our second issue is spotless. And Fashion Sign soon becomes your favourite fashion magazine.

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