2018/19 Chanel Coco Neige Collection

FASHION FINDS: the First Chanel Coco Neige Collection

Can We Have Winter Now, Please?

Omg, this is big. Chanel just introduced its first Coco Neige Collection, a line devoted to winter sports and it’s epic. Here is what you need to know.

All the campaign photos are from Chanel.com.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I got mail from Chanel announcing its first Coco Neige Collection this morning. This might be a surprise to you or perhaps not since you named me a snow princess last winter. Anyway, I love skiing. Especially in beautiful designer ski clothing. And no not only because I want to be fashionable when hitting the slopes too, but because it really feels better when wearing designer winter clothes. I mean if I have to wear all those layers of clothing at least I don’t have to look like a bear, suffocating under the poor synthetics.

Chanel Coco Neige Collection Margot Robbie


So finding out that Chanel just introduced Coco Neige Collection was exciting news for me this morning. Even more when I saw some of the products from this collection online already. Unfortunately, we will have to go to the nearest Chanel boutique to get the rest of the collection. Which means Paris for me. But for Coco Neige Collection I would be ready to go to the end of the world. Because this collection is undoubtedly the chicest Neige collection, I have ever seen. And I mean it!

You can find the Coco Neige collection in some ski resorts too.

Chanel boots, Chanel bag with text overlay Fashion Finds new season now winter 2018/19 fashion on the slopesChanel Coco Neige Collection Margot Robbie


As mentioned earlier, Coco Neige Collection is the first winter collection for Chanel dedicated entirely to winter sports and après-ski. This beautiful collection is a mix of technical pieces and classics Chanel is known for. Like tweed and also leather and camellia motifs.

Looking at the photos of this collection you can see Chanel is not only featuring casual pieces like a black hoodie with a quilted camellia motif, cardigans, jeans, bags and shearling boots. But technical items, such as nylon ski pants, tweed-trimmed down jackets, gloves, and ski goggles that will keep you warm and safe on the slopes too.

Chanel Coco Neige Collection


To make this collection even more special and luxurious all the photos were taken by Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld.

Ha, there is another exciting thing about this news. The face of Chanel Coco Neige campaign happens to be Margot Robbie. That beautiful Australian actress who made her breakthrough in The Wolf from Wall Street.

Chanel sunglasses, Chanel backpack, Chanel hat with text overlay Hit the slopes in style wearing Coco Beige this season


So what to shop from Coco Neige Collection? Everything! Especially that dawn jacket with the matching ski pants. And yes even if you don’t actually ski.

Ps. If you can only afford one thing from Coco Neige Collection now, don’t make this one thing be the brooch with a Coco Neige logo. I know putting a Coco Neige logo on your old ski jacket seems like a smart idea, but it really isn’t. Better save for a real Coco Neige down jacket. You still have some months to fill your piggy bank. And after reading all of my shopping tips (here), I’m quite sure you will save enough to get not only a jacket but a logo brooch too.

Chanel Coco Neige Collection


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