Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing 20 Little Luxury Christmas Gifts for her that aren’t makeup, she will love if she doesn’t like makeup

21 Gifts 💕 for a Fashion Girl Who Doesn’t Like Makeup

20 Little Luxury Christmas Gifts for Her that Aren't Makeup

What to give to a girl who doesn’t like makeup? Finding a perfect luxury Christmas gifts for girls who don’t like makeup is difficult and takes a lot of search for sure. But don’t worry I found just what you are looking for. Check the 20 Christmas gifts that aren’t makeup but will make your girl melt the minute she opens your gift.


I know, it’s hard to believe there are actually some girls out there who don’t like makeup. Undoubtedly, finding a perfect Christmas gift for a girl who doesn’t like makeup is kind of a task. Especially if you don’t want to break a bank yet want to give her something luxurious.

I mean, you can always try to convince her to start loving makeup by giving her a beautiful makeup set from one of the luxury brands. You know that beautiful luminous red lipstick from Chanel that comes in a sleek black click case. Or light revealing pearls of powder placed in a beautiful silver box adorned with a signature flower from Guerlain.

But let’s face it, if she is one of those who doesn’t know how to value quality and luxury or simply give s* about anything that’s not up to her believes, you won’t make her start loving makeup. In fact, she won’t even like your gift. And probably think about who she will re-gift your gift the minute she opens the box and sees her number one enemy – the makeup.

I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. You can shop by clicking on the items in the set below. Or click on the links in the text.

1. Gabrielle Chanel $105 atChanel, 2. Guerlain $120 atAmazon, 3. DIPTYQUE $34 at Net-a-Porter, 4. SLIP $109 at Net-a-Porter, 5. DIOR pre-serum $369 at Amazon, 6. DIOR Eye Cream $140 at Selfridges, 7. FOREO LUNA™ MINI 2 $139 at Lookfantastic, 8. FOREO ISSA Hybrid 149 EUR at Foreo, 9. Glossier $18 at Glossier, 10. CHLOÉ $1,450 at Farfetch, 11. GUCCI $2,590 at Farfetch, 12. GUCCI $3,200 at Farfetch, 13. AQUAZZURA $750 at Farfetch, 14. STUART WEITZMAN $398 at Stuart Weitzman, 15. TIFFANY & CO. $4,400 at Net-a-Porter, 16. MIZUKI $100 at Net-a-Porter, 17. OSCAR DE LA RENTA $220 at Net-a-Porter, 18. Charbonnel & Walker $67.49 at Amazon, 19. Moet & Chandon $59 at Amazon, 20. Kate Spade New York $40.35 at Amazon


Anyway, believe it or not, makeup is not the only little luxury gift you can give to a woman. There are plenty of other little luxury gifts that will melt her heart and won’t break your bank.


She does like fragrance, right? I can’t imagine there’s a girl who doesn’t like to smell like a rose. A perfume is the best substitute for a makeup. Especially when it comes in a beautiful bottle like the one from Guerlain or is the most wanted perfume of the year like Chanel’s Gabrielle.

1. Gabrielle Chanel – Eau de Parfum Spray – from $105 at Chanel

2. Guerlain – Aqua Allegoria Pera Granita Eau de Toilette – $120 at Amazon

Well, if she doesn’t like perfumes either, then you should give her a scented candle. Believe me, every girl loves Diptyque’s candles. Even those who say they don’t like candles. Talking from my own experiences. I used to hate the smell coming from the lit candles, but then I got my first Diptyque candle. And I got charged by the unique scent. It’s light, so that doesn’t itch your nose, but strong enough to smell it even when the candle is not lit. You can get a mini version of Diptque’s best-selling fragrance for $34 (26 EUR).



If you can’t give her makeup to help her enhance her beauty, then you can make her beautiful or maintain her natural beauty with some other beauty products and gifts that will make her sleep better. You know a good night sleep is a half of beauty. The other half is the genes and good cream. I already told you sleeping on a silk pillowcase is a secret of my beautiful skin and hair over here. And I’m telling you again. Silk truly minimizes the hair splits and prevents the #iwokeupwithwrinkles.

By the way, I just got the new La Micro-Huile de Rose from Dior, and I’m impressed. I love the feeling on my skin. It’s like I would inject the energy into my skin. I’m getting one for my mother this year. Because I just can’t get her fingers off my bottle.

About the eye cream. This one is my favourite. I love that rich and smooth feeling around my eyes. Besides, this cream is one of the most effective ones.

4. SLIP – Embroidered silk queen pillowcase and eye mask – $109 at Net-a-Porter

5. DIOR – La Micro-Huile de Rose – pre-serum – $369 at Amazon

6. DIOR – Prestige Le Concentré Yeux – eye cream – $140 at Selfridges

I just got the new Luna and Issa from Foreo. And I love them both. Issa is compared to the Sonicare (that I used to use for 10 years) like iPhone to Samsung. Issa is iPhone, of course. Better experience and sleek design. And less invasive to the gums. About Luna. I don’t think I would know how to wash my face without it anymore.

7. FOREO LUNA™ MINI 2 – $139 at Lookfantastic

8. FOREO ISSA Hybrid – 149 EUR (around $170) at Foreo

The prettiest soap. I admit I bought my Glossier Body Wash at le Colette (that famous, legendary French institution we will all miss) just because it was at le Colette and because this bottle looks so beautiful. In fact, I was convinced it will be more or less just as decor in my bathroom as I have very delicate skin and I can’t find any under $40 soap that won’t damage my skin. But I was surprised. This soap makes my skin soft and so clean. And it foams so well. Although it doesn’t smell nice. Nevertheless, if your girl doesn’t like to smell of roses, this is just a gift for her. Plus, it’s vegan, soap free, paraben free, cruelty-free. Fit for a girl who looks for natural cosmetics.

9. Glossier – Body Hero Daily Oil Wash – $18 at Glossier


Gift for a fashionista who doesn’t like makeup? This one is easy. You can’t go wrong with the IT bag or shoes. Ps. She will love these shoes even if she is not a fashionista. Because these Aquazurra pumps are so comfortable. You know I know best. You have seen me wearing my Aquazzura sandals all summer long. And Stuart Weizman shoes? Don’t even need to say how much these sandals. I wear them all year long. Yes, even in winter (check here if you don’t believe). If you can’t give her makeup, then give her shoes made for walking.

10. CHLOÉ – Nile Minaudière bag – $1,450 at Farfetch

11. GUCCI – GG Marmont small top handle bag – $2,590 at Farfetch

12. GUCCI – Broadway mini bag – $3,200 at Farfetch

13. AQUAZZURA – Forever Marilyn pumps – $750 at Farfetch



Well, yes we still love Tiffany’s jewellery and it’s back in fashion. However, if this luxury gift is out of your budget, then you can still bake her a croissant and get her pearl earrings or a statement ring.

15. TIFFANY & CO. Infinity 18-karat rose gold diamond cuff – $4,400 at Net-a-Porter

16. MIZUKI 14-karat gold freshwater pearl earring – $100 at Net-a-Porter

17. OSCAR DE LA RENTA Yellow and rose gold-tone ring – $220 at Net-a-Porter


Chances she doesn’t like makeup, but she loves sweets and champagne are high. I found some luxury sweets that not only taste good but look precious too. And every fashion girl’s favourite champagne that comes in a pink and white bottle.

18. Charbonnel & Walker Truffles Pink Champagne – $67.49 at Amazon

19. Moet & Chandon Imperial Ice Rosé, Champagne – $59 at Amazon


Fashion girls have this thing for the stationary. We find it hard to resist new pens and that smell of the new notebook. You know what I mean.

20. Kate Spade New York Large Notebook and Pencil Case Assortment – Hers For The Reading – $40.35 at Amazon


Be sure to check this blog post over here, if you are looking for more gift ideas or want to find out what you and your Christmas tree should wear this holiday season to be in fashion. Ps. Apart from all the most fashionable Christmas decorations, outfits for any type of party you might go, you will also find under $30 stocking fillers and luxury gifts for him. And little luxury gifts for her that are makeup. You do have friends that love makeup, right? Anyway, happy shopping and let me know if she liked your Christmas gift. Oh, and send her over to my blog. Perhaps I make her like makeup and make your search for a perfect gift easier the next year.