Fashion Blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette from Wall Street sharing 20 Little Luxury Travel Christmas Gifts for fashionista on the go that aren’t headphones, she will love if she likes to travel

#21 Christmas Gifts for Fashionista On the Go

Best Little Luxury Gifts for Girls Who Like to Travel A Lot

What gift to give to your favourite fashionista who is always on her way and catches up with you mostly while waiting for her flight? Finding a luxury Christmas gift for a girl who travels a lot doesn’t seem difficult, right? But finding a useful gift that she will genuinely use on her travel is a completely different thing. Luckily for you, I know exactly what a fashionista on the go needs. Check these 21 Christmas gifts that aren’t headphones, but fashion girls really want to get this Christmas.

Is your girl one of us chic fashionistas who are always on our way to somewhere special? Or she just decided to finally overcome her fear of flying, get the courage to let everything behind and travel in 2018? If this is the case, the best way for you to show her you support her 2018 goals, is to get her something she will need on her way and wish her bon voyage. Well, you can also sneak in her new suitcase you will give it to her this Christmas and join her on her journey.

Anyway, here are the 21, well actually 22 best gifts for fashionistas who love to travel.



I made sure there is nothing else in my travel gift guide but the things a fashion girl really needs when travelling. You know what I mean. After seeing so many gift guides for girls who like to travel that made no sense for me or any other fashion girl, I decided to add only the things I always use when I travel. Especially around Europe. You know what I mean. Those 2 hours long flights and short travels.

Surely, a fashionista needs headphones too, but hey, let’s face it, your girl already has them. And new headphones are not the first things she needs. Especially not if becoming a frequent flyer is her 2018 goal.

Whatsoever, frequent flyer or a baby traveller, these are the things any girl need when on the go.


First things come first. The Travel Guide. Even if your girl is a legit traveller who has seen most of the world, I bet there is at least one place from the 2018 Lonely Planet’s Best Travel 2018 list she hasn’t checked yet. I hope my Secret Santa brings this guide for me too.

1. Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2018 – $14 at Oliver Bonas 


Wait, I actually wish to get this new suitcase from Rimowa and Hermes bag. You know why.

3. HERMÈS VINTAGE Birkin 35 bag – $21,277 at Farfetch

4. RIMOWA Topas Titanium multiwheel electronic tag luggage – $1171 (€989) at 24 Sevres


Before you let your girl spread her wings and fly away, make sure she has a proper suitcase, a large bag, a bag for the camera, all the tags (wait, if you get her the new Rimowa she won’t even need those), and a chic passport cover. Not that the last one is actually essential, but she will be grateful for it in case a land flight attendant wants to stick the baggage tag on her passport. I wish I had my passport covered with one of those covers when that happened to me.


2. TILA MARCH Passport cover – $150 each at Farfetch

5. POP & SUKI Leather Camera Bag – $195 at Nordstrom

6. TILA MARCH Travel hangtag – $106 at Farfetch

7. GLOBE-TROTTER Centenary 20″ leather-trimmed fiberboard travel trolley – $2,155 at Net-a-Porter



Every fashion girl knows leather gloves and sunglasses are a must when travelling. And no, not only because every celebrity wears them, especially the large dark sunglasses, when trying to get through the customs, posing for the paparazzi and getting into the uber as soon as possible. You wouldn’t believe how many times I broke my nail (actually I should write this in the plural as I broke almost all of my nails before I even got to the hotel) and bought a new set of Dior’s nail polishes with a file before the flight.
And how many times I got scratched. To blood. I guess I should add plasters to my list too.


8. VICTORIA BECKHAM Aviator-style gold-tone sunglasses – $425 at Net-a-Porter

9. BURBERRY Deerskin Gloves – $395 at Burberry

Undoubtedly, the leather gloves and sunglasses are one of the best Christmas gifts you could give her this Christmas. Yet, not the only gifts. I told you I found 22 little luxury gifts for girls who like to travel a lot.


If your girl is anything like me and likes to sleep while flying, she will love this beautiful and sot cashmere travel set. I got this pillow, socks and eye mask from my friend last Christmas. And I have been taking it with me wherever I went in the last 12 months.

10. ALLUDE Luxury Cashmere Travel Set – $630 at Selfridges



You know what women fear the most when flying? No, not if the plane might crash. But if the mascara might smudge or some spots on the face might show up the minute the plane lands. And yes, this struggle is legit. I’m not sure if it’s because of the dry air, the sun rays, the lousy plane food or the lack of the water, but people do look different when the plane touches the ground. And no, they don’t look better. Apart from the fashion people of course.

Why? Because we keep these in our hand luggage and fix our makeup before we land of course.


11. YVES SAINT LAURENT Te Blur Perfector – $38 at Selfridges

12. YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche eclat neutralizer in violet – $29.50 at Selfridges

13. TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara Travel Size – $11.50 at Selfridges

14. CLINIQUE Pep Start quick cleansing wipes – $16.00 at Selfridges

15. LANO – LIPS HANDS ALL OVER The Originals Travel-Sized Essentials Kit – $40 at Net-a-Porter


Oh, this keeps happening to me. Every time I stay at the Airbnb I end up with no hairdryer. I’m certainly getting this folding hairdryer for me this Christmas. As well as the Balmain Hair Couture travel set. I just used the last one.

16. T3 HAIRCARE Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer – £125 at Cult Beauty

17. Balmain Hair Couture Limited Edition Cosmetic Bag – $41 at Beauty Expert



And we are almost at the end of my best Christmas gifts for girls who like to travel. Well, traveller or not, she will love these fashionable sneakers from New Balance anyway. And this camera, too. Be sure to get her a travel journal too. Especially, if she doesn’t take you with her. This way you will at least see all she did while travelling on her own.

18. NEW BALANCE Rose Gold 574 Sport Sneakers – $99.99 at New Balance

19. Fujifilm X UO Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – $59.00 at Urban Outfitters

20. Eccolo Dayna Lee Collection Guided Goal Tracking Journal – $10.99 at Amazon

21. BURBERRY BEAUTY My Burberry Black Jasmine Flower, 30ml – $72 at Net-a-Porter

Finally, the 22nd Christmas gift that didn’t make to my list but you should give it to her too. The nail set. Although she won’t need a file once you give her the gloves, she will love to keep her busy while waiting for the plane with these nail polishes.



Be sure to go here to find more little luxury gifts for her. Also, don’t forget to share this blog post from here (on how to dress for the flight) with your girl who likes to travel. I’m sure your fashionista on the go will love these travel fashion tips as much as all these 21 little luxury Christmas gifts from this gift guide.