Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street on how to buy first business clothes to wear to the first job

How to Buy Your First Business Clothes

It happens that most of the millennials spend our first paycheck to get us some clothes and shoes. Although not any kind of clothes and shoes. I bet you too, ran to H&M and Zara as soon as you got your first salary to fill up your closet with some smart clothes and pumps you will wear to work. And there it went your new Chloe bag. And what it’s even worse, after a week or so of hard work, you could see your new suit being already worn out. Meaning you could say goodbye to the new Chloe bag, again. Don’t worry; we will put an end to this circle. Here is how to buy your first real business clothes at low cost that will last you for ages.


Let me guess; you spend your first salary on clothes. And the second, too. Obviously, you might say. I mean, us girls would love to spend all our money on clothes and shoes anyway. However, when it comes to our first few paychecks, the money doesn’t really go for the fashionable clothes and that it bag we swore we would get as soon as we start getting our salary. The truth is that we spend the first money we earned to buy us all the clothes we need to wear to work. Or even worse, we borrow some money from our family to buy some business clothes before we start the job and literally don’t even have a chance to hold our first salary. And feel how it’s like to be rich. You know what I mean.

Same thing happened with my sister. Well, she didn’t borrow from our parents, but she broke her piggy bank. I remember her heading to H&M and spending around one k to buy her some business clothes when she started her entrepreneurship. You can guess she brought lots of bags back home and filled her closets up with boring, ugly and unfashionable gray suits. Yes, she used to have an eye for ugly clothes and could find unfashionable clothes in stores like H&M, too.

What happened next is that her new business clothes got worn out before she actually got her first paycheck. And instead of bragging with her new it bag, she planned to get with her first salary; she spent her first paycheck to buy new business clothes. This went on for some months actually. Up until she finally took my advice and bought her business clothes and shoes from my Business Essential Chic List.


After seeing my friends breaking their piggy banks to buy them business clothes on repeat, I decided to finally publish my Business Essential Chic List and share where you should get your first business clothes. And moreover, how much you should spend on your smart clothes. Undoubtedly, it’s always good to know the breaking point for quality clothes. I certainly know what that point is.

But before I share my secret on how much you should spend on your first business clothes and where to get them, take a look at my Business Essential Chic List. Ps. You can shop these business clothes, shoes and accessories straight from here. Just click on the item, and your click will take you directly to the store.

Also, be sure to browse through the galleries and find more of the essential business clothes you ought to have.

Furthermore, check my Business Style posts over here to see all the ways to style your essential business clothes. You will see, that you actually need only a few different items because there are so many different ways to style them and make them look like a completely new piece.


The thing with the smart clothes is that they are not called smart merely because they make you look professional and smart while wearing them. I believe smart clothes are called like this because you need to be smart when buying them. Admittedly, getting a blazer for less than 30 EUR sounds smart, appealing and too good to miss. Especially, when it’s not only appropriate for work but fashionable as well.

But the truth is, that you can’t get quality for this price. At least not when it comes to the essential part of business attire. The blazer and pants. You probably don’t want to buy new blazer and pants every month, do you? Especially not because your old ones got worn out, right?

Yet, the quality business clothes won’t cost you a lot more than the ones you can get at the high-street fashion stores. Notably not when you take into the consideration all the costs. Meaning adding the cost of the second, third and piggy bank forbade furthermore items you had to buy because the previous ones got worn out in a way.

Ps. Don’t forget to check my blog post on how to shop smart online without breaking your piggy bank to find tips on how to save lots of money when shopping for your first business clothes.


Here is my list of the lowest price (this is if the item is not on the sale) you should pay for the quality essential business clothes, shoes, and bags. In short, you will unlikely get quality clothes if the price is lower than:

  • blazer: 200 EUR – that is 180 EUR with a discount in a high-street store
  • chino pants: 125 EUR – that is 97 EUR with a discount in a high-street store
  • wide-leg pants: 180 EUR – that is 160 EUR with a discount in a high-street store
  • pencil skirt: 60 EUR
  • midi skirt: 70 EUR
  • tweed skirt: 55 EUR
  • work dress: 120 EUR – on sale in a high-street store 90 EUR
  • little black dress: 200 – on sale in a high-street store for 110 EUR
  • shirt: 80 EUR – that is 60 EUR with a discount in a high-street store
  • silk shirt: 140 EUR – on sale in a high-street store around 40 EUR
  • leather pumps: 120 EUR
  • leather tote bag: 170 EUR – on sale in a high-street store around 140 EUR

You might be wondering, why I didn’t share the bottom price for the suit. There is one good reason, why. Because you shouldn’t get a suit at all. Rather than buying a set, you should buy yourself separates that you can wear together with some casual piece for a chic, casual look. More about this is coming up next. Meanwhile, check how I wear blazer and jeans for a chic business casual style over here.


Browse through my blog to find out how I wear my business clothes on the street. Also, follow me on the Instagram for even more style inspiration. Finally, be sure to check the galleries and spend your first paychecks wisely on the business clothes that will actually last up till the next paycheck and even longer.