How to choose the perfect coat

How to find the perfect coat

How to find the perfect coat for the office this season

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to find the perfect coat for the office this season

You don’t want or can’t have a closet full of different types of outwear? Are you the happiest when looking classic? Then go for a simple camel coat. I can assure you; this one is always a chic choice. Mind the length of the camel coat, though. It should end somewhere at your knees. 


Nevertheless, if you are going for a classic or a super-fashionable style this season, here is what you have to look for when you are buying your coat:


Rule number one, you should remember for your lifetime. Make sure your coat is made of at least 80 % of virgin wool or 100% of cashmere. Sometimes the producer will claim its coat to be made of wool even though it’s actually made mainly of polyester, viscose and acrylic. Don’t be blinded by the name of the coat. If you don’t find the label, then touch and smell the coat. A wool coat will not have this horrible scent of plastic. A coat made of virgin wool, the softest and finest wool, that has never been used, processed, or woven before, will make you feel warm on icy days and about right on a warm, sunny winter days and later at the beginning of the spring. 
It’s almost impossible to get a cheap coat made of good material. Congrats if you find one by your own. I did find some. Scroll down to see them. There is a way to avoid this rule and still get a coat, that looks worth much more even though it’s made of plastic. Mind the buttons and zippers. Scroll down to see what I mean.

If you are looking for a fashionable update, then you should choose a fur coat, faux fur coat if you prefer, or a velvet coat for an opulent statement.

When going for a real fur, make sure it’s not of an animal that is near extinction, and there was not the animal cruelty of any kind when making your new fur coat (hard to find that kind of coat, though). If you go for a faux fur, make sure it doesn’t feel too stiff, plastic or rough. It’s quite obvious it will feel that way as it’s nothing to the real thing, which feels luxurious, soft, plush, dense and incredibly warm. The one thing you can do is to make sure, the hairs of the faux fur are not more or less of the same length, lying in all directions. They can have some spots of a change in direction, yet the majority of hairs should lie in one direction.

Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to find the perfect coat for the office this season


The most fashionable coats are very long this season. It’s all about the opulence after all. I advise you to go for a maxi coat only with a velvet or classic coat. Otherwise, let it end somewhere around your knees.


You have probably heard your coat should be one size bigger than your normal size. I don’t believe in that. If you love to layer your clothes, go for an oversized silhouette.
Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to find the perfect coat for the office this season


Fashionistas go for a pink colour and animal print this year. Also coats in the dark floral pattern, which are a great substitute for a regular black coat, are on our fashion alert as well.
If you are buying a coat, you will wear everywhere go for a camel coat. There is a good reason why this remains a classic coat after more than 100 years. Camel always looks expensive and will mix well with the rest of your wardrobe. As camel cočour comes in different shades, I advise you to go for a Rich Classic Camel. A more pastel camel doesn’t fit for every situation in my case. It’s not the best option for the evening or gala.



Avoid the coats that have been finished cheaply with polyester linings which will make you feel wrapped in plastic bag. I know this is the hardest task of all. The easiest way to do that is getting a 100% cashmere coat. Or pay a visit to the seamstress and change the plastic with silk. This will upgrade the quality of your coat with low costs.
Fashion blogger Veronika Lipar of Brunette From Wall Street sharing how to find the perfect coat for the office this season



It’s always about the small details in the end. You will quickly spot a cheap coat if its buttons look bad. The most beautiful buttons for a coat are the Flat or Sew-through buttons. However, they call for extra attention. There is nothing worse when it comes to coat if there is a thread hanging off the button. You can  easily solve this by attaching the buttons with a thicker thread. Who would bother with that, right? Thank your seamstress.
As most coat buttons are made of plastic these days, make sure the thickness of the buttons. The 1-1.5 mm buttons are the nicest. The 0.7 mm buttons look cheap, the more than 1.5 mm thick buttons look both cheap and ugly. Also, the size of the button is very important, too. The bigger the buttons, the cheaper the coat.

For a 
fashion update change the plastic buttons with buttons dressed in velvet.
There were some occasions with one of my coats when a button fell off right when I had to leave. Already late, not mentioning with poor sewing skills, I had to sew a button on by myself in a hurry. You can imagine the result. I lost the button the day after anyway.
A quality coat or not, poorly sewed buttons seems to be a trend in last 20 years. You need to know that even if you make sure the buttons are well attached this doesn’t guarantee you, they will stay there for the coat’s lifetime.